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Original airdate: 09/06/07

Written by: Steve Ungrey


FADE IN – The Finial

This is our first look at The Finial, a restaurant on the 18th floor of The Montgomery Building in downtown Somerset. The camera sweeps across the set and the décor and zeroes in on the bar, where Zachary is sitting and drinking a martini.

The elevator at the back opens and Tori steps out, hair done up and wearing a tasteful late-summer dress that’s ideal for dining at places like Finial. Zachary rises to greet his dinner guest.

ZACHARY: (Eyes Tori up and down) Wow. This is what you had to do?

VICTORIA: What do you mean? (Looks down) Oh, go home and throw myself together? What do you think?

ZACHARY: Not a nurse’s outfit, that’s for sure.

VICTORIA: Hey, I have to take off the scrubs sometime. (Walks over to the bar as Zachary pulls out the chair for her to sit) Did you see about a table?

ZACHARY: Yes. One will be available about 8:30 for us. Did you want to have a drink?

VICTORIA: Sounds so good. (Motions bartender) Can I get a Jack Rose?

Zachary appears a bit taken aback by Tori’s drink selection, as if he is a bit surprised.

VICTORIA: What? (Smiles at Zachary) Can’t a girl have a good, strong drink once in a while?

Victoria curves her lips as Zachary smiles. Obviously he knows tonight will be a good night.

A music bridge plays as Zachary sips from his martini glass and the scene changes.

CUT TO – Giovanni’s

Down on ground level, at Giovanni’s, Jack is in dining with Scott as the two are discussing a few details of the X Project. The discussion centers around The Peoples Building, among other things.

SCOTT: Have you found out anything about the previous owners of the building yet?

JACK: No. Nick said he only knows George doesn’t have possession of the property. He said that if it’s in receivership or something along those lines I might be able to buy this building for a song.

SCOTT: Oh, come on. You know you can buy the building for a better price than that.

JACK: Yes, but I’d rather not.

Scott isn’t surprised as he takes a drink from his beer glass.

JACK: I’d rather buy low and sink more money into the insides. This building was beautiful in its heyday. And it can be again.

As Scott looks at Jack describing the building, the Somerset theme begins and the city skyline is shown.

We see an overhead shot of downtown, with the camera slowly pulling away from the buildings. The Somerset logo pops on the screen and goes into position at the center.

BILL WOLFF: This… is Somerset. This portion brought to you today by Pantene, the shampoo made for all different types of hair with all different formulas, from dry to oily and in between. Pantene shampoo and conditioner.


FADE IN – Giovanni’s

The conversation continues between Scott and Jack as Jack continues talking about The Peoples Building.

SCOTT: You forget, I’ve heard about this conversation before. This isn’t all about architecture, is it?

Jack appears mildly surprised.

JACK: Why, Scott! What do you think this is about?

SCOTT: Well… impressing Somerset for one thing… trying to restore a building to its former glory that may have seen better days…

JACK: You forget I’m a hopeless romantic at heart. Underneath the steely exterior of a solid businessman like Jack Martin beats the heart of a ladies’ man.

SCOTT: Which is why hearing you sit and wax rhapsody about a building long ago dilapidated could melt any woman into a puddle. Correct?

JACK: You really need to get out more, Scott. (Laughs and drinks beer)

SCOTT: I heard about the set-up job you did on Nick. The poor man never knew what hit him, probably.

JACK: Oh, you referring to Donna?

SCOTT: Donna – no, I was referring to Susannah. This was before you hired Donna. (Pauses) Come to think of it, you did set the poor bastard up when it came to Donna interviewing with you too.

JACK: Not guilty, Scott. All Donna did was walk into my office for a job interview and then I discovered the truth about her. Then I set the two of them up.

SCOTT: Speaking of setup, someone ought to set you up.

Jack pauses in mid-drink and looks at Scott.

JACK: And why would that be such a good idea?

SCOTT: Because you could be occupied doing other things than trying to restore buildings to former glory. Of course, when it comes to The Peoples Building, that might not be so bad.

JACK: Scott, my plan to bring Somerset back to its former glory is a lot closer to fruition than you might think.

SCOTT: Oh, I know. And I know you’re serious when you hire a security detail to watch over The Peoples Building.

JACK: You can’t blame a guy for wanting to get control of a building so badly, can you? Hey, maybe we can get the police a newer and more updated station.

SCOTT: From your mouth to the voters’ ears, Jack.

Jack drinks from his beer glass once again and looks out the window.

JACK: No, Scott. I’m not interested in being set up with anyone. I had my chance at love and I blew it.

SCOTT: Uh, hey… wait one minute here. I’ve seen dozens of pretty women on your arm over the last several years… some your age, some not…

JACK: Et tu, Lt. Garfield? Since when can you lecture me about my dating habits when you’re hanging out with Giovanni’s daughter?

SCOTT: (Pretends to clutch chest) Take the knife out of me, will you?

The two laugh as the scene changes over and music plays.

CUT TO – Somerset Hospital

Taylor is in checking out Alana and making sure everything is all right as Alana sits up in bed.

TAYLOR: (Takes out thermometer from Alana’s mouth) Good deal! Those antibiotics are really kicking in.

ALANA: And I feel the best I’ve felt in a long time. My eyes aren’t so sensitive to the light now. My fever’s way down…

TAYLOR: Hey, no one said you can resume work tomorrow.

ALANA: I know, I know. (Holds up hand) But Patrick did say I could get out of here tomorrow, right?

TAYLOR: (Checking chart) That he did. Provided you go right home and continue getting rest.

ALANA: Oh, don’t worry. I have no plans to exert myself. I have something to live for now.

TAYLOR: Yeah. What’s this I hear you finally knuckled under after all this time and asked Wagner out on a date?

Alana blushes slightly as the music plays and the picture fades to black.

We’ll return to Somerset in just a moment.


BILL WOLFF: We’ll continue with the second part of Somerset following station identification. This portion of today’s program has been presented by the moist desserts of Duncan Hines.

ANNOUNCER: Sisters aren’t just doing it for themselves in song, they’re doing it on General Hospital. Be sure to watch GH Sisters, part of the exciting SONBC lineup. Weekdays!

Music plays over a still picture of the Somerset logo.

BILL WOLFF: We now continue with the second half of Somerset.


FADE IN – Somerset Hospital

We return to Alana’s bedside as she describes finally giving in to her feelings.

ALANA: Yes, yes. I finally said yes to Wagner to shut him up. (Laughs)

TAYLOR: And because you have feelings for him, right?

ALANA: Well…

TAYLOR: I promise not to tell anyone on staff. (Giggles)

ALANA: Taylor, truth be told… I’ve always liked Mike. I just never got around to asking him out because we both were so busy. Me more so than him – and then he went and got the investigative reporter job and I realized he was moving up in the world.

TAYLOR: Just because he got a better job you went for him?

ALANA: No, no. That’s not it at all. It was when I fell ill that I realized I was kidding myself. I kind of gave my feelings away when I was delirious with fever. He sat right by my bed as I nearly wrecked his right hand… and I must have said I loved him in my sleep.

TAYLOR: You weren’t imagining things. Tori said you did that.

ALANA: Yeah, where is Tori tonight, anyway? I thought you said she was on this evening.

TAYLOR: No, she was on call but Patrick told her to knock off and focus on her studies for the nurses exam. So she went, got out one of her best dresses and went to The Finial to meet Zachary.

ALANA: So she’s got a social life after all. Good for her.

The music plays between scenes as we transition back to The Finial.

CUT TO – The Finial

Tori and Zachary have gone out on The Finial’s observation deck, which overlooks downtown Somerset. It’s kind of a cloudy evening, so the sun really isn’t visible, but the two have gotten some air.

Tori sips from her Jack Rose as Zachary looks at her.

ZACHARY: Next thing I know you’re going to be whipping out your Ernest Hemingway books.

TORI: (Looks puzzled) Excuse me?

ZACHARY: What, you never read The Sun Also Rises? Dad made both of us read literature when we were growing up.

TORI: Oh, I did too… but not Hemingway.

ZACHARY: The guy that narrates the book was drinking a Jack Rose throughout it.

TORI: (Sips drink and smacks lips) I just love the taste of brandy. Dad introduced me to applejack when I was old enough to enjoy it.

ZACHARY: Really… your dad encouraged you to drink?

TORI: Not really. But he enjoyed applejack now and then with Mom. They’re mostly wine drinkers now, but they love to mix things up now and then.

ZACHARY: No pun intended, right? Mix?

TORI: (Catches what she said) Very funny.

Tori turns to look out over Somerset. Zachary joins her at the observation platform. We see the camera as Zachary slowly takes his arm and wraps it around Tori’s shoulder. Tori turns to look at Zachary.

TORI: You’re a smooth man, you know? I was wondering how long it would take you to put your arm around me.

ZACHARY: Well, I operate to please.

TORI: (Smiles) You’re certainly pleasing now, that’s for sure.

She sips her drink and puts it down. Zachary smiles as Tori finishes drinking.

ZACHARY: The taste of brandy on your lips, by any chance?

TORI: Why do you ask?

ZACHARY: Because I’m thirsty for brandy. And not out of a glass, either.

TORI: Well then, how do you propose you get it?

ZACHARY: I can think of one way.

Tori laughs, but she also shudders with anticipation because she knows what’s coming. Zachary closes his eyes and wraps his arms around Tori’s back, drawing her closer in.

Zachary and Tori share a deep, long kiss, the longest one they’ve had since they first started hanging out together. Their kiss is broken by the door opening to the observation deck and a host coming out.

HOST: Excuse me, Mr. Cleypool? Your table is ready.

ZACHARY: (Breaks kiss) Thank you. We’ll be right in.

Tori smiles and is looking down before she raises her eyes in a come-hither stare at Zachary. The two kiss each other once again over a soft music background, and the kiss lingers into the next commercial break.

We’ll return to Somerset in just a moment.


FADE IN – The Finial

Zachary and Victoria are sharing drinks at their table and waiting for their meals to arrive. Zachary picks up his glass and clinks it against Tori’s.

ZACHARY: To a beautiful woman. To a nurse who has a great head on her shoulders. And a great body below it.

TORI: You’re such a smooth talker, you know that? (Sips drink) But keep talking. I could get used to all of the compliments before too long.

ZACHARY: Did I do enough to keep your mind off of the nurses’ exam coming up?

Tori laughs as she thinks about her studies.

TORI: You had to bring it up, didn’t you?

ZACHARY: Oh, come on. I know you were looking forward to the break and getting a chance to unwind a bit.

TORI: Why do you think I was so eager to accept your invitation? I’m about as ready for this exam as I ever will be. And I need to realize that.

ZACHARY: You’ll be fine. I should keep you out a little late tonight so you can unwind. You don’t have a curfew, do you?

TORI: Are you kidding? I don’t have to work tomorrow. (Leans in) And I intend on using tomorrow to explore different living options.

ZACHARY: Problems with the family?

TORI: No. It’s just time to strike out on my own. And I can have friends over when I want… (Leans in) and guys over when I want…

ZACHARY: Oh, they’ll be tearing down your door to get in there. (Laughs)

Zachary and Tori laugh again; they’re amazed at how well this date is going. The two smile as the music builds and the scene changes over.

CUT TO – Giovanni’s

Scott and Jack walk out of the restaurant and stand outside.

JACK: I hope you weren’t thinking I was serious when I joked about you and Annabella.

SCOTT: Naa, not at all. It’s bad enough her mom and dad are on her about it.

JACK: Rose and Giovanni are kind of looking at you?

SCOTT: Yeah. It’s stupid, right?

Jack studies Scott’s face.

SCOTT: Uh, Jack… it IS stupid, isn’t it?

JACK: You’re going to think I’m funny when I say this, but I could see the two of you together.

SCOTT: Well, she’s going back to Italy next week for several days, so maybe she’ll meet her mystery guy over there.

JACK: One can wonder, right?

Jack shakes Scott’s hand and says his goodbyes, leaving Scott to ponder whether Annabella would meet her mystery guy over in Italy. The picture fades to black as Scott is thinking.


The Somerset theme plays as the credits roll over a still picture of downtown Somerset.

BILL WOLFF: Women’s dresses by Piazza Sempione. Men’s jackets by Max Studio.

Join us each weekday afternoon at this time for the continuing story of Somerset. And be sure to stay tuned for Salem Lives, coming up next over most of these same stations.

Beginning Monday, be sure to also watch as Point Palace will follow Somerset. That’s Point Palace, starting Monday.

This program was pre-recorded.

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Thank you so much for the mention. I love how you keep the classic feel of daytime television, mixed with fresh young faces. If AW was on the air, they could've taken a note from you blog.

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