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Episode 29



An exciting day in Springfield and everyone is in for the shocks of their lives......

Spaulding Boardroom:


The entire room of people is in shock.

Cassandra Spaulding is standing before them, "Alan and Alex. My brother and sister."

Alex walks over, "You must be joking."

She hands them files, "I did some investigating. Apparently some time back in the 70's Brandon Spaulding had sex with Sarah Shayne. That would make me your little sister."

Everyone is speechless.

She opens briefcase, "Now lets start the vote."

Harley's House:


Harley and Gus are holding Sydney but staring at the other girl in front of them.

Sydney pulls away and runs to the other girl.

Harley is confused, "So wait you're here to live with us?"

The girls nod their heads.

Gus gets Jeffrey on the phone.

Outside Natalia shoves Rafe, "I can't believe you would scare me like that!"

"I was just messing around Mommy."

"Don't Mommy me! You haven't called me in how long?"

"I've been busy!"

"Well are you going to stick around?"


Rafe kisses his Mom good bye and walks off.

Natalia notices there is something darker about Rafe.


Spaulding Boardroom:


Cassandra starts, "I now move that Cassandra Spaulding is installed as Chief Exectutive Officer of Spaulding Enterprises."

Alan rolls his eyes.

Then a quiet voice says, "I second the motion."

They all turn and see that it was Lizzie.

Cassandra looks around the room, "Now lets start the vote. I have my vote for myself. I also contain the proxy of Amanda Spaulding Thorpe and the proxy of India von Holkien."

Alan is furious, "How on Earth did you manage that?!?"

She smiles, "Alan shush. Now lets start with Olivia Spencer. My dear friend who I helped protect Emma with."

Olivia is still in shock, "Are you sure you know what you're doing?"

Alan looks at Olivia, "Olivia, you will regret it."

"No Alan! I am sick and tired of living under you. It is time someone took you down a peg. I vote Cassandra Spaulding as CEO of Spaulding Enterprises."

Cassandra smiles, "Now Elizabeth Spaulding."

Alan looks over towards her, "Elizabeth, you know what to do."

"Yes. For the first time I do. Cassie I've caused you're family so much pain. For Tammy... I vote Cassandra Spaulding as CEO of Spaulding Enterprises. I vote twice for Gus."

Dinah's turn, "I too have a lot to make up for so I'm trusting that.... I vote for Cassandra Spaulding as CEO of Spaulding Enterprises."

Alan stands up, "What is this? Poor Cassie day!?!"

Cassandra stops him, "Take a seat Alan!"

Harley's House:


Jeffrey is at the table, "Well I've been investigating this and apparently there was some confusion and you two signed to take on all of the Driscoll's children."

Gus is angry, "We thought they only had one!"

"Yes I know. Now I looked further to see how I missed it and apparently someone went and tampered with our copy so we would miss it."

Harley is staring at the girls, "Any idea who it could be?"

"Well.. Mel said that Mallet's little sister was snooping around last month."

Harley quickly turns around, "Julie? She wouldn't do that. I was married to her brother."

"Well you divorced her brother," Gus point out.

Jeffrey goes through the files, "Did she have any problems with your family?"

Harley hesitates, "Well she had this thing with Frank but thats.... Well I mean she was engaged to Dylan and she didn't seem to happy that we were together."

The three wonder if it could be Julie.


Spaulding Boardroom:



Cassandra continues the vote, "Doris Wolfe, oh happy anniversary you two." She smiles at Doris and Alan.

Doris fakes a smile, "I vote Alan Spaulding as CEO of Spaulding Enterprises."

Cassandra doesn't seem to be worried, "Alan Michael Spaulding?"

"Hello Cassie... Cassandra. I'm sorry but I don't know if you're ready for this. I vote for Alan Spaulding as CEO of Spaulding."

She looks over at Alex, "Alexandra Spaulding?"

Alex laughs, "Well not that this show isn't fun but, I vote Alan Spaulding as CEO of Spaulding Enterprises. And Nick's vote as well."

Mindy's turn, "Alan after this I'm out of your debt. I vote Alan Spaulding as CEO of Spaulding."

Cassandra goes to the next person, "Blake Thorpe Marler?"

Blake is crying, "Cassie. Why haven't you been in contact with any of us? Harley and I were so..."

"Funny I don't remember either of you while I was in Ravenwood. Maybe now you can make it right. You do have Harley's proxy as well correct?"

Blake takes a deep breath, "I vote for Cassandra Spaulding. And Harley's vote goes to Alan Spaulding. They cancel each other out."

Rafe walks in, "Am I too late?"

Alan rises, "Raphael! Come join. Cast your vote." He quickly frowns when he notices the leather jacket and jeans, "Well you look like a young punk we used to know. Right Elizabeth?"

Lizzie is angered when she realizes he is talking about Jonathan, "How dare you!"

Rafe laughs, "Chill out! Now, I vote for Grand Daddy Alan as CEO of Spaulding Enterprises."

Cassandra looks at the results, "Well we're tied."

All eyes are on Beth Raines Bauer.

Harley's House:

Harley talks with Jeffrey, "So can we talk to the judge."

"Well sure I mean these cases are simple, children are split up a lot. But.."

They quickly frown when they realize what they're suggesting.

Jeffrey goes on, "From what I've seen, I don't think Sydney will go anywhere without Lynn."

Harley looks at Gus.

Natalia walks in, "Where is she?"

She sees the two girls and smiles, "Oh."

Spaulding Boardroom:


Beth explains her vote, "You two have done horrible things to me. You used me and my child as pawns in your war! Well no more! Something has to change and that change starts now. I vote Cassandra Spaulding as the CEO of Spaulding Enterprises!"

Alan is furious.

Cassandra stands up, "It's official I am now CEO of Spaulding Enterprises and have control of the Spaulding Mansion." She looks around the room, "I'll see you at home."

She walks off.

They all sit in shock over what has happened.


Reva and Josh come face to face with the past

Mindy stumbles on something shocking

Blake and Remy run into Mel

Matt has a fight with Julie

Olivia's future and life rest in Bill's hands!


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