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Episode#234: Lovers Are Born



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Written by: Tara

Episode#234: Lovers Are Born

-In one of the DiMera bedrooms, Vivian tells Peter that she CERTAINLY does not fall for men like him. Peter laughs, and says “Yeah right, Viv. Just forget it.” and Peter turns around, and Vivian groans and tries to break open the door, but can’t and can only open it slightly to see boards from the roof are blocking every door in the living room and entry-way. She screams in anger and mutters even in these freezing temperatures they are going to smother. Peter comments:

Peter: You know, it is starting to get warmer in here…

Peter takes off his shirt, and Vivian’s eyes widen…

-Inside the Titan building, Forrest and Billie are trying to make their way past the other patrons of Victor’s Bella Magazine party and find a phone or something to get some light. Billie asks Forrest if he’s still there, and he says “Yeah, I think we’re getting close to the door, but I wouldn’t know.” and Billie says good. Forrest takes out his cell phone, and says there’s no reception, but the screen should give them some light. They finally are able to find the door, and go out into the dark hallway together…

-Sami screams to Stan at the Salem Inn that she didn’t make a mockery out of HIM, she made a complete JOKE out of HERSELF! She says that she lost Lucas because of that and never ever got him back. Stan tells her to just shut up and quit her whining, because it wasn’t only in public, but also in the DiMera Empire. He was a loyal follower of Stefano, Andre, and Tony and an expert at it, but after her fiasco in 2005 he was known as the guy who was impersonated by a complete failure. He slowly walks over to Sami and grabs her by the chin, and tells her to get ready to suffer at his feet.

-Kristen looks at Marlena angrily, and says she is a nosey bitch, and her problems with other people is none of her business, and it is also none of her business why she sobs. Marlena says that she has just been so distraught this past month, it is starting to get strange. She once again asks if it has anything to do with Tony, or Roman going into a catatonic state about two months ago or what, and Kristen shouts:

Kristen: DAMNIT, MARLENA! Don’t you get it?! How I’ve been acting is not “strange” after what I’ve been through!

*Life in Salem Opening: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo2A7rZhZGA *

-Back at the Carver house, Abe slowly walks into Theo’s bedroom to see him sleeping soundly. He smiles as he slowly sits down at his son’s bedside, and says that he sure hopes he’ll be able to keep him from Lexie and the DiMeras. He sighs and says its not like he hates Lexie, she’s a good woman deep down, but she lets the DiMera side of her take advantage time and time again, by trying to scheme to get Isaac back from Bo and Hope in 2002, cheating on him with Tek, killing Tek even if it might have been accidental, and killing Nikolas Cassadine. He stands up and begins to pace a bit, and then says:

Abe: But Maggie sure has helped me in my decision to fight for custody of you…no matter how much Lexie tries to fight me. Maybe she even understands what I’m going through more than I thought…

-At the Titan building, on the level of Victor’s office, after checking the area Bo comes back into Victor’s office and tells Victor he was right; there is no way to get down to the other levels besides the elevators, which are obviously out. Victor says that they have no choice but to wait until the electricity is fixed. Bo says that he’s sorry worried for Hope, and his daughters. He says Pamela and Addie are with Julie at the Horton House, but he has no idea where Hope is. He tells Victor that she’s been constantly drinking lately, and has become so emotional. Victor says it is understandable, considering Doug is in an irreversible coma, Alice and Shawn and Zack are gone, and she only has you and her daughters left. Bo says he knows, its just that it seems like something is else is affecting her as well.

-At Maggie’s house, the electricity has just gone out, and Abby, Nick, David, and Julie are all down at the Horton House. Mike rushes into the living room from the kitchen, and yells upstairs to Jeremy to ask if he’s alright. Jeremy comes down the stairs and says he’s fine, but asks what happened as Mike lights several candles and turns some flashlights on. He says this storm caused the power to go out, and Jeremy sighs and says he’ll just go back upstairs and wait until it comes back on. Mike however then tells him to stop, and they could at least take advantage of this to spend time together.

-Sami pulls away from Stan and slaps him, and says that she doesn’t care who he is, no man ever pulls her around! She says that after her rape by Alan Harris, she has vowed for nothing even close to that to ever happen again. Stan chuckles and says “Now now, I thought the infamous and oh-so-devious Sami Brady wouldn’t be so tense. Oh, wait, she hasn’t had a man to play with in months so that probably explains it.” and Sami then punches him right in the face, and yells “You BASTARD!” and begins to try to run off, but Stan runs forward and grabs her!

-Vivian looks at Peter shirtless and is practically speechless, and says “Wow…I have never seen you quite like this.” and Peter asks her if she has a problem with it, and Vivian says “No, actually, somehow it washes all my anger away…” and she walks closer to Peter slowly, and Peter smirks and says now that he thinks about it she does have a type of beauty as well…and Vivian says “Trust me, I know.” as their lips get closer, and then they lock…

-Marlena asks Kristen what she means by that statement, and Kristen realizes she might have slipped up a bit and flashes back to Vince raping her a few days after Christmas. She thinks to herself Marlena can’t know about that, and she then snaps to Marlena that she means being shipped off to jail after being rescued from years of captivity, then coming back to find the man she loved for so many years was catatonic. Marlena tells her that being taken to jail was her own damn fault, and she and Samantha shouldn’t have tried to kill her. Marlena then says:

Marlena: You know if that’s what has got you so riled up then I am not even going to bother, its obviously just the spoiled DiMera part of you coming out. In fact, you had a similar breakdown to this when I exposed you passing off Elvis Banks as your own child and Susan and you impersonating each other. I shouldn’t be surprised it was something so simple and foolish.

Kristen: Oh stop acting like I am just some cold wicked witch that has no feelings. Because Marlena I have a HEART! If I didn’t, don’t you think I would have pulled some scheme off against you by now? And if you’d stop hating me for a few minutes, you’d realize that you are not my top priority! I have moved on from John or whatever the damn hell you call him these days! And I have so many other problems to focus on than you!

-Forrest and Billie walk through the hallways of the Titan building, and Billie slowly walks up to one of the windows. Billie stares out at Salem, and sees barely any lights on anywhere. She comments that it looks like the whole town is out. Forrest says he’s not surprised as he puts an arm around Billie. She smiles, and says that if the power in the whole town has to be out, and a huge storm is blowing across the state…she loves to spend it all with him. Forrest grins and says he can say the same about her, and Billie says:

Billie: You know, Forrest, this is going to sound odd, and I know we’ve only been dating a short time…but as I get to know you better…there’s something about you that makes me feel so good. I’ve been put through hell the past two years. My daughter schemed so much, got stabbed, and later left town…I lost Bo once again, as well as Patrick. My mother died, one of my brothers was hauled off to jail…I felt like I just couldn’t take it, then you came along and invited me to the Alamain Christmas Dinner. When I look into your eyes…its like nothing ever happened. My father never abused me, my mother never died, I was never with Bo…its just you and me. Forever.

Forrest: I don’t have as many deep experiences as you do in relationships….but I think I understand. Billie, you’re amazing. When I first saw you at Kate’s funeral was when I began to think that you were much more than what you came off as…and I was right.

Billie: Forrest, I…I…think I love you…

Forrest and Billie lean in, and then begin to kiss passionately…they continue to kiss, and fall back against the wall, as Forrest slowly opens the door to a private empty office, and they go inside and close the door behind them. Billie falls onto the desk as they continue kissing, and they slowly begin to take each other’s clothes off…


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