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Episode#221: Marlena Meets Vince




Written By: Tara/Daysfan

Episode#221: Marlena Meets Vince

-Vivian tells Celeste to never touch her again, and Celeste tells Vivian that she won’t let her get her hands on something that is rightfully hers. Vivian then says:

Vivian: Oh please…you are being ridiculous. I am wiser and more cunning than you, I shall have Stefano’s will.

Celeste: Dahling, if you were cunning and wise then you would have Stefano’s will changed to what you wanted by now, and you wouldn’t be here. You are only here because you have failed at finding his will.

Vivian screams in anger, and tells Celeste that she hasn’t seen the last of her, and Vivian quickly turns and stomps out, as Celeste smirks and mutters “The poor foolish woman.”

-David walks into the graveyard in Salem by St.Luke’s alone, and he looks at Renee DiMera’s, his ex wife, grave. He stares at it, and as a tear falls from his eye, he leans down and says:

David: Well…its been a long time, hasn’t it? I know we weren’t on good terms when you died but….I still care about you Renee, deeply. And I think about you every day…and your death still haunts me.

-Anna’s eyes widen in shock and she trembles “Wh-what the hell are you talking about?” and Nicole laughs and then says:

Nicole: Oh don’t play dumb with me, Anna. I know I am the child of Marlena and Tony. I heard Mike Horton telling you the good news.

Anna: This is insane. Why do you seem to be taking it so lightly?

Nicole: Because somehow I always knew Faye was not my mother, or that pig Paul. Brandon isn’t even Paul’s child, I had a feeling I might be some other person’s child too, or as it seems other people’s child. So I’ve been preparing myself for this moment. And get ready because the heir of the DiMera Empire has arrived and her name is Nicole Walker DiMera.

Anna: Well I’m afraid you won’t be able to go public with this information, because I…I…I can’t let Tony and Marlena know you are their child!

-Marlena begins the hypnosis process on Tony, and as it begins in its first stages Tony says while he has his eyes closed:

Tony: Marlena…no…I can’t do this…

Marlena: Shhh…it’ll be fine…leave it all to me…

Tony begins to breathe heavily but Marlena shushes him gently, and for a moment he is perfectly still as Tony fades away, and then his eyes snap open and he says:

Vince: Well well well…Marlena Evans…oh my it has been so long since we’ve been alone and face to face…you were always my very favorite woman.

*Life in Salem Opening*

-David caresses Renee’s grave, and several more tears fall from his eyes, and he exclaims in anger:

David: Damnit Renee we could have worked out, but you had to try to kill Anna and Tony’s baby…and I couldn’t stay with you because of that…I couldn’t…but…I still love you to this day and will never be able to stop…I would have come to that party if I knew you were going to die…and….I would have finally told you how I felt deep down….

-Nicole looks at Anna angrily and snaps “How the hell are you gonna stop me, bitch?!” and Anna says it would just make Tony, Marlena, and her own lives so much more hectic than they already are, and goes on to say that Marlena is trying to cope with the fact that her husband is catatonic, and Tony is battling an evil alternate personalty. Nicole counters her by saying:

Nicole: Well this would be a joy and I could comfort them both.

Anna: Oh, really? Listen, Miss High-And-Mighty, I’ve been back in Salem for over a year now, and I have definitely heard of you. You weren’t some goody goody to your other parents, or to anyone in this town except your bed buddies. I think you could care less about Tony or Marlena and you just want that DiMera Money and power.

Nicole: I just think you don’t want to lose your husband to my new mother because you’re scared I’ll bring them together.

-Marlena says “Well, you are Vince, I take it?” and Vince says he is here in the flesh, and Marlena tells him that she has a few questions for him. Vince tells her as long as its not too personal he will play along, and she nods and then asks:

Marlena: First, how long have you existed?

Vince: Since about 1985 or 1986, when Tony split into another piece.

Marlena: And why did he do that, Vince?

Vince: Because Tony was torn over losing Renee, and wanting to hate Stefano but love his father at the same time…and his emotions were so fragile after disappearing of the pier, I was born, and took control. I became my father’s perfect child, his heir, his loyal servant…I did whatever he asked, no matter what it was.

-Celeste walks around her house, cleaning a bit with her vaccum, but suddenly she puts her vaccum down and looks around, making sure she is alone, and then she walks over to a small chest and pulls out a key, and unlocks it. She gently lifts the top of it, and there is a piece of paper inside of it that is rolled up in a bow. As she undoes the bow, she stretches the paper back to its full state, and stares at it and then says:

Celeste: Yes…at long last…I view Stefano’s will…

Suddenly Vivian bursts in, saying she forgot her purse, and Celeste looks up at her in shock and as Vivian walks over to her, she sees the paper and exclaims:

Vivian: How the HELL did you get that?!


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