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Point Palace to follow Somerset



Beginning with Episode 41, Point Palace will be listed as the soap following Somerset on the "SONBC daytime lineup".

This change is due to the suspension of production for Salem Lives. Somerset wishes PhoenixRising05 and Roman all the best and hopes to see one or both of them back soon with new projects.


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That's so cool! Thank you for the cross promotion. It's amazing to see SONBC & SONOP shows getting together.

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No Offense to Matt, but I think it's a strange choice. couldn't it have been Life in Salem, a fellow SONBC blog., lol but whatever flys your hair back

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Hey there -- I see what you're saying. During my blog one show gets promoted at the end but at the halfway mark another show also gets a promotion (and that's the one that changes every day).

Life in Salem will get a recognition. I base it sometimes on who has updated their blogs when I post. :)

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Bet/ I was hoping u wouldnt think I was being an ass or something, but i do like the idea of the half way through thing. I may try that my self.

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I must say I think it' s neet ur doing an old skool soap like Somerset. I know next to nothing about it, only it's a bout 5 or 7 year spin off from AW. What relations does your version have with the origianl Somerset and/or/if AW. I am dying to do a edge of night one but cant find no one to write it with me

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