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Episode 28



Very serious Valentines Day in Springfield. Many are at the Spaulding meeting......

Spaulding Boardroom:


Alan and Alexandra are talking, "Alexandra do you know who all is arriving?"

"Well Amanda said she wasn't coming."

"What a surprise."

"I'm not sure who is her proxy."

"Well is anyone coming? What about Gus?"

"He did tell me to give you a message but I'd rather not repeat it."

Alan rolls his eyes, "Well when Phillip comes here he is going to be surprised."

Lizzie comes in, "Daddy's coming?"

Alex looks at Alan and then to Lizzie, "No sweetheart. Your Grandfather has quite the imagination."

Lizzie understands.

Alan smiles, "Hello Elizabeth. Where is your..."

Beth walks in, "I'm right here Alan. What didn't think I'd show up?"

"No I didn't."

Beth rolls her eyes, "Well I should be spending this day with Rick."


Lizzie smiles, "Gus gave me his proxy."


"Yes. Looks like I will have a big say in what happens."

Alan walks around the room, "Well this should be interesting."

Jeremy walks in, "Mr. Spaulding your son is here."

Alan, Alex and Lizzie all turn to the door. To their surprise it isn't Phillip..... it's Alan Michael!


Harley's House:


Gus and Harley are cleaning up. Harley can't stop laughing, "I can't believe she's coming home!"

"I know. I know!"

The door opens. Unfortunatley Natalia walks in instead, "Hey guys. Is she here yet?" She's holding a Valentine for Gus.

Disappointment fills the room.


The Beacon:


Shayne and Rocky are eating. Shayne reads a text from Marah, "My sister wants to meet me for lunch."

"You gonna go?"

"Nah. I'll take a rain check."

"You sure?"

"Hey I am happy here. With you, on the most romantic day of the year!"

"How long are we going to do this?"


"You know what? Shayne I love you and I want to be able to go out with you in public."

"We do!"

"Not since we came to Springfield! We have been nothing but hermits!"

"Rocky, can you honestly say that you are ready to tell your family?"

Rocky hesitates, "No. I'm not. Not yet anyways."

The two kiss.



Josh and Reva are sitting at the bar.

Reva rolls her eyes, "I cannot believe I let you talk me into joining you here. On today of all days! Where's Olivia?"

"She's at the Spaulding thing."

"Oh yeah! I was supposed to go to that! You know..."

"Reva it's important."

"Joshua if this is about Cassie..."

"Reva, it's about Sarah."


"Yes. Cassie was looking into Sarah's past for a reason."


"Reva. Cassie was investigating who her father was."

Reva is surprised.

Spaulding Boardroom:

Lizzie runs and hugs her uncle, "Oh my God! What are you doing here?"

"I'm here for the meeting."

Alexandra gives her nephew a hug.

Dinah and Olivia walk in. Dinah hugs Alan Michael, "Hey good to see you."

Alan is angered, "What are you two doing here?"

Dinah smiles, "Well I got a letter told me about the meeting which reminded me that I still have some Spaulding stock from when I worked here., so did Olivia. And here we are."


The women take their seats.

Blake walks in and Mindy follows.

Mindy walks over to Beth, "Hey."

Beth leers at her then walks away.

Doris walks over to Alan, "Hey. Are you nervous?"

"Of course not."

"Well good. You got my vote. By the way happy anniversary."

"Of our so called marriage that ended?"

"Oh yes, the day I saved your butt. What are the odds?"

Everyone takes their seats.

Alan questions everyone, "So Alex you sent them letters?"

Alex laughs, "No I didn't Alan."

Blake speaks up, "Actually mine was from a person named C. Spaulding."

Everyone else shows the same letters.



Harley's House:

Natalia kisses Gus, "Hey what did I miss?"

"Nothing. Sydney should be here soon."

Harley and Gus begin to talk about how old she is now. She must be talking and walking. She is much older.

Natlaia feels left out. She goes in the backyard.

The next thing she knows someone grabs her.

The Beacon:

Rocky is looking out the window, "Why is this so difficult. I just want to tell them. Tell them, 'Hey I'm GAY!'"

Shayne smiles, "Well I think you might want to wait until you tell them you're in town."

"What about you?"

"I'm not to nervous. I actually worried about your neice."


"Yeah. She'll have a hard time understanding."

"They all are. I mean when we met, I had no idea that we already new each other."

"Sort of yeah."

Rocky kisses Shaynes hand and holds it, "But I don't care how any of this happened. I'm just glad that it did."

The two share a passionate kiss.

Spaulding Boardroom:

Everyone is in their seats.

Alexandra goes through the files that were delivered, "Well maybe this will explain something."

Alan looks over, "What is it?"

"It says that someone has been investigating Brandon Spaulding."

"Why would anyone care about our father Alexandra?"

"Well I don't know, but whoever it is must be the one who set this up."

"It has to be him."

Mindy is confused, "Who Alan?"

A gentleman walks in, "Ladies and Gentleman, C. Spaulding has arrived."

Everyone looks to the door.

A shock comes over the crowd as the door opens wide.

Harley's House:

Outside Natalia screams. Then she sees his face.

"Hey Mom."

"Oh Rafe?"

Rafe smiles.


Inside, Gus and Harley turn around. A man carries bags in. A young girl walks in. However she is a young preteen girl around Zach and Jude's age. Harley and Gus step over, "Sydney?" They nod.

She looks at them like they are crazy, "No. I'm Lynn. Sydney's coming."

A young child walks in. They run over to her, "Sydney!"

They look over at Lynn.

She smiles, "They told us we were getting a new family."

Gus and Harley are shocked when they here her say we.

Josh's Car:

"Reva we'll be at the airport soon."

Reva hangs up, "I just left Jeffrey a message. I wish I could have told him in person."

"Reva we need to find the rest of Cassie's diary. It must be at the other hospital."

Reva is upset, "I know how hard it was for Cassie to not know who her father was."

"Oddly enough I think the information may have been the last straw."

"Are you saying Cassie found out who he was before she..."

"That is exactly what I'm saying. I mean it all makes sense."

"Oh my God! But who? I mean who could it have been? Something to make her flip out! What name could have horrified her in such a way?"

Spaulding Boardroom:

The all rise.

Alan's mouth drops when he sees her.

He finally says something, "Oh God! Cassie? You're alive?"

She walks in, "Hello everyone."

All of her present friends are in tears.

She smiles, "I'd like to be addressed as Cassandra. Cassandra Spaulding."

They all look at each other in confusion.

She looks at Alan and Alex, "Don't you see it? I'm your little sister."

Cassandra Spaulding smirks at her family's response.



Cassandra Spauling changes everything

The voting begins

Gus and Harley are surprised


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