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All Our Lives Casting News - 2 Dimeras Return






On August 4 a casting call went out from All Our Lives that stated the show was looking for the following: a male, has blonde or light brown hair, is in his mid to late 20's and has an innocent look. The answer as to who the character was and what actor would land the role was previously announced in the first issue of the DR-TV Insider. Viewers found out that former ATWT actor Craig Lawlor has landed the role of Benjy Hawk, the child who super couple Steve and Kayla almost adopted in the late 1980’s. In the article posted in the Insider it was announced that Benjy would be a long term character. With that news we asked if that meant a return of Kayla was in the near future, for in AOL history Steve is still dead. Michael Amello responded saying that AOL has yet to plan a return for Kayla or Mary Beth Evans at this moment in time.

In even bigger news comes the announcement that Renee Jones a.k.a Lexie Carver will start appearing on the blog soap. From the head writer himself we have learned that she has been given a contract just like Craig Lawlor and will stay with AOL for the foreseeable future. When we contacted Renee Jones herself she had this to say, “I am so happy Michael Amello decided to bring Lexie on his show. It’s great to be working in a major story again.” When we asked Michael Amello why he decided to bring Lexie back to the canvas he responded saying, “Renee Jones is a superb actress. It would be stupid in my mind not to have her on screen. I knew from the first day of production that I wanted to bring Lexie back into the fold and am now happy that fans will finally be able to see her story unfold.”

With this news many fans are speculating if a return of Stefano and Joseph Mascolo is in the cards. Also adding to that speculation is how in episode 12, E.J’s Prisoners are Revealed, E.J was shown talking to Stefano, though he was not seen to viewers. Sadly an AOL rep declined to comment on this particular rumour. Hopefully in time we will get to the bottom of this.


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