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Episode#233: Stan?!



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Written by: Tara

Episode#233: Stan?!

-Valentine and Celeste are in the DiMera Library, and Celeste mutters that she just has to be stuck with another one of Stefano’s whores. Valentine tells Celeste to watch her mouth, because she has some information that might be useful to her. Celeste tells Valentine she knows all the DiMera secrets, so there’s nothing that could possibly interest her. Valentine then says:

Valentine: Oh no, Darrrrrrrling as you say, this is about your new rival: My sister, Vivian.

-Inside the stuck Spears Elevator, Lucas asks Jan if the baby is alright, and as Jan falls back onto the elevator wall she says she thinks so, but her stomach is in great pain, and Lucas says it’s the anxiety getting to the baby. He tells her to think of Shawn, and how he would also want her to be calm for their baby together. Jan sighs and says he’s right, and tries to breathe in and out…

-Inside one of the bedrooms at the DiMera Mansion, Kristen says “Forget it.” and gets up and shoves past Marlena, and in anger pushes a bunch of books off of a shelf. She screams, and Marlena wonders to herself if this time, Kristen is truly hurting due to something. Marlena slowly puts a hand on Kristen’s shoulder, and asks her what is truly wrong, deep down.

-At the Salem Inn, Sami shrieks at STAN sitting in a chair, and says that he has to be someone like Helena, Alan Harris, or someone trying to trick her! Stan stands and slowly caresses her cheek, and says that incase she didn’t know, he’s an actual person! And he is here, in the flesh, to make her life a living hell.

*Life in Salem Opening: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo2A7rZhZGA *

-At the Carver household, the electricity constantly flickers. Maggie looks out the window and says this storm seems to be getting stronger, and Abe says he should probably check on Theo real quick. He heads upstairs, while Maggie walks over to the mantle over the fireplace and sees a picture of Abe, Lexie, and Theo together, and she sighs as she says:

Maggie: Oh that poor man…I know what its like to lose a spouse you love so much, and now he will have to fight for his child…if only I could help him somehow, he is just so kind and caring…

-In the DiMera Mansion basement, Lexie lies on the floor, coughing and she slowly tries to stand up, and looks around the dusty place. She stomps up the stairs to the door and tries to open it, but its stuck and she yells “Somebody! Help, the door won’t open!” but when no one responds, she mutters it is no use and goes back down the stairs, and says its freezing down there. She moves around a few boxes to try to find any blankets or something to help keep warm, but finds nothing useful. As she checks a few more boxes and moves them around, she discovers a DOOR! She says “What the hell?!” and tries to open it…

-In an old warehouse by the pier, Suga walks into it, barely escaping the chaos of the snow storm. She says that the snow is comin’ down like never before, and comments that Pasadena never had snow like ‘dis. Suga sits down on one of the carboard boxes, and says:

Suga: I hope Ma is ok…she might be da only friend I’ve got left, and through her I can find a home in this here little town…but not for long, because I gots a bit of unfinished business in Pasadena…

-Celeste laughs and says to Valentine “Dahling, Vivian Alamain is hardly my rival. Perhaps she was a small thorn in my side when she pined for Stefano’s will, but nothing more.” Valentine tells Celeste that she obviouslmoves them…she spots a DOOR! She says “What the HELL?” and tries to open it…

y doesn’t know her sister, and that once you cross her, you are officially her rival. Valentine goes on to tell Celeste to just look at Kate Roberts, Vivian and her were rivals and Kate ended up dead. She says that the information she has could make it to where Vivian never bothers either of them, or the rest of Salem EVER again.

-Kristen tells Marlena to get the HELL away from her, and Marlena says fine, but it would probably be better for them to at least get any problems out or cooperate instead of argue, because they are going to be in here for awhile. Kristen says that they were trapped in that Secret Room in 1997 for months and they did fine without getting along, so they aren’t going to start now. Marlena says:

Marlena: Fine, forget it. I’ll leave you alone, you’ll leave me alone.

Marlena walks to the other side of the room, but raises an eyebrow when she hears Kristen start sobbing even more…

-Sami screams to Stan that that is IMPOSSIBLE, and that she CREATED him! He was just an alter ego of hers, and doesn’t actually exist! Stan tells her that Andre had to get that design he implemented into her from somewhere, and it was him. He says that he’s been a loyal servant of the DiMeras, only more in the background, but he has never forgotten about the woman who had his identity for a time, and he’s been watching her for nearly three years, waiting for the right time to strike, she was always scheming for Austin, flirting with Lucas or EJ…but now that EJ is dead and they are all out of their life, he’s here to make her pay for making a mockery out of him in 2005.

-Marlena wonders to herself what possibly could upset Kristen so much as to where she can’t stop crying, even in the presence of her rival. She flashes back to Stefano’s funeral, when she heard Kristen tell Peter she didn’t want to see Tony, calling him “Bastard” and how also she pulled a gun on Tony back in the beginning of Janurary, but ended up shooting Anna. That is the main odd thing she can think of since Kristen’s return to Salem in December, so she walks over to Kristen once again, and asks:

Marlena: Kristen, does this by some chance…have anything to do with Tony?

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WOW!!!! VERY GOOD... MARLENA and KRiSTEN scenes are great, I love all of the remarks of the past, and again, Marlena starting act like herself again, smart... and THANK YOU - Now Kristen can get the psychiatrist help she needed years ago...

It was very sweet for Lucas to delivery Jan's baby... very touching - now getting them to hospital on time is the real challenge.

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