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Lucas and Will are at Sami's bedside. After watching the latest news reports, Will asks Lucas if he really thinks Orpheus is dead. Lucas says he hopes so and says he is going to go make a few calls to find out what is going on for sure. He tells Will he will be right back. Lucas goes out in the hall and, as he walks, he hears two nurses talking about their shifts. One nurse says that she had the chance to take an early lunch because the woman who is accusing Lucas Horton of rape backed out of her rape exam so Dr. Terry told her to go on break early.

The other nurse says she thinks the woman is lying. Lucas is a Horton and they are a good family who have done so much for the hospital and community. She thinks the woman doesn't have a leg to stand on and thinks her backing out and avoiding the exam is a sign of that. Lucas overhears this and says his calls will have to wait and races off.


Jack and Alex are looking through Elizabeth's things at her and Alex's home. Jack notes the townhouse like feel and then makes note of the fact that Alex has barely said a word since they left Salem. Alex says he doesn't feel like talking. Jack admits he thought they were making progress since he the tension between them was dissipating as they left Salem. Alex doesn't say anything and Jack says he realizes now that was just a way of shutting him up. Alex is silent.

Jack tells Alex he knows that he didn't want him to go. He just thought this would be the chance they needed to bond and try to get past all that has happened. Alex turns around and tells Jack his mother is dead because she left home to pursue him and he may never get past that. Jack puts his head down and walks away. Jack then asks if Alex lied about coming back to Salem too. Alex doesn't answer for a few moments and then says he has nothing in Salem. Jack tells him he has him, Abby, and JJ. Jack adds he has that Alyson girl he seems to like.

Alex tells Jack she is just someone he had alot in common with and who he talked to at a time when he needed someone to just listen. Someone who understood what he was dealing with. Jack tells Alex he is there for him. Before Alex can answer, there is a knock at the door. Alex answers it and a man in a suit is standing before him when the door is opened. The man introduces himself as Art Teller, Elizabeth's attorney and says he was waiting for her son's arrival. Alex asks how he knew they were there. Art says he told a neighbor to tell him when they arrived. Jack comments on how secure he feels now that he knows the neighbors are stalkers.

Alex introduces Jack to Art. Art tells Alex he has a meeting to get to but hands him an manila envelope, saying it contains a copy of his mother's wishes and adds that she left him everything she owned. He tells Alex there is a letter in there for him...and for his father...so it's good Jack is there. Alex thanks Art and Art tells them to call if they have questions. Art leaves as Alex opens the envelope that holds all of Elizabeth's papers and finds an envelope addressed to him and Jack. Alex and Jack look at each other, wondering what could be in the letter as the scene shifts to...


Miranda and Shane are surveying the crash site near the woods. Shane shakes his head and says it looks like Orpheus really bit the bullet this time. Miranda thinks it's about time he ran out of reprieves. She just hopes Roman can get out of hot water. Shane says they need this whole mess behind them so they can focus on Lawrence. He adds that Forrest is monitoring the situation and still nothing. Miranda hopes they locate him soon. Shane agrees and walks off.

Just then, Billie arrives and several FBI agents try to pull her away. Miranda tells them it's ok for her to be there and asks what Billie is doing there. Billie says she saw what happened on the news reports and asks if Orpheus is dead. Miranda says it looks that way. Billie says she doesn't know how to feel. She admits she is relieved in a way but also feels sad. Miranda says it's only normal to be conflicted, given the circumstances.

Miranda then says there is something she had been hoping to talk to Billie about. Billie tells her to go ahead. She knows it's a long shot but she thinks Billie needs to have a DNA test done to be sure Orpheus is her father. Billie is surprised she never thought of that but it must have slipped her mind with the shock of finding out what she did. Miranda tells Billie she can arrange it all for tonight by using ISA connections, saying there is nothing more she can do at the crash site anyway. Billie says she would like that as she wants to know for sure and have this all resolved, once and for all. The scene then shifts to...


In Abe's office, Marlena waits with Bo, Hope, Steve, Kayla, Caroline, Victor, Maggie, Doug, and Julie. Belle walks in and Marlena fills her in. Maggie calls Alice, who is still at the Kiriakis Mansion. She tells her Doug and Julie are fine, Julie's been checked out, and they are back together. Alice is pleased. Maggie says they will be there soon once they handle some business. Abe walks in, dragging Roman, with Patricia complaining behind them.

Marlena asks what is going on. Abe says that the judge agreed to release Roman on bail, pending a further investigation. Patricia tells Abe he better believe she will personally oversee this investigation and that Roman will be brought right back as soon as they have enough evidence. Abe tells Patricia to back off, saying the Brady's have been through enough. Patricia tells him Lucas got released on bail earlier because he is a Horton and now Roman is released because someone pulled strings and he is a Brady. She says she will personally put a stop to these acts of injustice and walks off in a huff.

Steve thinks that woman needs to put a sock in it. Maggie thanks Victor for pulling some strings and helping Roman. Victor smiles. Marlena says she had no idea and thanks him. Victor says it's the least he can do after everything that has happened. Caroline and the rest of the family thank Victor. Roman is then dragged in by a guard. Abe tells him he is free to go. Roman is greeted by friends and family. Abe warns him he will have to answer for what happened. Roman says he would be happy to. Abe says he would like to talk to him about some things, personally, as well. Roman says sure.

Marlena just hopes the nightmare is over and that Orpheus is dead. Bo says they still have Stefano to deal with. Roman adds that they will deal with him but not tonight. They all deserve a night of peace. Maggie agrees and says they all have a wedding to look forward to as well and then shows off her ring. Everyone congratulates Victor and Maggie. Kayla admits they could use a joyous event and something happy to happen for once. They all slowly begin to make their way out of Abe's office as they talk about the wedding and the apparent end of Orpheus.

Meanwhile, Cassie and Lexie race in and Cassie runs right into Stefano's arms, grateful he is alright. Tony and Anna, having just come from having her checked out at the hospital, watch this scene. Lexie embraces Tony and Anna. Cassie breaks from Stefano's embrace and looks over at Tony. Cassie tells Tony she is happy he is ok too. Tony smiles. Lexie embraces Stefano and asks if Orpheus is really gone. Stefano says it would seem that way. He then sees Roman and everyone else walking out of Abe's office.

Stefano walks into Abe's office. Abe looks up and sees Lexie. Lexie says hello to him and says she is glad he is ok. Abe nods. Stefano wonders how that can be. Orpheus' blood and the blood of all his men are on Roman's hands. Abe says Roman has been released, pending investigation. He asks why Stefano cares. Orpheus shot him and was a threat to his family too and now he's dead. Abe walks off. Lexie asks why Stefano does care. Stefano says nevermind. He will deal with this later. Stefano walks out and Tony follows, asking why he is so quiet about Orpheus being his son.

Stefano says he has his reasons and asks why Tony has said nothing to anyone. Tony reminds Stefano he wants to rebuild the Dimera name and empire in a more positive way and affiliating it with Orpheus does not do that. He says he has sworn Anna to secrecy too and says he has goaded Marlena into not saying anything, telling her that Orpheus may not really be a Dimera and not to say anything until they know for sure. Stefano puts his head down. Tony thinks Stefano is staying silent for the same reasons. Stefano tells him to nevermind and walks off. Cassie follows, looks back at Tony, and then goes back to following Stefano.

Anna asks if Tony is ok. Tony smiles and says he will have to work on Cassie but, for the moment, he is fine as long as he has her. They kiss passionately.


Joelle hears a knock on the door and goes to open it. She is shocked to see Lucas behind the door and tries to close it but he forces his way in. He tells Joelle about what he overheard and then reminds her of what he overheard her talking to Patricia about earlier. He asks why she is so afraid to take the rape exam. Joelle tells him to be quiet and to leave. Joey is sleeping in the next room. Lucas says he doesn't care. He doesn't remember what happened but she is clearly lying about something. Joelle then turns, closes the door, walks up to Lucas, and puts her arms all around him, caressing his body from head to toe.

Lucas pushes her away and asks what the hell she is doing. She says she is checking for a wire or recorder and says she knew he was too stupid to bring one. Lucas is confused. Joelle says that of course he didn't rape her. He hasn't done a damn thing to her but reject her but that makes no difference. Just as long as the people that matter believe her...she has him right where she wants him. Lucas is stunned and says he knew it. Joelle tells him to not get too excited. He has no proof of her saying what she just did. It's his word against hers, which is why she can tell him everything right now and it would make no difference.

Lucas is confused by what "everything" means and asks if there is more. Joelle smiles evilly as the scene freezes on her face and then fades to black.




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