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Springfield Journal Update: Casting News




February 01, 2008 Edition
Stillwater, OK (February 01, 2008) -- With one day to go before "The Guiding Light" returns to the SONBC lineup with all new episodes comes exciting casting news!

    Parros Gets a Name
    As previously reported last week, Peter Parros (ex-Ben, ATWT) is slated to join the blog beginning with Episode 093, now comes official word on who he will be representing.

    "I toyed with the idea of bringing David Grant back to the canvas," confirms executive producer/head writer Josh Hawkins. "However, I needed a character who could come in and make new connections with characters already on the canvas."

    To that end, Parros will be representing Marcus Crawford a former Indianapolis and Bay City PD officer. He first shares scenes with Lucy Cooper-Spaulding [represented by Heather Tom.]

    From "DAYS" to "LIGHT"
    Fired "Days of our Lives" starlet, Martha Madison will soon find herself appearing on "The Guiding Light" once her final airdate with the NBC sudser is announced. Madison began portraying Belle Black-Brady in 2004 was recently fired from the soap.

    "Martha auditioned for the role of Marah both times casting calls were sent out," shared Hawkins. "However, it never seemed to work out the way we had originally hoped."

    No word on who Madison will be representing, however setside sources indicated that she'll be representing a new character in a story that EP/HW Josh Hawkins has been wanting to tell for a very long time.

    Additional information will be made available as it is received.

    Bad Girl Returns Home
    In late 2007, "LIGHT" announced the return of fan favorite, Vanessa Chamberlain Reardon [represented by Maeve Kinkead, now comes word on the storyline that will bring her home. "We're playing out several beats of the story," says Hawkins, "Vanessa will have both martial issues and family issues that will be addressed in her initial return."

    Those family issues the EP/HW is speaking of comes in the form of...Wendy Moniz who returns as Dinah Marler this February!

    "It was a very difficult decision deciding between either Moniz or Tognoni," the scribe shared. "However, there is so much history with Moniz that we felt it best she bring the character back home to Springfield."

    Yes! That's right Dinah is Springfield bound. More details about Dinah's return, including her first airdate will be published at a later time!

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