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Episode 37



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Surprising Afternoon in Springfield........

The Old Church:


Susan is smoking.

Guillespie sneaks up behind her, "Boo!"

She thumps him, "Don't do that!!!"

"Did I scare you?"

"You know how hard it is to always be looking over your shoulder."

"Well think of it as a reminder. We have done to much to go back now."

"I know. I know."

She kisses him.

Harley's House:


Harley hugs the kids.

Gus brings out the cake, "Here the girls made this."

"Oh thanks."

Gus sits it by Zach, "Hey you want to serve this?"


Gus walks Harley around, "We tried to get it finished before you got back in town. But we aren't completley done with the bedrooms."

She has tears on her face, "When Phillip destroyed this place... I thought it would never feel like a home again."

"So you like it?"

"I love it. Thank you Gus." They share a hug.



Coop laughs at the idea of Spring Break.

Ashlee is confused, "What's so funny."

"Ashlee we aren't even in college."


"We're a little old."


"Well I am."

"I never got to do anything like this. It could be fun."

He smiles, "I'll think about it."

He kisses her.

The Beacon:


Cyrus and Marina are in their room.

Marina is sitting on the couch.

Cyrus walks over, "What are you doing?"

"I'm looking at some pictures from High School."

He looks at a photo of Marina and a bunch of friends, "Is that Shayne?"

"Yep. He's cute huh?"

"Not my type. Is that Remy?"

"Yeah. Next to Lizzie."

"You were friends with Lizzie?"

"She wasn't always like... the way she is."

"Who's are the two in the back?"

Marina pauses, "That's um.. Joey and... Tammy."

"Oh Tammy. I'm sorry. I couldn't tell."

"It's okay."

"She was so pretty."

"She was the best friend I ever had."

A tear runs down Marina's face.



Beth is shocked to see Edmund, "You're in Springfield."

"Yes I am. Wow Beth you look great."

Beth turns to Cassandra, "Really? This is who you're working with?"

"Isn't he cute?"

Beth shakes her head, "Wow. You're not only a bitch, you're a fool." She storms out.

The two share a laugh and head to the Spaulding Mansion.



Ashlee is running some ideas by Coop.

"Come on! We could sit under the stars and listen to music."

"Ashlee you know most people go there to get wasted and sleep with strangers."

"Well if you insist." Ashlee starts laughing.

Coop holds her hand, "I don't know if we can leave so soon. I have to get some stuff done."


"Well why don't you go ahead next week and I'll meet up with you the next day."


"Yeah. I think it will be fun."

She gives him a big kiss.

Spaulding Mansion:

Cassandra is moving stuff around in the Spaulding study.

Edmund pours some drinks, "Come have a seat."

"Sure. I guess Jeremy can move the rest."

"Oh. We have that meeting coming up."


"When do we announce my part in the company."

She whispers in his ear, "When I say so."

"Oh this town will never know what hit them."

The two toast to their partnership.

The Beacon:

Cyrus looks at the picture, "I wish I could have met her."

Marina smiles, "I do too. She would have liked you."

Cyrus laughs, "I'm sure."

"Really. Her boyfriend was quite the trouble maker himself."


"No her cousin Jonathan."

He stares for a moment.

She smiles, "It's kind of confusing."

She goes to the bathroom.

There is a knock at the door.

Cyrus walks out.

A man has an envelope, "I got the information on your 'friend'"

"And is it what I thought?"

"Mark Guillespie: Wanted for the murder of Tammy Winslow."

"I knew it. Damn it!" Cyrus punches a wall. His brother murdered his lovers best friend.

Harley's House:


Frank comes in, "Hey I'm glad to have you both here."

Gus and Harley walks over, "What's up Frank?"

"I have a case for the two of you."

Harley laughs, "Us?"

"I know you're not partners but I need you together on this case."

Gus thinks, "Is this about the murder of Julie Camaletti?"

"No. I need you to investigate two unidentified criminals. He holds up a newspaper."

The headline reads: The New Bonnie and Clyde

The Old Church:

Susan is holding the same paper.

Guillespie walks over, "Oh. They talked about us again."

She laughs, "This time we are the main story."

He kisses her and the two begin to make love.


Spring Break is celebrated!!!

Cyrus isn't happy with his brother

Susan puts Marina in danger

Kevin and Jason fight over Maureen

Coop spends time with Lizzie

Rocky and Shayne may be caught


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I was gone post a reply about Remy and Blake but it said it was closed. So I guess I will leave it here. You already know I love these two and i jut see them in a hot romance. Like secret lovers. having hot ass sex all over town. Like forbidden love. If I have any ideas I will send them you way.

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~ Sorry about that.

I just realized I clicked that button.

I'm glad you like them. I personally love forbidden love SL's.

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