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Episode 39



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Everyone wakes up to a surprise.....

The Beach:


Maureen and Jason are looking around for Kevin.

They see him sleeping naked in a tent.

They come over and see a naked girl sleeping next to him.

Jason kicks him.

Kevin sits up, "What happened?"

Maureen points to the girl still sleeping.

Kevin freaks, "Oh my God!"

She hands him a towel and the three walks away.



Marina wakes up on a boat in the middle of the water.

She is lying on a blanket. She isn't wearing any clothes.

She gets worried.

She turns around to see a naked man sleeping on the ground next to her.

"No. No. NO!!!"

She begins to cry.

The Hotel:


Rocky is packing, "We didn't get to have a romantic break."

Shayne comes over, "I know. But hey Ashlee left this morning. Maybe we can go for a walk."

"She left? That's strange."

"I guess."

"What about Coop?"

Spaulding Mansion:


Lizzie wakes up.

Coop is sleeping next to her.

He must have fallen asleep.

She tries not to wake him.

She throws a blanket over him and goes into the shower.

Cross Creek:


Bill opens the door to see Dinah, "Hey Sis."

"Hi. I came to check on Maureen."

"She's not here."

"What are you talking about? We said she was staying her for a while."

Bill shakes his head, "No. Maureen called and said she deciced not to move in until next week."

Dinah begins to worry about her sister.


Marler Twins' Car:

Jason is driving.

Kevin is laying in the back, "Oh my head hurts."

Maureen is upset, "You could have a disease! You don't even know that girl!"

Kevin sits up, "I'm sorry."

She sighs, "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have yelled. I just.."

She stares out the window.

Jason looks at the two. He realizes that Maureen has wanted Kevin all along.

The Beach:

Shayne and Rocky are walking on the beach holding hands.

They see a girl out in the water.

She looks like she's drowning.

Shayne goes running in.

He drags her to the land.

It's Marina.

She's wearing nothing but a long coat.

She wakes up, "What are you doing here Shayne?"

Rocky is hiding.

Shayne smiles, "I came to meet some old friends. What happened?"

She begins sobbing and tells him what she believes happened.

Main Street:

The three teenagers park and walk to CO2.

Dinah runs over to them, "What the hell?!?!"

Jason stands up, "Hey sis..."

"Don't even start! You're mother called and said that you two were missing."

Maureen tries to explain, "Dinah we-"

"And you! I trusted you!"

She walks over to Kevin, "Are you drunk?"


She picks up Maureens crutch and taps it on the table, "How's that sound."

He cover his ears and holds his head.

"You're hung over!"

Maureen is crying, "I'm so sorry-"

Dinah stops her, "Just get in the car! All of you."

She leads them to her car.

Spaulding Mansion:

Lizzie comes back in her underwear.

She picks out a dress and begins to put it on.

She trips and falls back with the dress over her head. She can't see.

Ashlee has come looking for Coop.

She peaks in the room. All she sees is an almost naked Lizzie in bed with Coop.

She shuts the door and runs off sobbing.



Alan Michael has an invitation for Mel

Dylan gets a surprise

Marah confronts Jeffrey

Josh and Reva find themselves together again

Bill shocks Olivia


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~ Actually the Shayne and Rocky thing is a little different. But it's heading that way.

Shayne and Marina were high school bf and gf. Then he joined the peace corps. While he was gone he me Rocky who he kind of new as a child. They fell in love. Now Marina may still have feelings for him since her current relationship is about to take a hit. Shayne and Rocky are hiding the relationship.

The twist: Rocky is Marina's uncle. Though he is younger than her. So the news could be devestating.

And the young people of Springfield have left town on Spring Break so the hotel, beach are all somewhere else.

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