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Episode#220: Who REALLY Killed Kate?




Written by: Tara/Daysfan

Episode#220: Who REALLY Killed Kate?

-Vivian knocks on the door of Celeste’s house, and looks around and comments that she forgot how middle-class people can live. Celeste opens it, and groans and asks:

Celeste: Vivian Alamain, what more do you want? You already gave me and Victor a blasting at the Penthouse Grille, and I have enough on my plate with Stefano dead, and my daughter fighting her ex-husband for her son, so I am not in the mood to deal with you.

Vivian: I could care less about your personal drama with your daughter and grandson, I want to know why YOU want Stefano’s will.

Celeste: This again, Dahling? If you really must know, Alexandra and I deserve Stefano’s money and possessions! She is his daughter, and I served him at Maison Blanche for years! I was his right-hand woman, assisting him in whatever he needed. And why do you think you are entitled to ANYTHING in his will?

Vivian: I was married to the man for heaven’s sake! I deserve something!

Celeste: It was a loveless marriage, a marriage of nothing, and not even a long one. I was one of the only few women who truly loved him! I may hate him now and have for the recent years of my life, but unlike you, Kate, Megan’s mother, Lee DuMonde, Helena Cassadine, Susan Banks, Ellen Hawk, and even Daphne DiMera, I LOVED STEFANO! I SERVED HIM SO WELL FOR SO LONG BECAUSE I LOVED HIM!

-At the Salem Inn, Steve tells Sami that he can’t be arrested because EJ attacked him first and would not stop, so he was forced to shoot at him more than once. Sami tells him to not give her that bull, and that he killed EJ just because he was a DiMera and of course everyone in town always thinks every DiMera is evil just because Stefano was. Steve tells her that’s not true, and that EJ also helped take everyone hostage last October and November in Italy at the DiMera Palace. Sami then tells him to just shut up and get out. Meanwhile, the mysterious figure in the other room begins to snoop around, looking through pictures, files, and anything else…

-Nicole takes a heavy breath and says this is it, and inside Marlena tells Tony “One moment” and goes to answer the door, but suddenly Nicole is taken by surprise when an up-and-around Anna grabs her arm and pulls her into a separate hallway. Nicole looks at a bandaged Anna and asks her what the hell she’s doing, while Marlena answers the door and raises an eyebrow when she doesn’t see anyone. She shuts the door and turns back to Tony, and then says:

Marlena: Now, first of all, Tony…I have a very important question, although you might not know the answer. First I will ask this: Your alternate personality, Vince I believe to be his name from what I hear, he was in control from late October to late November, correct?

Tony: From what I know, yes he was.

Marlena: Then I ask you this: Was it really Helena Cassadine who killed Kate in Italy last November?

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Nicole asks Anna what on earth she’s doing up, and Anna asks how she knew she was shot, and Nicole lies that she was here to visit Marlena and saw her rushed to the ER. Anna says she should be fine so she was allowed to get up and be released, and then says that she can’t let her speak to Marlena. Nicole then asks:

Nicole: Why the hell not?! You have no business saying what I can or can’t do!

Anna: You…you just can’t!

Nicole: Oh, is this because I’m Tony and Marlena’s missing child?

-Vivian tells Celeste to quit her sob story, and that she could care less. She tells Celeste to back off, and that some low-class servant woman will not get Stefano DiMera’s will, and that she, her daughter, and her grandson will get NOTHING when she takes control of the DiMera Empire. Celeste then suddenly slaps Vivian and Vivian yells out in pain, and Celeste says in a monotone:

Celeste: I’m afraid that won’t happen, Dahling.

-Steve tells Sami he’ll respect her wishes and will leave this time, he knows she needs time to grieve over EJ’s death, and he’ll give her that, but he’ll be back. Sami then snaps:

Sami: Don’t bother…because next time you come back…I’ll be here, waiting, this time with a gun, just like you were when you ran into EJ on that island.

Steve turns and leaves, and Sami slams the door shut, while the mysterious figure hears it and begins to climb out the window of the Inn…

-Tony tells Marlena with a sigh he wouldn’t know, and Marlena says that Kate was Helena’s ally and helped her try to kill Sami, so she’s not sure Helena would kill her unless Kate tried to turn on her. Marlena also then says that Kate was killed in the garden of the DiMera Palace, while Helena may have still been inside while Stefano tried to chase her down after the hostage situation ended. Tony thinks back, and Marlena sighs and says:

Marlena: Tony…to discover some answers, even more answers than just Kate’s mysterious death, I might have to put you under hypnotism.

Tony sighs and thinks for a moment, and then says:

Tony: F-fine…do whatever it takes. I just want to find out all of what my alter has done in these past few months, not to mention years…

Marlena then prepares to put Tony under hypnotism to bring out the evil Vince DiMera…


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