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Episode#223: Tony learns who really killed Kate




Written by: Tara/Daysfan

Episode#223: Tony learns who really killed Kate

-Jan is at the Spears Mansion alone, and as she reads a magazine she hears a knock on the door and gets up and opens it to see Bo. She asks him what he wants, and he says he’s here to talk with her about Shawn’s child. Jan asks what does he need to know, and Bo replies:

Bo: I want to discuss custody rights.

-Nicole tells Anna to bring it on because if she can fry Victor Kiriakis in his bath tub than she can take on some woman like her, Anna warns Nicole that just when she thinks she has the upper hand, she’ll swoop in and throw it down.

-Marlena sighs, and Vince says “Not shocked?” and Marlena says that she expected an answer like that, because of the circumstances. She then goes on to explain it didn’t match up since Helena wouldn’t have logically had enough time to escape the DiMera Palace right after the hostage crisis ended. Vince tells Malrena she is without a doubt, a smart woman. Marlena asks:

Marlena: Now, what other notable crimes have you pulled?

Vince: None, really. However, enough questions, because you know basically what I have done. I have something else in mind…

As Vince begins to stroke Marlena’s cheek, Marlena immediately snaps her fingers and Vince begins to fade away as he puts his hands to his head, and Tony re-emerges…

-Vivian tells Celeste fine, but she hasn’t seen the last of her. Vivian stomps out angrily, and Celeste smirks as she puts the gun back in her pocket. She turns to the will and whispers:

Celeste: Now…let me change this will to how I desire…

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Jan says “EXCUSE me?” and Bo tells her that he hasn’t been able to talk to her because of Gina running rapid a few months ago and then problems with Hope, and Jan snaps:

Jan: I’m NOT sharing custody of MY child with you and your wife! Last I heard she was guzzling down alcohol.

Bo: And you are psychotic. Much more dangerous than my wife.

Jan: Not a chance, bastard.

Jan then slams the door shut.

-Nicole snorts and says that she’ll be waiting for Anna’s wrath, and Anna just tells her for now to stay away from Tony and Marlena, and if she doesn’t she’ll regret it. Anna walks away, and Nicole then laughs and says;

Nicole: Fine, “stepmother”…I’ll play along…for now. But this will only make my revelation even more sweet…

-Marlena asks Tony if he is Tony, and Tony slowly and even a bit shakily says “Y-yes?” and Marlena says she was able to talk to Vince. Tony sighs, and asks her what she learned. Marlena replies that she has learned most of the crimes that Vince committed. She explains that most of them were regular DiMera crimes, being a henchman for Stefano, but also…she says it was Vince who killed Kate in Italy. Tony’s face suddenly becomes pale, and he stares at Marlena, and says:

Tony: Th-thank you…Marlena…I must go no-

Marlena: No, Tony, wait. I know this is painful, and it hurts so much…but its not your fault.

Tony: But I was the one who created that damn disaster!

Marlena: You weren’t consciously doing it though!

Marlena puts her arms around Tony and she says she knows its so hard, but she will help him through this. Tony gently pushes her off of him and says he can’t take all of this, and quickly leaves the room. Marlena sighs…

-Celeste later puts Stefano’s will back where she found it, and says quietly “There we go…all as I wanted. Now, I will truly get what I deserve. As will my daughter, and my grandson…

A mysterious figure watches through the window and says “Not for long Celeste, not for long…”


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