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Episode 31



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Casey comes home and finds Tom and Margo waiting in the living room for him. Casey ignores their presence, but they order him to sit. Margo says that it's been brought to their attention that Casey has been relentlessly pursuing Sofie and they find it very unhealthy to be pursuing someone so soon after being released. Margo lectures that she thinks Casey should focus on getting mentally in-shape, going to school, whatever...before he tries to think about love. Casey tells his parents that the only thing keeping him sane is Sofie, which Tom attributes to the absence of Maddie from his life. Casey flinches at the name and says that he's better off without her. Margo and Tom are shocked by Casey's cruel words and excuse him. Upstairs, Casey comes across an old photo of him and Maddie and rips it to shreds.

Lucinda and Holden converge around Lily on the couch. Lily remains worries about Ethan, almost bolting from her seat everytime she hears him murmur over the baby monitor. Lucinda pleads with Lily to relax and Holden offers to stay on watch tonight. Lucinda brings up Ethan's illness as Lily goes to check on him to calm her own fears. Lucinda confides in Holden that she knows that Lily's worried and with just cause. Ethan would have never had these health problems had it not been for Craig, but she keeps punishing herself. Holden agrees, just as Lily rounds the corner. Lily yells at Lucinda and Holden that they must truly be happy to see that Ethan has fallen sick because of Craig's schemes. Perhaps, she explains, now that can wait with baited breath for Lily to change her mind about the kind of man she saw Craig as. Holden tries to pacify her, but she continues. "Well, it's not gonna happen!" she yells.

Carly brings Rosanna some coffee as they wait for word on Meg. Rosanna recalls Meg flinging herself on the car, and haunted by it, seems almost sorry that she was going to tell Paul the truth. Carly asks about Paul, but Rosanna says the only time he spoke to her was when he hollered at her when they brought Meg in. The doctor comes in and speaks with Paul privately. Paul crumbles, screaming "No! Not again!" Carly remembers hearing of Emily miscarrying Paul's child and realizes that Meg must have miscarried as well. Rosanna tells Carly that it's impossible. The lab technician that she hired has been a trusted friend of hers for years and slaved over the results of the lab work Rosanna had done. Meg was never pregnant, she insists. As Paul approaches with teary eyes, he asks Rosanna if she's happy now. Meg has miscarried. Rosanna stands shocked, exchanging glances between a furious Paul and the doctor walking away. Rosanna chases the doctor down and demands to see some sort of proof. The doctor offers the lab work concerning the removal of the fetus and drops her mouth wide open. "Meg WAS pregnant. How can this be?" Rosanna stares in disbelief as Paul charges out of the hallway and into Meg's room.

Luke goes by Al's and asks if anyone has seen Noah. Aaron catches up with him outside and offers to help look, but Luke says that when Noah gets mad like this, he runs off for a while and comes back. Luke reasons that Noah will be back soon and departs for home. Meanwhile, Noah runs into an old friend, Chip Harrison, who tells him that there's a party at the old mill. Noah reluctantly agrees to go. On the ride there, Chip tells of a rumor he heard that Noah was gay. Noah denies that he'd ever be gay and tells Chip to look at him. "Do I look gay?" he jokes. As he turns his head back towards the window, guilt swells his heart and with a breath only the pathetic can make, he wipes away the thought that he just denied himself and his boyfriend to an old friend, merely out of anger against Luke that all came about because of his murderous father. As they pull up at the party, Noah greets some old friends, in town for a hockey game. Chip introduces him to his friend Carrie [played by Martha Madison]. Noah asks what brings Carrie to Oakdale as a drunken Carrie rowdily replies, "How 'bout those Buffalo Sabres!!!" As everyone cheers, Chip nudges Noah with a beer, which he grabs and quickly drinks.


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*sternly* I'll have you know, Mr. Dusty, I was waiting on this eppy!!! :D I was just about to harrass you when I saw it was here this morning!!! LOL@@@

NUTS!!! How did that little slut Meggie manage to knock herself up????

I'm annoyed Lily is defending Craig somehow. Buy a vowel, Lil! Craig is evil incarnate! LOL.

Aww...I kind felt sorry for Casey just a smidge.

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Hey all,

Newbie here! Love this site, I wish you were really writing for ATWT. Kim and Bob actually have a storyline with you!


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