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Striking Blog Writers?



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Has the Writer's Strike Affected mySON TV networks?

Written by: Striking Writer

If you've checked out the mySON TV network as of late, you will have noticed the changing landscape of the blog scene. Eight shows have appeared to have halted production since November. Could there be behind the scenes changes on the horizon? Have the showrunners pulled the blog on their soaps? Or have some of the head writers on mySON TV chosen to strike with the guild brethren?

Many mySON TV writers are believed to be members of the Blog Writers Guild Association/Fan Fiction Guild Association (FFGA/BWGA), though many believe it doesn't exist. Some shows, through their respective production companies (SONBC and SONOP) have made deals with the Guild to continue production. Other shows, such as "Port Charles," "Cuffs," and "Genoa City" have yet to do so.

More on this to come.......


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What a great post. Things seem to have died down here. Didn't know I was in a guild though. Thanks and welcome back all the SONOP blogs

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LOLOLOL - Well as the head writer of "A Hand of Hearts and Diamonds" I have to say we actually okay, we have enough episodes for the first season, and with the little problem with the network back in December actually help us, just a little bit... so hopefully this whole mess with the strike will be over soon but March....

AND I do want to point out that in two weeks, the show will be taking brand new direction, and a few new faces will be on the front line...

as we launch the second chapter of the first season, and of course SEX, LIES, SCHEMES and BLACKMAILING with the rest of Delmedico on the background, so expecting a lot of dramas, and DON"T MISS FAITH... The Great Seductress.... Yes she is a DOG!

The Second Chapter of Season I will have 10 episodes, "Red Diamonds"... Two love triangles... "RED" Triangle featuring Eillen, Darien & Diana.. and the second Triangle "Diamonds" featuring Trey, Robert & Keanu, while a hot romance heats up between Dr. Freeman and Alexis...

Also Deidre Hall "DR. Katheine McCallister"and Nadia Bjorlin as "Diana" and Kyle Lowder as "Derian" join the cast - These characters will be shaking the life of the citizens of NY and LA, and the two remaining episodes of the first chapter are must read, Dante's life will be taking an unexpected TURN!!!

ALL I have to say is life in New York and LA will never be same...

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HA HA HA... I got a kick out of that. Somerset is not on strike, I promise you that. I'm gearing up to restart it here this week. Thanks!

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