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Coming in January 2008!



Misguiding Light!

A new Guiding Light fan-fiction will begin airing this January 2008 on mySONTV!

Dan Gobble, longtime poster of The Soap Opera Network and former co-Headwriter of The Guiding Light, brings you a new Guiding Light fan-fiction entitled Misguiding Light. Slated to begin airing in January 2008, the show will transport Guiding Light back to 2003.

"I hope to present an alternative to the misdirection of the previous two regimes," Gobble said in a statement. Gobble will serve as both Executive Producer and Headwriter of the new program.

Casting and story previews will be released as soon as they are made available. No specific first airdate could be determined.


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Well, that's weird, I thought I had already posted a comment lol. Anyway, I just want to say I know how strong your love is for Guiding Light and I look forward to reading your adaptation of GL.

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