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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Westwood Park, Karim's HouseuntitSabynsfrontdoor.jpg

Having just made himself some toast and eggs, Karim puts his plate on the kitchen table upon hearing a knock at the door. He opens it and sees his brother Kevin


"You look a mess bro. We got a big meeting with all our chemist for our upcoming new product."

Kevin walking into his houseGinuwinegjf.jpg

"I can't go. In fact that's why I'm here."


"I was about to eat. Feel free to help yourself."


"I don't want no food, I want to talk." He sits at the kitchen table with his younger brother.


"Alright man, tell me what's on your mind"


"I am stepping down from Ivory Inc. I want you to assume day to day operations."


"What brought this on?"


"My life is a mess. I can't think straight let alone run a fortune 500."


"I don't think that's such a good idea. What are you going to do in your down time?"


"I don't know. Search for Sharan and search for my soul"


"There's something else to this. I can sense it. What's good Kev?"

Kevin, after a long pause

"Lauren and I slept together last night." Karim is stunned.


Episode: 74,Easy Come, Easy Go

Written by : ML Cooks

big_hospital_pic.jpgTy arrives at Huntington Memorial Hospital. After wheeling Daniel in, he asks for Dr. Diego Serrano. Diego walks over to the nurses station and is stunned to see a Daniel.JustinHartley3.jpg


"Your just full of surprises."

Kiko, right by Diego's side wonders what his mentor means by his comment.


"No time for coffee clatch. Check this man out now."


"Right, no need to talk to me in that tone." Kiko rolls Daniel's wheel chair into the ER as Diego follows. Ty is pacing the ER, trying to keep his thoughts together.


"Sit down boy. Your driving me insane with all that pacing."


"I wish You would stop riding my ass. That's all you have done since you got home from prison. You couldn't even to tell me thank you for getting you out."


"Thank you? You can't be serious. Look at how long it took you."


"At least your out."


"I am your father. I gave you everything you had. This life, this name. You are rich and have many people on your payroll. That didn't happen over night."


"It certainly didn't happen all the nights you were in jail. Leaving me to fend for myself."


"Just spare me. Life happens. You had my people protecting you. You were never in no danger."


"All that doesn't mean nothing to me. All I wanted was you, my father." He says getting louder, He pulls back, knowing, he is a man that never loses his cool but that seems to be hard lately. First he thought Daniel was dead and now it seems he's not.

Back at Westwood Park.

kutdo.jpgLauren lays past out on her sofa with the empty bottle of Gin laying next to her. She hears her doorbell and jumps up. She screams out in pain as her head begins to throb. The continuous chimes from the door bell get's Lauren aggravated. "I'll be there damn it!" She hollers out, slowly getting up and making her way to the door way. She can't see who it is as she opens the door due to the bright early morning sun shining in her face like a nuclear bomb going off

"Lauren, are you ok?"

Lauren, recognizing the voice

"Bryan, is that you?"


"Yes, Sabryn and I are here."


"I can't take this sun. Please come in." Sabryn and Bryan enter the house. They both notice the gallon of gin bottle that lays on the floor empty.


"I see you took the news pretty hard."


"What news?"


"Chris was put to death last night"


"We came over to make sure you were ok. You have been through a lot."

Lauren instantly has a flashback of having sex with Kevin last night

"Yes I have. I am glad he is gone. He's a murderer."


"Lauren do you honestly believe that?"


"The court believed it."


"I'm not going to argue with you. I know in my gut Chris was innocent."


"Good because I'm not in the mood to argue."


"Lauren please. Bryan is trying to show some compassion. No need to be rude."


"Didn't you run over Ashley? Shouldn't you be in jail?"


"I'm going to ignore that one." She looks at Bryan. "Hurry this up."

As Sabryn says that, Lauren's phone rings. She picks it up and answers it.

"Why are you calling me?......" Then Lauren faints. Bryan catches her. Sabryn picks up the phone and hears Ty's voice


"Tyler? It's Sabryn. What's going on?"


"Daniel is alive. I found him last night."

Sabryn, to Bryan

"Your right. Chris was innocent. Tyler found Daniel last night."


"What!!?? It's too late!! Chris is already dead. No!! NO!! God No!!! This can't be happening."

The Williams HouseRaw00052.jpg

In the kitchen, Sister Pat is sipping on some coffee as she reads the front page of the newspaper. She reads about Chris's death.

"Poor man. It's too bad he could not have been saved in time. He should have gotten a new lawyer or something. I knew my third eye was right about him. Lord have Mercy, What kind of world do we live in." Sister Pat puts her coffee down and walks over to the living room and looks out the window . She looks at the house where she dropped the picnic basket of food off last night." I hope Miss Jenkins like what I made her. She can be so damn picky." Then Abe walks into the room.


"Good morning"


"It's not for me. I've waited all night to hear about what you have to tell me about Kelis. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't even pray."

Abe, getting the guts, to finally fess up to what he did to their daughter sits down on the couch. Just before he speaks, his cell phone rings.

"Williams here.......I'll be right there."

Pat rolling her eyes

"Just like always."


"This is big. Ty found Daniel last night."


"Lord have mercy. Wait till Miss Jenkins hear about this."


"Who in the hell is this Miss Jenkins you have been talking about? No one has never seen her."

Pat walks up to Abe and slaps him

"Don't know one, talk about Miss Jenkins." She slaps him again.


"I really don't know why we still are married." Abe grabs his keys and leaves.


"Simple Bastard. I don't know why neither. Always acting a damn fool." Pat grabs her keys and her Holy water and leaves the house as well.

Pasadena City Jailcityhall2.jpg

Kiko walks over to his brother's cell


"How you feel man?"


"Have you ever been in jail before?"


"Can't say that I have."


"Right. Pretty boy like you wouldn't last a day behind bars anyway."


"I wish you would stop saying stuff like that. Look I came by to tell you about your friend Chris."


"I already know. My homeboy is no more. It's fu(ked up man. Some one set him up. Just like their setting me up. Hell it could be the same person."


"You could be right. About that, have you talked to your lawyer?"


"Yea G. She real fine."


"Come one man, You got to stay focused. Stop thinking about some random pu$$y all the time. Sounds like that's how you got caught up in this mess anyway."


"Sounds like to me you need some pu$$y. You're always so uptight, so serious man. Chillax."


"Right. What did Lisa say?"


"That the D.A. does not have a solid case against me. She's trying to get all the kidnapping charges dropped."


"That's what I like to hear."


"So man, you haven't told me about ma since you been here. How is she?"

Kiko, pausing,


"Kiko, what's the matter man?"


"Look Dre, there is something you need to know...."

Downtown Pasadena,

Divine Designbf46.jpg

prison-break-okeefe116.jpgJodie walks into Alexis's office but is surprised to see Natalia instead.


"Hey Jodie, you looked surprised to see me here."


"I don't know why I am. After all, Alexis is in jail for killing her sister."


"Right and she was the main one talking about our secrets not coming out. And she had the biggest one of all. How do you kill your own sister is beyond me."


"So I take it you are in control now?"


"Yes that's right. I have a half million dollar investment in Alexis. And a scandal that threatens to take this company out. I can't believe her. She got us all sucked into her web. I feel like a fool."


"She said it was an accident."


"That sounds good doesn't it?"


"You got a point."


"The show must go on. I got people in media relations trying to handle the news about Hurricane Alexis. Hopefully we can save face with the fashion show. I am counting on you Jodie, you and Ria. You two will be wearing the show pieces so nothing can mess this up."


"I don't see nothing messing up for me."


"Great. If only I can find Ria. I need you to go to wardrobe and try on some of my designs."


"Wow, fresh designs. I'm honored."


"Thank You." Jodie leaves and Natalia picks up the phone and calls Ria's cell phone again.

"Where in the hell are you girl?"

Huntington Memorial Hospital

Lauren rushes into the ER, along with Sabryn and Bryan. She sees Ty and runs over to him


"Ty what is going on? Where is Daniel?"


"Diego and Kiko are in there with him right now."

Lauren is in a state of shock and paranoia

"How? I don't understand. I have to see him." Lauren walks over towards the operating door and looks in to see Kiko and Diego, hovering around Daniel.

"Oh My God" She shays turning around. "If Daniel is alive then Chris really was innocent. Oh My God, NO!" Lauren hollers out as she realizes Chris is dead.

"NO, God NO!" She hollers out sinking to the floor. Ty rushes over to her, comforting Lauren in her time of desperation and despair.

"Chris is Gone, He's dead!" Ty doesn't say anything, knowing he had a slight chance of saving Chris's life but didn't step up and do so. The tears drip from Lauren's face as they do off of Bryan's as he realizes his good friend died for nothing as well. Sabryn holds him……….


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LOLOLOLOL - MAN - Could Sister's PAT THIRD EYE is MISS JERKIN? LOVE IT - OR sister pat is really losing it.... Like ABE said, who the hell is MISS Jerkin.... is she LADY IN RED - LOL... Lots of Possibility.... GOOD TIMES!!!!!

OKKAY - THE TRUTH IS OUT< DANIEL IS ALIVE and KICKING.... Now can't wait to see how Lauren deal with it all... I know Chris's death is going effect alot of people... First Lauren, for not believed him... Can't really blame her in away, she was dealing with the death of someone she obviously love, but still the way she treated Chris was just COLD!!!!! - SO NOW, CANT wait to see what happen next?

- TY; man for not going to the police with what he learn, but trying to be a HERO, in the process causing an innocent man... He could have save him, or at least hold the execution... You'll never know will we?

MAN when I saw the poster, I thought it was over for Jodie for Good.... There's hope after all...

Love the scene with Kevin and his brother, in the opening scene... Well DONE, and Karl and TY... well move...

FOUR STARS!!!!!!!!

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Lauren's a drunken fool. Maybe this was the slap in the face that she needs to sober herself up.

The "brothers" I like the call them really has shown off their family means. This includes Dre, Kevin & Kiko, Karim.

I'm waiting for the episode when Abe goes mad and just wigs out on Sister Patterson. She's such a nosy, incosiderate, arrogant, witch. I think that Sister Patterson and Karl would be a good couple because they both berate their family and are evil in their own way.

Though as Sister Patterson would say "I am perfect in every way!" This episode was a bit slower but I think that's a great way to show character development which was what we saw. Good job.

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Thanks for the comments guys. Yes matt it was a little slower. I know. It will pick up trust me.

I just hope no one gets."The brother's confused, Kiko and Dre are bros and kev and karim are bros.

As far as Sister Pat, I loved your guys's comments about her. I have a some huge surprises for her. Something her third eye did not see coming.

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