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-As the news crews report the breaking story in the hanger, the scene shifts back to the main cabin as Roman holds Orpheus at gunpoint. He orders Orpheus to let the women go and Orpheus smiles once again, saying that it was his plan the entire time. They were just bait........to lure him there. Roman tells Michael to open the side door and then pulls out a radio, telling both Shane and Abe that he has the situation under control.........and that Julie and Anna are coming out.

Both Doug and Tony hear this, listening to Bo’s radio, and all three take off towards the hanger. On the plane, Michael opens the door, releases the emergency shoot, and Roman tells the women to get off the plane and get as far away as they can. Orpheus nods his head in approval and Anna and Julie are taken to the door and one after the other slide down the shoot and back onto the ground. Michael gives the men the order to let them go and they all obey, backing off from the hanger opening.......

Until one of them gets an itchy trigger finger and accidentally lets off a round. This causes Victor and Stefano’s men to point their weapons at this man and Orpheus slowly walks over to the door to see what is happening. He looks out and then back at Roman, telling him that they have a real situation here. Roman agrees and then tells Orpheus to give the order to his men to leave the hanger......... including Michael. Michael and Orpheus shake hands as he jumps on the shoot and sails down the ground.......

And all that is left on the plane..........Is Orpheus and Roman.

Anna and Julie run out onto the runway as Tony and Doug run up to them. Bo watches as the four people embrace and, after a brief moment, Bo tells them that they have to go. Anna stops long enough to tell Bo that she had never seen Roman looking like that and Bo looks toward the airplane in the hanger.........and says a silent prayer for his brother. As Bo leads the two couples and his officers away from the hanger.....

Shane gives Miranda the order to have their people fall back into the woods but to keep the plane in sight. If it starts to leave the hanger,.......she has the order to open fire. Miranda understands and tells the agents to fall back. The F.B.I agents get the order to do the same as Orpheus’ men get on board another jetliner and it starts up to leave. 75 of his men strap themselves in and the plane starts to taxi onto the runway.

Back on the 747, Orpheus says how surprised he is that Roman is letting his men go. Roman smiles, saying that he should know him better than that by now. Back on the other plane, the scene slowly goes to the luggage area of the plane and then focuses on a large steel case......that happens to hold 100 pounds of explosives on it, which has just activated. On the runway, Michael walks toward the plane and, as he sees it starting to go down the runway, prepares to fly off into the night.

As Michael walks toward Orpheus’ private jet, F.B.I. and I.S.A. agents have guns aimed at him and, as he boards the plane, the other jetliner starts to rise into the night sky. The scene then goes back to the main hanger as Roman picks up his radio and tells everyone to make sure everyone else is clear. When Abe asks Roman why........

The jetliner carrying Orpheus’s men........suddenly starts to explode! It starts from the wing of the plane and engulfs the entire jetliner as the remnants of the plane fall back to earth in several huge fireballs. Orpheus is livid and Roman smiles broadly, saying that he knows Orpheus won’t underestimate him again. As Orpheus looks at him with utter hatred...........

The scene shifts to EMTs working on both Anna and Julie. As Tony and Doug stand by, everyone reacts to the explosion. Victor comes out and asks if everyone is alright and Doug turns around and scornfully tells Victor that they are just fine. Victor gets the hint and holds Nico back as Doug turns his attention back to Julie. Officers and agents run about as Stefano checks on Anna. Tony holds her hand as the EMT tells him she is fine but that she should still go to the hospital.

Tony agrees, saying that he needs to make sure she is ok. Anna smiles through her tears of happiness, saying that he still cares. Tony says he never stopped. He then takes her hand lovingly and tells her that she has always been the love of his life and hopes that now, she will give him the chance to prove it. Anna says she has made a lot of selfish mistakes. First with Carrie and lately with him. She’s scared to commit again. Tony says he is too so, they should meet the fear together......and then move on to a much better place. Anna smiles as Tony wipes away her tears and says that for him.......she will try her best.

As Tony and Anna gently kiss, the scene then shifts to.......

Doug and Julie, with Doug telling Julie that she still can’t help but get in some type of trouble. Julie says she knows he is really mad but she came to the airport to find him........and beg him not to leave her. But, she says that she will just buy him another plane ticket after all this is over. Doug says that the only place he is going.........is home with her. Julie asks if he will take her back. Doug and Julie hug, with him saying that he never wanted to let her go. He loves her......and always will. Then they now agree to try and put the past behind them, Julie asks. Doug kisses her gently and tells her that should be all the answer she needs. As Doug holds Julie in his loving arms......

The scene shifts back to the airplane. Roman and Orpheus stare each other down and then Roman drops his gun. Orpheus smiles and starts to take off his Rolex watch and a gold medallion that he has hanging around his neck. Roman takes off his watch and takes off his wedding ring, placing it in his pocket. Both men then take up boxing stances as Roman says to Orpheus....

Roman: Time to get your ass kicked, old friend.
Orpheus: Well, partner.....let’s see what you got.

Orpheus steps forward and swings twice at Roman, missing both times. Roman then steps up and delivers a vicious right cross, followed by a hard left hook to Orpheus’ face, making him stagger backwards. Roman moves in and tries to hit Orpheus again but he ducks and hits Roman with a right cross. He steps forward and throws another punch but Roman blocks it and sends Orpheus backwards with another right cross.

Bo and Abe can hear the fight going on in the hanger and Steve, Stefano and Victor walk over to listen. They can hear the blows being delivered, they can hear glass breaking......and they can hear two men having the fight of a lifetime inside that hanger. At the hospital, Lucas and Will are inside Sami’s room, watching the drama unfold on nationwide television while Lexie and Cassie so the same from a waiting area. Alice watches from the Kiriakis Mansion. Maggie and Marlena watch from the airport lounge area And, on the runway, Lincoln and Hawk watch with their men from the woods as Roman and Orpheus do battle one last time.

Back in the hanger, both men go back and forth, trading punches and kicks. They tear up the cabin as Roman starts to get the upper hand on his hated enemy. Orpheus pulls out a sword from the wall and tries to strike Roman with it but Roman manages to disarm him and throw the sword out the open door. Both men are bloody but Roman is resolved to end the threat once and for all.......and tries to when he tackles Orpheus through the open door and down the chute. They land on the ground.......

Roman picks Orpheus up and smashes his jaw once again with a right cross. Orpheus throws a punch but Roman blocks it again and delivers two stinging punches to his swollen face, sending Orpheus over one of the tables in the hanger. Orpheus then starts to stand up and, as Roman gets near, hits him with a uppercut sending Roman backwards. He then picks up a bottle, breaks it, and tries to cut Roman with it. He is successful, opening a gash on Roman’s shoulder.

Orpheus tries to deliver a roundhouse kick but Roman ducks it and backhands Orpheus hard. Roman starts to pass out and Orpheus is beyond glad, telling him that he had him on the ropes......but couldn’t deliver the knockout punch. Orpheus then says he has a plane to catch and takes off running toward the private jet that Michael boarded. Roman gathers himself up and, as the news crews roll, and as Marlena and his family and friends watch, Roman takes off after Orpheus, running down the runway.

As Orpheus boards the plane, Roman pulls another gun and starts firing at the plane. The plane starts to go down the runway as Roman fires at the engine. The plane takes off into the night air and Roman sees Orpheus escape once again. As officers and agents run out onto the runway, Roman collapses under the pain. Marlena, who has arrived one the runway now with Maggie, holds a bloody Roman close to her and he tells her.......

Roman: I tried, Doc. I tried to stop him.......
Marlena: You protected your family. That’s all that matters. I’m just glad.......

Suddenly, everyone looks off into the distance.........as the jet starts to make a fast descent. Stefano sees this and starts running down the runway, followed by Victor, Bo, Shane, Miranda and other officers and agents. Billie, who is walking in Salem Place, sees the Breaking News report on a TV in a department store window and stands in shock and awe of what she is seeing. The news crews are recording the final shocking moments..........

As the jet carrying Orpheus crashes into a wooded area.........and explodes into a gigantic fireball. Stefano stands still, shocked at having witnessed this tragedy. Emergency personnel, fire trucks and ambulances drive off quickly to the crash site as Roman and everyone else look on in stunned disbelief.

That is when Patricia, the Salem D.A., walks over to Roman, who is helped up by Marlena, and says to him........

Patricia: I’m sorry that I have to do this.........but with what just happened, I’m afraid that I’ll have to place you under arrest.
Patricia: Looks like second-degree murder. Commissioner Carver, read him his rights and take him in.

Abe looks at Roman and his friend looks back at him, saying......

Roman: Do your job, partner.

As Victor walks back over, he and Bo promise that they will have this taken care of and soon.

Abe then very reluctantly reads a bloody and battered Roman Brady his rights and Marlena promises that everything will be fine...........

As Roman is put into a squad car and driven away. The scene then shows an overview of the huge burning wooded area as Stefano stands and looks at the carnage......

As the scene slowly fades to black.



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Wow. It doesn't get better than this. I love that Orpheus keeps getting away and that Roman is the one getting arrested. Excellent job! I for one just keep getting amazed by this story. Great story!

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