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Episode 2



Lyla stands in shock that her daughter would think that her mother would need an ulterior motive to return to the same town that she once called home. Margo knocks on the door and Lyla answers it, cheerily welcoming her in. Just then, it clicks with Katie. Margo called Lyla home. But for what? Not knowing the answer for herself, Katie says it out loud, bringing both Margo and Lyla to look at Katie with blank expressions. Again, it clicks. Margo called Lyla to Oakdale to lecture Katie. Katie becomes furious, grabs her coat, and goes to leave but Margo grabs her arm and tells her to sit down so they can all talk.

Nancy comes downstairs when she hears the commotion in the kitchen. She finds Bob sulking in the parlor and Kim crying on a bench outside the home. Nancy goes in and chastises Bob. Bob won't hear of it. Chris, he says, wanted one thing and one thing only...power...and he wasn't going to let his father get in his way. Nancy reminds Bob that Bob hasn't always been fair with Chris. Perhaps Chris felt backed into a corner. He stood by and watched Bob gush over Tom and Frannie his whole life. Perhaps he just wanted some recognition, some love. Perhaps he went about it the wrong way, but everyone deserves a second chance. Nancy promises Bob that Chris is still the kind hearted, gentle boy he once was. However, Bob remains adamant otherwise, forcing Nancy to surrender her pleas.

Casey apologizes for running into Sofie, but Sofie takes the blame, promising that she'll watch where she's going next time. Both introduce themselves. A sound of silence permeates the air for far too long and Casey soon excuses himself. Later, Sofie finds Aaron and Alison playing around in the hay loft. A disheartened Sofie turns around to return to the Wagon Wheel, but Casey stops her and invites her to go with him for some hot apple pie at Al's.

Shocked, Carly wonders aloud who would want to set Metro on fire. Sam excuses himself, and before he has time to walk a decent distance, Jack tells Carly that he knows exactly who started the fire. Her freak friend with the talking puppet. Carly slaps Jack for his low accusation and reminds him that Sam pulled her out of her darkest moment and helped her realize that shades of the old, cheerful Carly were still alive. Jack is hurt that Carly didn't seek him for help, but Carly laughs that Jack was too busy doing the horizontal mambo with Katie Whoretti to even notice her. Jack, now even more hurt, turns his back and walks off leaving Carly to regret the harsh words that just slithered out of her mouth.

Back in Dusty and Emily's hotel room, Dusty asks again why Emily never told him of Chris's last minute love letter. Emily snatches the letter and hisses that he needs to keep his meddling nose out of her personal things. All she asked for was some lotion, not the third degree. Dusty quickly apologizes, but the damage is done and Emily goes outside to cool off.

Lucinda stands shocked at Craig's latest bombshell. Luicnda promises Craig that Lucy and Johnny are nowhere near Barbados. Craig takes it that Lucy must have changed her mind about trusting her old buzzard grandmother. Lucinda asks Craig to trust her...she knows exactly where Lucy and Johnny are NOT, and that's in Barbados. Craig remains adamant and Lucinda finally tells Craig to go on his own wild goose chase before storming out. Almost set to go, Craig gets a phone call. Margo wants him to come see their mother before he leaves.

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It's about. damn. time. you got another episode up. I was just about to badger you for one, and here it is!!!

Whoretti???? :D Seriously, dude, that made me grin from ear to ear!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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