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12/13/07: AWAKENING



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Jack tells Alex to go ahead and open the letter. After some hesitation, Alex opens the envelope and sits down with Jack on the couch as he begins to read:

My darling son,

I have instructed my attorney to hand this letter to you with the rest of my personal papers if something should happen to me. Since you are reading this, I guess my time with you has ended. It is my hope that your father is present too when you read this as it was my hope to tell you just who your father was before such an event as my passing would happen. However, if I by chance haven't, there are documents amongst my papers alluding to your father's identity.

One of my biggest regrets will forever be the tragic fact that you never were provided with a normal life. The troubles between my family and I meant you never got to know them and my reluctance to tell you who your father was has held you back from getting to know him and his family. I know I have failed you and I know the hurt you must be feeling. I am eternally sorry, my son. I should've told you. I was just afraid you would be hurt more.

When we were younger, your father had no concerns outside of his career and reputation. The man he called his father then kept him on that path. My fear for years was that your father would put those concerns ahead of you and that is why I never told you. Granted, your father did change but he had a new family with new complications. My fear was still that you would not be given the love and attention by him you deserved. However, I should've known better. I should've known your father would never cast you aside. I grew to know him very well in our years together and I never stopped loving him yet I doubted him. That is a mistake I will forever wish I hadn't made.

Whether you already know who your father is or whether you are just finding out by reading my papers, I am sure you must be hurt and in a state of confusion. I am so sorry for the way things turned out. I know you don't owe me anything after the way I have behaved and after all I have done but I do have one request of you. I would like you to give your father a chance. I would like you to give your new family a chance. It is my feeling you won't regret it. I know you may never forgive me and I understand that. I just hope you don't direct any anger toward your father. He is an innocent in this, just as you are.

Give him a chance. This is your chance at having the family you always dreamed of. The one you told me you wanted when you were just a child and the one I know you still wanted as you continued to grow into the wonderful man you are today. Just do that for me and I can rest in peace knowing you are not alone...knowing that you are loved and being cared for.

Know that I love you, my son, and everything I did was done out of love for you. Hopefully, one day you understand but it is fine if you don't. I understand. Please, tell your father I will never love another man like I loved him and that I hope he also finds the happiness he so deserves. I love you both and my your lives be filled with peace, joy, and love.

Your mother,

Alex finishes reading, gets up, and walks away. Jack gets up and puts his hand on his shoulder, trying to comfort him. Alex turns and looks at Jack with tears in his eyes. Alex breaks down and tells Jack he is sorry and embraces him. Jack pats him on the back and says he has nothing to feel sorry for. Jack says he loves him and Alex says the same as the scene shifts to...


Miranda and Billie are on their way back from the hospital lab. Billie thanks Miranda again for pulling some strings and getting the DNA test done. Miranda says it's the least she can do and tells Billie the results may not be in for a bit due to the holidays and the lab being back up with priorities first. Billie understands and thanks her for getting it done so quickly. Kate then appears and says she has been looking all over for Billie, thinking she would've heard about Orpheus. Billie nods. Kate says she was worried about her. Billie tells Kate she has nothing to worry about. It's not like she cared about Orpheus as the man was a criminal and she hated him. Kate asks what she's doing with Miranda. Billie fills Kate in on the DNA test idea, saying she wishes she thought of it sooner.

Kate tells Billie she hates to be a downer but she is being realistic as it's unlikely the test will show a different result. Miranda tells Kate to just shutup. Kate fires back, saying it's Miranda's fault this came out in the first place. Miranda says it would've came out at some point and adds that Kate was the one with her arms all over Orpheus that night. Kate tells Miranda she is sick of her and lunges for her but Billie pulls Kate off Miranda and tells her mother to back off, saying Miranda is trying to help her get some final answers. Kate tells Billie that Miranda just has a guilty conscience because she played a part in her learning the truth.

Billie tells them both to stop acting like children and says she doesn't need their BS tonight. She says she is going home and thanks Miranda for her help. Miranda says she really does want a relationship with Billie since she is her niece and adds she hopes to tell Lucas and Philip that she is their aunt too. Billie thinks that is good and bids her goodnight and bids a subdued goodnight to Kate. Billie leaves as Miranda tells Kate she does feel horrible Billie got hurt but says the blame for what has happened falls on her. Miranda adds that her children are miserable because of her and her alone. Miranda walks off as Kate thinks about what she has said and seems affected by it. She then slowly walks off as the scene shifts to...


Victor walks into his bedroom and is stunned to see candles lit all over the room and Maggie lying on their bed in a negligee. Maggie smiles and says she thought he could use something to help him unwind after the day and night they have just had, saying she set everything up while he was downstairs going through things with Nico. Victor smiles and says that would be just what the doctor orders. He sits on the bed and Maggie begins to massage his shoulders, asking if there is any word on Orpheus. Victor shakes his head and says it looks like he really is gone. Maggie admits she can't help but be pleased. They all need a little peace. Victor agrees but says they still have Stefano to worry about. Maggie then begins to kiss his neck and tells Victor they can worry about him some other time. Victor agrees and kisses Maggie. They continue to kiss as they begin to make love as the scene shifts to...


Marlena is on the couch when Roman enters from the kitchen, saying he just talked to Shane and there is no word. Marlena tells him to come and hold her in his arms and relax. Roman does just that and says it's been a long time since they've done that and adds that it may be even longer before they do it again once the evidence against him piles up. Roman tells Marlena he will have to pay for what he did. Marlena tells him not to talk about it. They will deal with it when the times comes and adds they have enough to deal with. Roman agrees, saying they need to pray for Sami. Marlena says that and that all the violence comes to an end. Roman says he will make sure that happens. Marlena tells him not to talk about taking action tonight. She tells him to just hold her, like he used to all the time. Roman holds her tightly in his arms and pledges his love to her. Marlena does the same as they kiss and the scene shifts to...


Bo and Hope walk into the house. Hope tells Bo she hopes the worst is behind them but, even if Orpheus is gone, Stefano is still out there as a threat. Bo tells Hope they will deal with Stefano in time. Hope nods. Bo reminds Hope that they have had hardly any time for each other lately and JT is at a friend's house so he thinks they should take advantage. Hope smiles and puts her arms around Bo, saying she agrees. They kiss passionately and Bo ends up picking Hope up and carrying her up to their bedroom as the scene shifts to...


Kayla comes out of the bathroom in a robe as Steve watches the news for any word on Orpheus. Kayla asks if there is an update, to which Steve replies no, saying it looks like the bastard finally met his maker. Kayla tells Steve she has a nice, hot shower going and, as she puts her arms around him, says she could use some company. Steve says he's never been one to leave a beautiful woman all alone and adds that they do need to do their part for the environment by conserving water. They begin to kiss as Steve gets up and Kayla drags him with her into the bathroom as the scene shifts to...


Alice sits in her chair and watches the news. She then looks at a picture of Doug and Julie and then at all the other pictures on her mantle, ending on a picture of Tom. Alice tells Tom to keep watching over them and to bring them peace and joy. She then says she hopes that peace and joy begins with what happened tonight as the scene shifts to upstairs in Doug and Julie's room, where Doug is in his robe as Julie comes in, now in her nightgown and robe. Doug lies on the bed and Julie sits down next to him, saying she is so happy they got a another chance and promises she won't take it for granted. He promises to do the same. They kiss and she falls into his arms. Doug then tells her he never stopped loving her. Julie's eyes well with tears as she says she never gets tired of hearing him tell her those three special words. Doug tells her he loves her again and they kiss again before he turns off the light and the scene goes black and then shifts to...


Tony returns to his suite with a bottle of champagne and tells Anna he has some food being brought up. He is shocked to hear romantic music playing, candles lit, and Anna coming out of the bathroom and a bright red negligee. Tony smiles and says he thought they would wait until at least after dinner. He has waited so long for their reunion and he wants to soak it all in. Anna smiles and says, as she begins to undress him and kiss his body, that they will do just that, saying they will have their appetizer first, a little dinner, and then several different desserts. Tony begins to kiss Anna and says it sounds like a plan. They have alot of time to make up for. Passion ignites and they continue to kiss passionately as he picks her up, lays her gently on the bed, and then begin to make love as the scene shifts to...


Lucas can't believe what Joelle has just told him and demands that if there is anything else, she tells him right now. Joelle smiles. Lucas asks her why she is doing this. He reminds her she worked for Kate for years and never tried anything like this. He asks why now. Joelle says what the hell, figuring he has no proof of what she is saying anyway, and tells him a very powerful friend came to her and offered her money to do a job. That job was seducing him and helping him move on after Sami's apparent demise. Joelle explains that she needed the money desperately for her son and mother. Lucas asks who the "powerful friend" was. She tells him to guess. Lucas thinks for a moment and then, as his face turns to one of shock, says "Orpheus."

Joelle nods and says he had cameras all over the place and wanted some naughty images to show to Sami. Lucas is appalled, wondering what Sami actually saw. Joelle says she saw the night in her apartment before he was rushed to the hospital. She then says that Orpheus never contacted her again after the night he was rushed to the hospital, saying everything since then was all her decision as a way of making more money and giving her son, mother, and herself the best life possible. She says she has suffered enough in her life and she wanted better and feels she deserves better, no matter what she has to do. Being nice got her nowhere, anyway. Lucas asks if she drugged him the night he was rushed to the hospital. Joelle says she drugged him, got him drunk, the whole bit. She then says she loves this. He just found out from her that he has done nothing wrong, just as he suspected, and can do nothing to prove what she has said or prove his innocence. Lucas demands she admits all, saying they can cut a deal.

Joelle tells him to get out and stay away from her, threatening a restraining order. Lucas grabs her and begs her to end this, not for him but for his son. Joelle tells him to think about her son and her dead mother. She says she is doing this all for them. She then walks to the door, opens it, and orders him out or she is calling the police. Lucas reluctantly agrees to go but says everyone already suspects something is up with her not going through with the rape exam. Joelle smiles and says good night before closing the door. In the hallway, Lucas wonders what he is going to do to prove his innocence while, inside her apartment, Joelle wonders how she is going to deal with the rape exam problem as the scene shifts back to...


Jack and Alex break from their embrace. Alex tells him that letter just put everything in perspective. It reminded him of his hopes, dreams...everything he wanted. The perfect family...the perfect career...he just wants to be normal. Jack says he can have that...back in Salem. He can work at The Spectator and he has a family with him, Abby, and JJ. Alex says he is sorry he blamed him for his mother's death. He says he blamed himself for not going with her that night or for stopping what happened. He just hates he was mad at his mother before her death. He just never got to say goodbye and blames himself for that. He directed his anger with himself toward him and apologizes. Jack says he understands. He blames himself too and suggests they just stop playing the blame game and move on, remembering how much Elizabeth loved them. It's what she would want. Alex agrees.

Alex then says he will arrange for someone to come and get everything and tells Jack he wants to go home with him, if that's ok. Jack smiles and says it sure is. Alex nods and tells Jack he is ready to go now. They both get up as Jack puts his arm around Alex and says let's go. They then walk out of the house as the scene slowly fades to black.




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ROMANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D

This was a REALLY good episode...I have to say Alex is probably one of my favorite characters you guys created, and all that romance was a good change from the action that has been happening lately.

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