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Episode#235: Valentine's Dirt



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Written by: Tara

Episode#235: Valentine’s dirt

-On one of the roads of Salem, Nicholas’s Escalade is parked on the side of the road. Nicholas rubs his temples and moans that this is just great, and Belle tells him that it did put a damper on their plans, but she’s gotten used to it. Nicholas says this is just a rare occasion, because he got to get away from his family for a good reason for once and had actually found a fairly nice woman. Belle laughs, and tells Nicholas that even she can be a bitch sometimes. Nicholas suddenly remembers something and opens one of the compartments in the car, and pulls out a box of chocolates and says to Belle “Oh yeah, I got these for you.”

-At the stuck elevator at Spears Industries, Jan continues to breathe in and out and clutches Lucas’s hands. Lucas asks how she’s doing, and Jan says she’s doing ok but she can’t take much more of this! Lucas continues to tell her to keep calm for the baby’s sake, and Jan snaps that she’s trying as hard as she can! Suddenly she shrieks in pain, and holds her stomach…

-At the Salem Inn, Stan holds Sami back from leaving and whispers in her ear she is not going anywhere, and she tries to scream but he puts his hand over her mouth. She elbows him in the stomach and he yells out in pain, and she says angrily he has five seconds to get out and never come back or she’s going to call the cops. Stan laughs once again and says over half of the power is out all over Salem, and that its just her and him.

-In the DiMera Library, Celeste tells Valentine she is not the kind of woman who schemes to get rid of people, not even Vivian Alamain. Valentine tells Celeste that she schemed for Stefano for years, and then goes on to say that she and Celeste go back years and years, and tells Celeste that the scoop she has on Vivian is so juicy, many people in Salem will be enraged if they find out.

-Forrest and Billie rip each other’s clothess off one by one in the office at Titan, and begin making love. They kiss each other furiously, and then Billie whispers “We shouldn’t be doing this so soon…” and he responds by whispering “Who cares?” and Billie says he’s right as they roll all over the desk, and continue to kiss…

-Down in the DiMera Basement, Lexie constantly tries to break open the secret door she found earlier. She tries to pick the lock, kick it open, and everything else in-between. She vows to herself that she’s not going to let anymore of her father’s damn secrets stay in the dark, and after a bit more picking, she finally gets it open! She pushes it open and walks in…to see Stefano lying on a bed with all the medical machines attached, and Elvis and Renee immediately turn around from the dead monitors to see Lexie! Lexie says in complete shock:

Lexie: No…this is impossible…it can’t be…this can’t be happening all over again…

*Life in Salem Opening: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo2A7rZhZGA *

-At Salem Place Apartments, Helena spies Steve and Kayla from a hole in the wall connected to another room, as they talk about what happened with Sami earlier. Kayla tells Steve to not let Sami bog him down too much, and this is just the way it’ll probably be between them and her for awhile. She says just to let it go, and maybe someday she’ll come around. Steve says:

Steve: But, you know, Sweetness, sometimes that’s not good enough. Especially when we are two of the only family members she has left on her father’s side. Roman’s catatonic. Caroline is in a coma. Your dad’s dead. Kim is in England. Bo is busy with Hope so much…

Kayla: Steve, you’ve tried talking to her over and over again, and it just gets worse every time. Look at tonight, she came barging in here with a GUN! I think its better we just keep our distance from her, and focus on ourselves. With all of this drama, we’ve barely had any time together.

Steve: Yeah, I know what you’re saying, Sweetness. And I agree. I’ll try to keep my mind off of Sami, and just on you.

Kayla smiles as she kisses Steve, and Helena chuckles and says that their happiness will be short-lived, and that both of them will pay dearly for her son’s death…

-Inside Nicholas’s car, Belle looks at the chocolates and exclaims “Oh, Nicholas, you didn’t have to get me these!” and he says he thought he should, and she smiles at him. She is silent for a moment as she takes one of the chocolates out and eats them, before placing them in the backseat. Nicholas asks if she’s alright, and Belle answers:

Belle: Well, you’ve been so kind to me over the past few weeks…asking me to be your Valentine, sending me flowers, taking me out on this date even if things didn’t go as planned, and now getting me chocolates…I want to return the favor.

Nicholas: Oh?

Belle: Yes…Nicholas…I’d like to kiss you.

Nicholas: I can take you up on that offer.

Nicholas and Belle lean in, and slowly share a kiss, and then after a moment they pull back and smile at each other…

-Lucas immediately asks Jan whats wrong, and Jan says it’s the baby. She says that all this anxiety is getting to it, and Lucas says “Oh no” and tries to figure out what to do, and Jan screams in pain again and tells Lucas that there’s nothing either of them can do at this point…she’s going into labor! Lucas asks if she’s sure, and Jan nods slowly and says she can’t hold it back, the baby’s coming!

-Sami tells Stan there is no way in hell she’s staying in the same room as him, and she begins to shift through her drawers and Stan asks what she thinks she’s doing, and she growls she’s looking for something to protect herself against him. Stan tells her she won’t have to worry about him hurting her, because he’s not going after her physically…he plans to torture her already tortured mind.

-Lexie looks at Stefano, and says again he just can’t be alive. She looks at Elvis and Renee and asks who the hell they are, but thinks to herself that Renee looks familiar. She begins to remember seeing pictures of her around the mansion before, and slowly asks “Are you…you…Renee DiMera, my dead half-sister?” as her eyes widen, and Renee and Elvis look at each other in silence, wondering what to do…

-Back in the DiMera Library, Celeste tells Valentine she could care less about Vivian. She says to Valentine she knows her, and does not plan on allying with HER anytime soon. Celeste states that she won’t be like all the other fallen DiMera Lovers. Valentine tells Celeste she has gotten too careful, and must have softened up after leaving the DiMera Empire. She whispers to Celeste that she knows she is just dying to know what she knows about Vivian, and that she’ll regret it once Vivian tries to come between her and Victor. Celeste snaps:

Celeste: How do you know about that?!

Valentine: I have heard through the grapevine, after being in Salem for a little while, that you and Victor Kiriakis have a relationship blossoming.

Celeste: Fine, if it’ll get you to just shut up, you can tell me your knowledge.

Valentine: I knew you’d come around, Darrrrrrling. Now, what I know on Vivian could send her to prison for years and years. Basically, Vivian returned to Salem in June 2006, but didn’t tell anyone. But I have eyes and ears everywhere; specifically through her once-loyal assistant, Ivan. Anyway, she began to meddle in people’s lives. She stabbed Chelsea Benson which put her in a coma, she tried to blackmail Sami Brady, attempted to poison Caroline Brady but ended up poisoning Kayla Brady which caused Shawn Brady Sr.’s death, she attacked Billie Reed on the pier, she tried to attack Kate Roberts at Roman Brady and Marlena’s wedding…all to get revenge on Kate and get Victor back…

Valentine smirks as she looks on upon Celeste’s horrified face…


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