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Episode 3



Snow falls outside the lonely remote Colorado cabin that Rosanna sits in. Before long, her driver comes in and asks Mrs. Cabot if she's taken to the state while being here on business or if she's ready to return home to her husband. Rosanna blankly replies that she and Paul are no longer together. He and Meg are expecting a child together and she wishes them nothing but happiness. The driver apologizes and grabs her luggage. Rosanna stops the driver and asks him if he has any family. He replies cheerfully that he has two baby girls. Outside, through the snow, Rosanna sees a family skiing with their toddler son and sighs heavy. She knows that Cabot would be about three this year and it breaks her heart to think that she'll never see him again.

Paul paces in front of the bathroom door. He hollers for Meg and asks if she's alright. Meg finally emerges from the bathroom, claiming that she's still not used to the sickness. Paul consoles her, but talk of pregnancy makes Meg remember that Paul deserted her with Craig. Paul wonders aloud if Meg is ever going to let it go. She seemed happy with Craig. She told Paul time and time again that she didn't have feelings for him anymore. Meg takes it back and says that her hormones are raging. Later, while Paul is outside getting the car ready to go out to dinner, Meg tells herself that although she miscarried a few weeks ago, she needs to keep Paul thinking that she's pregnant until she can make sure Rosanna is no longer a threat.

Brushing the snow off her boots, Gwen unlocks the door to the cottage. Going through the house, she finds Will and Hallie asleep on the bed. Gwen returns to the living room and sees a message on the machine. It's from New Chances Rehab Center in Chicago. Dr. Beder gets on the phone and tells Gwen that Iris has been admitted into their facility. Gwen rolls her eyes at her mother's latest ploy for attention. Will sneaks up from behind Gwen, nearly giving her a heart attack. Gwen asks how long Hallie has slept and groans that she probably won't sleep through the night again. Will assures Gwen that soon, they'll get time to themselves.

"Finally," Katie huffs as Craig waltzes in the door. "NOW can we get down to business? I have to be at WOAK in an hour." Margo rolls her eyes and tells her mother that now she has all the children together. What did she come back to Oakdale for? A hush falls over the room when Lyla informs them that she is slowly dying. Katie busts into tears, Margo holds her mother's trembling frame, and Craig takes a seat next to his baby sister. Later, after everyone has left except Katie, Lyla tells Katie that dying isn't the only reason that she returned to Oakdale. She returned partly in hopes to push Katie to get hold of herself. Lyla gripes that she heard about Katie's recent baby-making mission with Brad Snyder and makes it clear to Katie that she is not thrilled. She expects more from her daughter than chasing after a policeman that will keep the same wife until he dies, pining over an Australian scoundrel who does her wrong every time, and trying to make babies with her worst enemy simply to make a baby. Katie, tears pouring, storms out of the room.

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LOL...go Lyla!!!!!!!! I love anyone who bitchsmacks Katie.

Hmmn...Meggie is a very, very bad girl.

Liked the prospect of Rosanna moving on.

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