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Legal Holy Water! Episode67



Pasadena City Courtroom100_1391.jpg

At the same time, Bryan and Sabryn enters the courtroom in different fashion, Sabryn wearing an orange jumper and Bryan is wearing a suite. Sabryn looks into the crowd and is shocked to see Alexis, Ria, Jodie, and Natalia all sitting behind the D.A. Stacy. Sabryn slowly squares up each and every one of the ladies from Divine Design so that when she is released, she can take this battle to the enemy.


"Are you ok?"


"I just can't believe Alexis has assembled all those bitches. They are all here to take me down and I swear to God when I get out of here today, I'm going to take complete joy, in taking all those dusty bitches out."


"I am a bit surprised to see all of them here too." Lisa walks up to them


"Listen, I don't want you two to worry about anything. We have found some new evidence."


"New evidence. That's great. Please tell us what you have found."


"Naw playboy. This is my trump card, and I need to play this right for Judy and Stacy. But trust me, this will be a trial no one will soon for get." Just as Lisa says that, the jury is let into the courtroom. One by one, they take there seats. And the last juror to walk in, the jury foreman, is none other than Sister Patterson Williams with a bible in her hand.


"Hell to the naw."


"What's the matter?"


"Crazy ass Sister Patterson is here. Judge Judy and Sister Paterson in the same court room. This is going to be some good entertainment"


Episode: 67

Written by: ML Cooks

Back in the Court Room

Ria whispers to Natalia

"I can't believe they allowed that crazy bat to be on the jury."


"This was a mistake coming here. Judge Judy and Sister Patterson, this is going to get ugly."

Judge Judy walks in. She pounds her gavel. Before anything else can happen, Sister Patterson stands up and begins speaking to the Judy, with her bible in her hand

"Your, honor if I may, I just want to let you know these lawyers made the right decision in having me represent the jury. I am a soldier, your honor, I am here doing the Lord's work, I'm a soldier on the battlefield of justice your honor. Me, my third eye and my bible shall set the truth free. I can root out the liars your honor. Thank you for your time." Sister Pat sits down and a few people in the courtroom chuckle, including the security guard Bryd and District Attorney Stacy Dash. Judy mean mugs Sister Patterson

"Madame, This is my courtroom. I don't need any shenanigans from you! Alright madame!"

Sister Patnymom_gesture2.gif


Judy shakes her head and looks at Stacyjudge.jpg

"Are you ready for your opening statement?"

Stacy, standing, smirking at her opponent, Defense Attorney Lisa RayDASH.jpg

"Yes your honor." She walks from around the table she was sitting at and approaches the jury.

"You will come to see, that evidence, without a shadow of a doubt, will prove that Sabryn Genet, a fashion mogul, and Low Life Bryan D. Crane, a playboy,"


"Objection, Ol girl tripping your honor. Aint no need for the name calling. Does she know my client personally?"

Judy, hating to admit Lisa is right

"Watch your tone madame" Looking at Stacy. Stacy rolls her eyes at Lisa and continues

"It will be very simple, The accused Sabryn and Bryan, conspired to mow down Ashley Jones with their cars. Sabryn was a woman scorned, unable to get over the fact that Bryan cheated on Ashley, so Sabryn rammed her car into Bryan's trying to kill them both."

Sabryn, standing up

"That's absurd and you know it!" Judy pounds her gavel. Lisa pulls Sabryn back down in her seat


"Pump your brakes. This aint a soap opera. Save all that drama. I got this. Trust me. Don't worry about nothing. I got a surprise up my sleeve."


"I'm not going to sit here and let these lies be told on me."


"Girl Look, just shut the hell up before I slap you silly. I told you I got this."


"Sabryn listen to her."


"I've had it! One more outburst from anyone and this trial will recess until tomorrow. I'm getting paid good to be here so it don't make a difference to me."

Lisa, standing up

"No need, your honor. It's time for my opening statement. So let's get it started. My clients, Sabryn and Bryan were victims of some adverse circumstances. It was a dark and stormy night, and Sabryn has already testified, that a truck of some kind rammed into the back of her car therefore causing her car to run into Bryan's car which for some odd reason Ashley was standing in the driveway. Now my question is, what sane woman, would be standing outside in a severe thunderstorm. Testimonies will reveal that the deceased, Ashley Jones, was mentally unstable, unbalanced, and not the sharpest tool in the shed."


"Objection, I didn't know Lisa was a shrink."


"Don't be petty. Overruled"


"Ha ha" Looking at Stacy, taking her seat.

Judy looks at Sister Patterson

"What is your third eye telling you about this case Madame?"


"Your honor, there are a lot of lies and deceit here. The whole story is not being told, and I got a feeling, there's gonna be some surprises here today. My third eye never lies." Ria and Natalia laughs and Jodie looks confused and Alexis begins to get a little nervous, remembering that she was the one that was driving the u-haul that rammed into Sabryn's car. Sabryn and Bryan smile at each other as they get hope that they may receive a miracle after all.


"Thank you sister Patterson. Though I have no third eye, I know a pack of lies a mile away. SO I have no doubt in my mind that if there is some liars here today, they will be sorry. Council, call your first witness.!"


"Your honor, the state calls Alexis Jones to the stand." Alexis slowly gets up and slowly walks to the stand. Sister Patterson and Judge Judy size her up as well as everyone else in the courtroom.

Natalia, whispering into Natalia's ear

"Something is not right here."

Jodie, overhearingprison-break-okeefe116.jpg

"I got that same feeling too. Alexis looks nervous."


"I can't wait. Let the firework begin. I don't really like the Bitch anyway."

ArquetteAlexis455035520.jpgRufus walks into the courtroom. Rufus tries to quietly find a seat but the heel on his stiletto, breaks, and Rufus falls onto the floor causing all eyes to be on him. Ria, and Natalia takes a keen interest at the manly woman wearing a pink dress and a pink weave. "Hell naw, She a man" Ria whispers into Natalia's ear


"He looks good for a woman. I like his make up" Natalia and Ria look at Jodie like she's crazy.

Sister Patterson also eyes balls Rufus.

"Something is not right." Sister Patterson pulls out her Holy Water from her pocket. "God don't like it, he don't like it. That man is wearing a dress your honor. He going to hell!" Pat says pointing at Rufus putting him on blast. Some of the people in the courtroom laugh.


"Bryd are we taping this? We need to put this in our greatest hits Dvd." Bryd laughs.

"Madame sit back down. If that man wants to wear a tu-tu and a wig that's his perogative. We may not agree with it but this is America sweetheart, Land of the free. For the love of God, get this trial going" Stacy begins to question Alexis as Rufus settles down into the crowd. Rufus glances at Natalia and chuckles to himself as he remembers breaking into Natalia's house and taking her sex DVD of her and Bryan. Rufus then thinks " I can't wait till Nasty Natti goes home and sees her porn flick gone. I'll need a front rom seat for that one." Rufus looks ahead and gets a good glimpse of Bryan from the side. "He's looks even hotter in person. One would never guess a man that short would have such a huge cock. That's's a cock I must have before I leave this city" Rufus thinks to himself.

As Alexis approaches the bench, Bryd walks over to her with the bible. But before Bryd can ask Alexis if she will swear to tell the truth, Sister Patterson jumps. "Hold IT! "


'What the hell's the matter with you? Are you drunk?"


"Only on Fridays your honor. I have a very pure bible here. It's been in my family for generations it's the closet thing to God. Miss Jenkins told me Jesus autographed it."


"I think some one flew over the cuckoo's nest."

Pat approaches Alexis with her bible. Pat grabs her hand and slams it on the bible

"Ok Bryd so what ever it is you need to say, say it now, The lord waits on no one"

Alexis swears on the bible and takes the stand as Crazy Pat takes her seat.


"I'm sorry your honor. My third eye told me to do this. I feel a dark cloud is hovering over us."

Ria, whispering to Natalia

"They need to commit that crazy bat"


"State you name"

"Alexis Jones"


"State your relationship to the deceased"


"Ashley Jones was my older sister."


"Has Ashley ever communicated to you her relationship with Bryan and Sabryn?"


"She sure has, numerous occasions. She told me that Sabryn attacked her a few times. In fact my sister was admitted to the hospital with a mild concussion after Sabryn bashed her head into a glass coffee table."


"So Sabryn has a known history of violence with Miss Jones."


"Oh yes. In fact recently, She attacked me. "


"What do you mean she attacked you? Where did this happen at?"


"At the SG building your honor"


"That's her place of work madame. If Sabryn is so violent then why were you at her place of work?"


"SG is in finical ruins and I wanted to offer her a loan"


"That's bologna and you know it. You went there to pick a fight with her. Don't get fancy with me madame. Your already not on my good side"


"Alexis, can you tell the jury, about the conversation you overheard at your sister funeral between Bryan and Sabryn?"


"I overheard Bryan and Sabryn discussing how they ran over my sister and they felt guilty for treating her so badly"


"Objection your honor. How do we not know Alexis's ear drums work properly. She could have heard what she wanted to hear."


"It's ok, your witness"

Lisa, looking at her clients

"Don't worry about a damn thang. I got this." Lisa stands up

Ria whispers in Natalia's ear

"Thas my girl right there. That's the one that was telling me about AlphaPhiFuckem. I hope she tears Alexis apart."


"I thought you made a truce with her"


"Girl please. Yea right. I only did that for you."


"So it's already been established that you went to Sabryn's office to taunt her. So your not all that innocent are you M. Jones?"


"I don't know what you mean?"


"I bet you don't. See girlfriend, I'm bout to hel p you out. Together, were going to put the truth together. Evidence already shows, that Sabryn's car, was rammed from behind by a truck. This truck was a u hual, a u haul driven by Alexis Jones her self!"

The courtroom is stunned. Lisa submits evidence supporting this claim to Judge Judy.


"Hell to the naw. She killed her own sister!"

Sister Pat

"You devil. How could you do that to your own flesh and blood. And then try to set some one else up for it. Burn in hell." She says pulling out her Holy water and approaching begins approaching Alexis.


"You rotten Bitch!" She says jumping up running toward Alexis to attack her again.

Judy is pounding her gavel

"Order damn it!"

Sabryn, has FINALLY upped one on Alexis, and it's payback time. Bryd holds Sabryn back as another officer handcuffs Alexis........


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Judge Judy's last comment sums it all up...ORDER because there is no order in this court at all. Sister Patterson needs to shut her big mouth or get out. Though I can see that her purpose is to help out the accused, she still just has the biggest yap ever! But in some quarky way, this court scene works for STEAM.

The Rufus scene was funny but why is he there? Does he plan on blackmailing Natti after the case or is he just a nosy SOB? Plus, I'm surprised how sassy the attorneys are. From previous episodes, I can see how and why Judge Judy would hate them.

I'm glad that this is moving at a fast pace and I loved the accusation of Alexis killing her own sister.

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WOW - That was very fast for S.T.E.A.M. - JUDY and PAT; man it likes Hell on EARTH, but poor Alexis can believe she is going down, let see how she get out of this one.

Man I would not be surprise at all if Sabryn lose this baby with that fighting and running around she is doing... AND With Ria in your corner who needs enemy. Well, very nice!

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