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Episode 38



The young side of Springfield moves to Spring Break.....

Marler Twins' Car:


Jason is driving.

Kevin is trying to read the map.

Maureen is trying to find her ipod, "I swear I brought it!"

Kevin looks at her through the rear view mirror, "We have the radio."

"You can't pick what the radio plays."

Kevin throw the map down, "I have no idea how the hell to read that thing!"

Maureen tries to calm him down, "I'll take over."

Jason rolls his eyes, "Oh come on he's so angry about every little thing!"

Kevin punches him in the arm, "Shut up!"

Maureen breaks it up.



Rocky and Shayne have snuck off on Spring Break.

Rocky looks out the window, "Finally a place where we can be us."

Shayne comes over and wraps his arms around him, "Yeah. It's pretty great."

There's a knock at the door. Rocky walks to the door.

He opens it a little then realizes who it is.

He shuts it.

Shayne comes over, "Who is it?"

They hear Ashlee Wolfe's loud voice, "Hey neighbor! I wanted to say hi!"


The Beacon:


Cyrus comes home and sees Marina packing, "What are you doing? Marina?"

Marina giggles, "I'm have an undercover job."


"Did you think I was leaving?"

"Well the bags..>"

"I have to go to this big Spring Break bash. Tonight I'm Mandy. The sweet innocent girl who is easily fooled."

"Ooh. Who can I be?"

She zips up her stuff, "You can be my boyfriend who stays home and misses me."

"Come on!"

"Cyrus. I need to work." She kisses him.


"I'll be back in a couple of days."

She goes out.



Lizzie just came from an appointment.

She is trying to put on more make up to cover how pale she's become.

Coop walks over, "You're still just as beautiful as ever."

"What are you doing here?"

"Food delivery."

"Since when do you do deliveries?"

"Okay I wanted to see you."


"You know why."


"Lizzie. I just want to see you. I still want to be your friend."

"Where's your annoying little sidekick?"

"Ashlee is on a trip. I'm joining her soon."

"What kind of trip?"

"Well celebrating the Spring. And days off.."

Lizzie grins, "Spring Break?" She laughs.

The Beacon:

Cyrus gets a knock at the door.

He runs over, "I knew you'd come back!"

He opens the door to see Guillespie standing there.

"Hey big Bro! What's up?"

Cyrus is a little startled.




Kevin and Jason are arguing on the beach.

The arguing stops when Maureen walks over in her bikini, "Hey."

Jason smiles.

Kevin notices that Jason has a crush on Maureen but is to shy to do anything about it.

He stands up, "Hey Maureen! Let's go for a swim!"

"What about the stuff?"

"Jason will watch it. Right?" He turns to his brother.

Kevin answers disappointed, "Yes."

Maureen smiles, "Okay."

The two run to water while Jason stares.


Shayne and Rocky hide in the back, "Rocky maybe you should go see her?"

"No then she'll never leave."

"She seems nice."

"Oh she is very nice. But she is dating my brother!"


Ashlee gives up, "Alright I guess I'll see you later."

She tries to call Coop.


Coop turned off his phone since he is in a hospital.

Lizzie gets some water while trying to quit laughing, "Thanks I needed that!"

"Why is it so funny?"

"Coop do you know how old we are!?!"

He chuckles, "Yeah okay. But Ashlee is a lot younger. A lot."

"Not too much."


"I mean age isn't that big of a deal. I mean whether their younger or... older." Lizzie isn't just talking about Coop and Ashlee.

Coop smiles, "Yeah. I actually better get.."

Lizzie drops her drink.

Coop sits her down.

The Beacon:

Cyrus pulls Guillespie into the room, "Get in before someone sees you!"

"You're so nervous."

"Well I have good reason to be!"

"Are you embarrased by me?"

"Shut up!"

"I just wanted to say hi. I need to get going. I hope Marina has a fun time on Spring Break." He shuts the door.

Cyrus realizes that his brother is spying on her.

Spaulding Mansion:

Coop walks Lizzie into her room, "Sit down."

"Coop I'm fine. I just get tired sometimes."

"Lizzie. I'm worried."

"You can go."

"No. You know what? I'm staying with you."


"I'm staying until you fall asleep. No excuses."

"Well we could watch a movie first."

He sits next to her and puts in a movie.


Jason and Maureen go for a walk.

Kevin gets angry. He sees some girl running around with her top off. She approaches him, "Hey you wanna come up to my room!?!?!"

He takes a drink, "Yeah. Let's go."

They leave.

Marina is talking to some guy. She suspects he is a drug dealer.

Susan has followed her there.

Marina goes to the restroom.

Susan approaches the guy and informs him about her.

She quickly takes out a pill and places it in Marina's drink.



The teenagers regret the trip

Rocky and Shayne are disappointed

Ashlee is horrified by what she sees

Dinah isn't happy

Marina wakes up to a nightmare


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