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Episode#222: Celeste's New Extreme




Written by: Tara/Daysfan

Episode#222: Celeste’s New Extreme

-Anna tells Nicole to shut up and that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about, but Nicole says that now that Marlena’s husband is a veggie she’s free to be with Tony, and Anna snaps that Tony would never leave her for Marlena, and Nicole says:

Nicole: She already stole Roman from you, right? Even when you had his saintly daughter Carrie, and you don’t even have a child with Tony, so he’ll drop you like a hot potato.

Anna: You bitch…I’ll kill you.

-Marlena writes the information Vince gave her down, and then she says “I see…interesting, now onto our next question.” and Vince asks what that would be, and Marlena answers:

Marlena: Now Vince…what things have you done over the years?

Vince: Oh such a big list it is hard to count…many many crimes for Stefano, mostly what I have done over the years…

Marlena: Was it you or Andre that orchestrated the Salem Serial Killer?

Vince: Andre.

Marlena: And did Helena really murder Kate in Italy a few months ago?

-Vivan tells Celeste to answer her, and Celeste tells Vivian it is none of her business. Vivian shouts that Celeste is holding Stefano’s will, and its not like Stefano would just hand it over to her. Celeste again says:

Celeste: It is none of your business, Dahling. Now go.

Vivian: Not without that will in my hands!

Celeste: I am afraid you are going to leave, Dahling, and you will never tell anyone.

Celeste then pulls out a gun from her pocket, and points it at Vivian!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-At Maggie’s house, Nick comes downstairs and tells Maggie he has news for her. Maggie is sitting in the living room and she asks what kind of news, and as Nick sits down he says:

Nick: Well as you know I’ve been in Salem for about a year now, and lately I’ve been trying to find a job, or a career, to do here, especially since Great-Gran died. And I’ve finally decided…I’ve want to follow in my other family members’ footsteps and study to be a doctor!

Maggie: Oh my gosh Nick, that’s great!

Maggie and Nick both smile and hug….

-Nicole says with a sarcastic tone “Awww, did I set off my stepmother’s nerves?” and Anna walks right up to Nicole’s face and as she points at Nicole she hisses:

Anna: Now you listen, I don’t care if you are Tony’s daughter or not…you do not toy with me, and I am warning you now, Anna DiMera doesn’t play games like you do. So, new stepdaughter, you’re either with me or against me, and if you are against me…you won’t like it for long.

-Vince laughs and asks why Marlena would ask that, and Marlena tells Vince that she must make sure, because no matter how much she hates Helena, she doesn’t want the finger pointed at the wrong person. Vince smiles and says:

Vince: Oh Marlena, my dear Marlena…you are so smarter, much smarter than the rest of these fools in Salem…you know that Helena didn’t really kill Kate, don’t you? You figured it out the moment you put all of this together…

Marlena: To be honest with you, yes, ever since Tony walked in here looking for help I knew that Helena didn’t really kill Kate…it was you wasn’t it?

Vince: Of course it was…I was the one who shot Kate Roberts in the DiMera Garden.

-Vivian nervously asks Celeste what she’s going to do with that, and Celeste says she is going to fire it if Vivian does not leave. Vivian says:

Vivian: C-Celeste…you are one of the good people in this town…you shouldn’t fire a gun…

Celeste: I don’t care when it comes to Stefano’s will. Now, you have five seconds to leave. Five…four…three…two…ONE!


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