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S is for SEX!Episode75



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Lavender Hill,IMG_0042.jpg

Ty's Mansion,settings.jpg

Karl walks into the front door. The maid greets him.


"How are you sir?"


"I'm fine, can you get me a drink?"


Yes sir.'


"Where's Jenn and Santino?"


"The misses took Santino and left."


"She's not here?"


"No sir. She left yesterday."


"That will be all." He says walking out onto the patio by the pool. He pulls out his cell phone and calls his son


"We have a situation here."


"What is it now?"


"Your woman took Santino and left."


"What do you mean she left?"


"She went on that little trip to Cleveland after all. What kind of man are you?Don't you Have control over your house and lady?. You're a loser." Karl hangs up Ty "How did I raise such an idiot?"

Cleveland, Ohiocleveland.jpg

The Sheraton Hotel

dc.jpgDC is in the shower, as Ria walks out into the living room of the hotel room wearing lingerie. Jenn is sitting on the couch surfing the net reading the newest episodes of THE SONOP blogs at The Soap Opera Network, Jenn wonders where Novi has been, as Santino sits in a wheel chair watching TV.

Jenn, looking at Ria's lingeriealicia_silverstone_01.jpg

"Well look at you. Your going to sleep with DC?"


"I don't sex and tell. I'm just going to have a little fun. It's been a while for me and something about him turn's me on."


"Good luck." Ria smiles at Jenn and closes the door to the bedroom.

Santino turns the TV off and turns around looks at Jenn


"You need something."


"I'm fine. I just wanted something pretty to look at."

Jenn, smiling

"That's sweet.Thank you For not giving me a hard time about coming on this trip. I know you are trying to recover from your burns and accident."


"You said it was important to you so I didn't want to hinder for what it was you needed to do. Did everything go well? Who is that man?"


"If I told you, you would not believe me. I got what I came for. So let's leave it at that."


"I'm having some pain in my shoulders, do you think you can massage them for me."


"That's the least I could do" She says getting up walking over to him.

Meanwhile, inside the bedroom, DC steps out the bathroom wearing black satin boxers with a black satin shirt with black house shoes and black dress sock. Ria laughs at him


"You looking good girl. Come over here and give daddy a kiss."


"Bring yo old ass over here to me."


"You want to be feisty girl. That's cool.' He says walking over to her. He plants a kiss on her as he grabs her rump and begins to jiggle her cheeks.


"You ready for this long boy pretty thang?"


"Are you ready for this nana daddy?" She says pushing him onto the bed. She steps up on the bed with her heels and grabs a remote and pushes play. The song "Let me Lick you up and Down" by silk comes on. Ria begins to dance seductively for DC


"NAW girl." He grabs the remote and changes the station. The song Between the Sheets by The Isley Brother's come on. "Now that's music girl. Gone head and dance sexy to that."


"I don't want to dance to this old ass sh!t." DC gets up grabs Ria and throws her on her back. He begins to kiss her mouth. In between the kisses he says "What was that you was talking" He says, pressing his dick up against her panties.

Ria, feeling his dick pressing up against her muff, getting extra moist

"I said fu(k me daddy"


"Yea girl I'm give it to you right tonight."Sex.jpg


Episode : 75, S is for Sex!

Written by: ML Cooks

Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean,

Mona Island,132821tropical_island.jpg

As Sharan jumps into the ocean and tries to make a mad dash for it, Mona pulls out a bow and arrow and aims at Sharan. Releasing the string, the arrow hit's Sharan shoulder and immediately Sharan becomes weak, and starts to sink below the surface. Mona jumps in to rescue her queen from drowning. Once Mona grabs Sharan, she swims back to shore. She drags Sharan onto the beach and lays her on the sand.


"You can't escape from me baby. I'm never going to let you go. You need to realize that."

Sharan, coughing up waterkhufl.jpg

"You're a psycho!"


"But a well planned one." She leans in to try and kiss Sharan. She backs away


"I'm not going to love you. I'm not a lesbian, so all this is pointless."


"But you got some good pu$$y though. I see why Kevin and Dondre were fighting over you."


"They are not fighting over me."


"Keep telling yourself that. The night I took you, you and Kevin were having an argue ment about Dondre right?"


"That's none of your damn business."


"I love you. Everything about you is my business. You belong to me now."


"Why me? Why couldn't you love some one else. I am sure you can find some one that will love you back. Because that will never be me."


"I've worked to hard for too long to just give you up. "


"You can say that again. Kidnapping me, blowing up that submarine. How did you do all that? You couldn't have done all this by yourself?"


"You're right. But we don't need to talk about that right now."

Sharan, stares at Mona

"How are we going to live on this island? We don't have food, toiletries"


"There's food here. There's all kind of wild animals here."


"Wild animals?"


"Were going back to the stone age. We'll have to hunt, use leaves to wash up. It's nothing new to the human race."


"SO you did all this for me huh?"


"Yes I did. I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you." To Mona's surprise, Sharan leans in and kisses Mona.

Westwood ParkuntitSabynsfrontdoor.jpg

Mark gets a knock on his door. He opens it to see Rufus.


"What are you doing here? I am not in the mood."


"I am lover. " She says walking into his house.

"I've missed you all day."


"We haven't seen each other in over five years, you're making a big deal out of today?"


"I want it lover" She says walking up on Mark. She places her hand on Mark's crotch


"Get off me dude. I don't get down like that no more."


"You know that's not true. You know you miss my head skills. You used to always tell me no one has ever sucked you off like I could. Don't you want to feel that again lover?" She says sill continuing to rub on Mark's dick, making it grow in size. Rufus slowly un buttons Mark's pants, as Mark has flash backs in his mind of old times with Rufus. In a motel, Rufus is on her knees deep throating Mark's cock. Mark remembers how great it used to feel to have all 8 inches of his dick down Rufus's throat


"Let me taste it lover. Cum down my throat." She says pulling Mark's dick out. Rufus squats down and lick's Mark's love stick. Mark closes his eyes and immediately gets a rush through his body.

Rufus licks the tip of his dick as Mark places his hand on the back of Rufus's head and slowly pushes his dick further and further down his gay lovers throat. Rufus begins to gag, which turns Mark on as he moves Rufus's head faster and faster.


"Yea girl, Make that mouth tighter…Ahh yea" He says in complete ecstasy. In a moment of pleasure, Mark forgets everything around him, being hypnotized with good dick licking session.


"I'm bout to cum" Rufus shoves Mark's dick all the way in her mouth so Mark's sperm can run down her throat. Mark begins to quiver.


"Damn that felt good."sex-2.jpg

TC Hotel,103632369_6cfe8fd0e6.jpg

On his cell phone, trying to call Jenn again, Ty gets her voice mail, once again

"Jenn what the hell is going on? I cannot believe you went behind my back and went on your little trip after I told you not too. I can't wait till you get back here. I'm going to have to teach you a lesson you'll never forget." Ty hangs up his phone and sits at his desk. He exhales. Jodie walks into his office. Ty smiles and feels more relaxed upon seeing her


"Your are the person I wanted to see."


"Is that so? Something the matter?"


"No, nothing I can't handle. Just seeing you sometimes puts me at ease."


"I guess I am glad I can do that for you. It seems like you need a friend to talk to."


"I'm not the talking type. "

Jodie, intrigued

"Then what type of man are you?"


"A man that always get's what he wants." Ty gets up with a smirk, knowing that is the same line he used on Jennifer when he was trying to woo her from Mike.


"What do you want?"

Ty, up in her face, grabbing her shoulders and caressing them. He blows on her neck.

"I want you."

Jodie, looks into Ty's eyes

"What about Jenn?"


"What about Mike?"

Ty then kisses Jodie passionately.

Back In Cleveland,

The Sheraton,

Jenn continues to massage Santino's shoulders. As they both listen to the moans and groans and bed squeaking thanks to Ria and DC, Jenn fantasies of confronting Jodie about being a prostitute. "Wait till I drop the news to Mike and Ty. Then she will be out of my life finally." Jenn's thoughts are interrupted by Santino speaking

"That feels so good. You really know what you are doing."


"I should be. I went to school for massotherapy."


"I never knew that."


"There's a lot you don 't know about me."


"I would like to find out." Santino take's Jenn's right arm and pulls her in front of him. He stands up out of his wheel chair and catches Jenn off guard by kissing her.

Back in Pasadena982368397_m.jpg

Downtown, The Police Station,12824943_551f054d6c.jpg

Mike walks into Police Chief Abe Williams' office.


"Mike, man it's good to see you. What brings you down here?"


"Abe, I know everything."


"You know what?"


"I know you've been working with Ty, I know he's black mailing you and I know you molested and faked you own daughters death."


"You don't know nothing."


"I over heard you talking with Ty."

Abe, realizing Mike has cornered him, reassures Mike what he heard was not misleading

"So you know I molested my daughter. What are you going to do with that info?"


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WOWOWOWOWOW - SEXO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - OKAY, THIS episode was HOT - MMM MMM GOOOD - Campbell soup has nothing on this can of goods... It was just amazing....

MAN I was hoping The CLEVELAND GANGS had a foursome... Good times... and yes, what happened to NOVI?

YES - I miss MONA, I jumped of my seat... when I saw her name on the page... Surely was a good read... Love it!!!!!!!

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The following episode was X-Rated! I had to fast forward the Rufus/Mark scene, it was a little bit too graphic for my tastes. Another OMG scene was between DC and Ria. DC reminds me of one of those pimps you'd find on Jerry Springer. What is Ria going to gain from this besides herpes? I know she's trying to help out Jenn but isn't there some sort of limit?

I really like Jenn and Santino as a couple. Though I still think Jenn is a conniving bitch, I'm beginning to not like Jodie. Jodie reminds me of Meg from ATWT because she jumps from Ty (Craig) to Mike. She needs to slap Ty, who's rich trash, to go after Mike. Mike's the one who truly cares for her.

The ending was good because it showed that you can't always hide from your problems. Someone in Passadena will find them out and expose you for all your worth.

Quote of this episode goes to Mona after being called a psycho. "But a well planned one though." Very razor sharp!

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