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#63 Friday, March 14th



#63 Friday, March 14th

At Donahue, Carol walks into Trish's office


Carol: Did you have a chance to look over that thing I gave you earlier?


Trish: The proposal from Lightner? Yes, I looked it over.

Carol: What do you think?

Trish: I have to say it's ambitious.

Carol: Any other thoughts?

Trish: Not really, since I'm not sure it's something we should be involved in.

Carol: Are you serious? This plan could boost Donahue in the Fortune 500.

Trish: I think it's a bit drastic, taking over McGregor. I don't want to be involved

in it because of JC and Joseph. JC is just starting his career and Joseph has spent most of his life helping to strengthen that company, I don't

want a part in them being forced out.

Carol: I can understand you being concerned about your son's career, but for Joseph's name to

come out of your mouth is just ludicrous.

Trish: We might be divorced, but I still care about him. We had a child together.

Carol: Well don't think I'm going to throw this deal out the window because you can't move on.

Trish: Please, don't go there.

Carol: I don't get why you are even still hung up on Joseph, when you are engaged to Henry who is a very nice man.

Trish: I am not hung up on Joseph. I'm completely committed to Henry.

Carol: Right, but you still feel the need to be Joseph's defender. Why you defend anyone in that family is beyond me.

Trish: Hyperbole, much? I'm not defending him, I'm just being fair.

Carol: McGregor has never played fair with us and Joseph has been a part of that.

Trish: This whole rivalry is something I never wanted to be a part of.

Carol: You know, if they had the same opportunity right now to take us over, they wouldn't hesitate.

Trish: This is taking things to a whole new level, it could open up something that none of us can handle.

Carol: Now who is exaggerating?

Trish: McGregor isn't going to take this lying down, it could end up backfiring on us.

Carol: I'm willing to risk that if there's even a slight chance of bringing the McGregors to their knees.



Leigh walks into Norm's office and drops an address book on his desk.


Norm: What is this?


Leigh: Edmund's address book.

Norm: How did you get this?

Leigh: When I moved out after the divorce, some of Edmund's things got mixed up with mine.

I ran across it earlier and thought it might be good for something.

Norm: Let's take a look.

Norm flips through the pages of the book.

Norm: You know any of these people?

Leigh: Some of them, but there are a few names I don't recognize.

Norm: Probably just old friends.

Leigh: I was hoping for more than that, like some dirt.

Norm: Wait a minute, look at this.

Leigh: What is it?

Norm: There's a Christina Davidson listed here.

Leigh: Why is that interesting?

Norm: When I was Assistant D.A., there was a Christina Davidson that

the feds were always trying to nail.

Leigh: Nail on what?

Norm: She was running an operation selling all sorts of stolen merchandise on the black market. She always covered her track so well, she wasn't ever brought

up on big charges.

Leigh: And you think Edmund could have been involved?

Norm: I don't know, but we need to find out what the connection between them is.

Leigh: It's probably nothing, Edmund does a lot of things, but one thing I know

is he'd never get caught up in anything like that.

Norm: Whatever the connection is, the court frowns upon

parents with connections to criminals of any kind. Could be good for you.



At the McGregor Estate, Yvette and Anna are in the kitchen.


Yvette: I came over because I think we need to talk about everything that has happened.


Anna: I heard everything I needed to know, right now I don't want to talk about it.

Yvette: I wanted to tell you that we should keep our guard up about the Lightners.

Anna: I can't worry about anything else right now.

Yvette: They want to take over the company.

Anna: What?

Yvette: That was Cassandra's whole objective from the beginning, she wants her son running McGregor.

Anna: The day will never come when anybody takes over the company, not while I'm around.

Yvette: We've got to be prepared for anything, we don't know how far she will go.

Anna: I've been in this business for years, there's nothing I'm not ready for.

Yvette: We need to present a united front when it comes to this. That's why I think the rest of the family needs to know.

Anna: Absolutely not.

Yvette: Everyone is going to find out sooner or later, it would be better coming from you.

Anna: I'd rather not have your brothers and sister know what sort of man your father was.

Yvette: Aren't you always the one who said secrets are wrong? That's it's better to have everything out in the open?

Anna: You're right, I've always said that. You know, I've always wondered when the day would come when one of my children

would use my own advice against me.

Yvette: Are you saying I'm right?

Anna: I guess it amounts to that.

Yvette: I can't tell you how sorry I am about how this, it's a nightmare.

Anna: It certainly is, but maybe it's better that everything is out open.

Anna sighs deeply and picks up the phone, preparing to call the rest of the family.

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A good episode. Loving the buiness aspect to Novi. It's also a breath of fresh air from all the camp and madness of the other SONOP shows. I love how Anna is so strong. She is so fitting in her role. I wonder what in the hell is norm up to. Didn't he just get out of some mess.

I know there ha got to be a show down with Casandra coming and I can't wait

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