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-It is a new day in Salem! Lexie is back in jail after she briefly visited Stefano while Abe spoke to Shane the previous night, and she is visited by Celeste. Celeste tells Lexie it shall take her some time for her to get out of this, but Lexie assures her mother it won’t. She says she just needs the police to look at that security tape once again to prove Tek’s murder was an accident.

-Kristen is at the DiMera Mansion, and she says to herself it is good to be home, she just wishes her father was here with her. She also wonders what was wrong with Tony last night, and wishes Roman could be awake.

-Marlena stayed at the hospital overnight, and Belle is there as well. Belle didn’t take Claire due to the fact she came in the middle of the knight. Belle is slightly panicked, but Marlena tells her Roman will make it out of this ok. Belle slowly nods, and says she just can’t believe he’s like this, but Marlena again says he will make it out of this and be reunited with them.

-At Bo and Hope’s house, Bo and Hope are both still sleeping. Hope lies in Bo’s arms, but she is having a dream of her being executed. She begins to toss and turn in her sleep, as in her dream she is being injected right now as all of Salem watches, and as Hope dies in her dream she sees Gina laughing above her…

Hope suddenly awakens and shoots up, and whispers “No…no…”

She jumps out of bed and begins to get the rest of her clothes on, and then walks out the door…

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Celeste tells Lexie it will be hard to even get the police to do that, and Lexie says she has to try. Celeste tells her daughter she wants her to be free, but it will be very difficult. Lexie sighs as she tries to think, and Celeste then tells her she needs to leave, but she will try to help her as much as she can. Lexie nods, however after Celeste leaves, she thinks of something and tells the guard she needs to use her one phone call now!

-Hope leaves her house, and is walking through Salem. She continues to flashback to her nightmare, and exclaims to herself that can’t happen. She slowly walks by a liquor store, and stares at it for a moment…

-Kristen keeps thinking about Roman, and flashing back to some of their times together in the nineties. She says to herself she must go see him one last time, and quickly stands up and leaves the DiMera Mansion and heads for the hospital!

-Belle and Marlena continue to sit beside Roman, and Belle says she should probably go get Claire, and asks Marlena if she would like to come. Marlena looks down at Roman for a moment, and then says yes, she probably should get away from this hospital for a bit. Belle and Marlena both then leave.

-Hope looks at the liquor store, and she walks in, but then says:

Hope: No…no I can’t…I can get through this without drinking alcohol…I won’t go down that road no matter how stressed I am…I…can’t…

Hope stares at the bottles of liqour, and constantly tries to tell herself “No”, but she continues to stare and nearly grabs a bottle!!!


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