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Episode 11



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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The Town is busy. Outside the Church reads, “The Marler Mallet Wedding!”

The Church: The men are all getting ready for the wedding. Frank helps Mallet get together, FrankDicopoulosJPIP.jpg “Hey man you got your vows?”

Mallet grabs a paper from the table, & RobertBogueP2007.jpg “Yeah here. Thanks I almost forgot.”

“Well you did forget but that’s why I am your best man.”

Gus walks in, & RickyPaullGoldinP2007.jpg “You guys getting ready?”

“Yeah come on in man.”

Gus is putting on his jacket, “So you nervous?”

“A little.”

Bill walks in wearing his tux, & DanielCosgroveP2005.jpg “Why? You are marrying the best woman in Springfield. And you are going to take care of her right?”

“Yes. Thanks for giving me your blessing.”

Bill pats Mallet on the back, “No problem. Just as long as my sister is happy.”

Cross Creek: The women are helping get ready. Dinah is running around trying to get everything together, & GinaTognoni07P.jpg “Oh God! Mom I’m nervous. Maybe we should do this next week. What do you think?”

Vanessa walks in carrying a small box, MaeveKinkeadP.jpg “I think you have cold feet which is perfectly understandable. Here.” She hands her the box.

Dinah opens it to see a beautiful necklace, “Oh Mom! I love it.”

“It’s yours. It can be your ‘something old’.” Vanessa laughs.

Dinah is freaked, “Oh god!, I forgot to do that! I still need three more!”

“Oh darling that is just a little superstition.”

“I knew it! We can’t do this today! We just can’t!”

Harley walks over, BethEhlersP2006.jpg “Well I guess I’ll give you my gift early.” She hands her a new bracelet.

Dinah loves it, “Oh thanks sweetie. I couldn‘t have chosen a better maid of honor.”

Olivia over hears and comes in the room, she takes off her earrings, CrystalChappellJPI07P.jpg “Here borrow these.’

Dinah gives Olivia a hug, “Wait I still need something blue.”

The women stare at Marina. She is sitting in the corner with a blue flower in her hair, MandyBrunoP07.jpg “Fine, it would look better on you any way.”

Dinah thanks her. She goes to the door. “Okay I’m ready!”

The Bauer House: Rick and Beth are sitting in their living room holding Bertha. Mindy is with them, “Oh guys she is just so beautiful.”

Rick hands her a glass of water, MichaelOLearyP05.jpg “So are you in town long?”

“Maybe. I just needed to do some business in town with Marah. I can’t believe how much things have changed.”

Beth laughs, BethChamberlinP2005.jpg “Well we have missed you so much Mindy.”

“Yeah I missed you guys too! Anyways Bill decided to come too. He has a lot to deal with involving Olivia. You know I didn’t like her with Phillip but seeing her with my brother isn’t so great either. So speaking of Phillip. Have you guys talked to him in a while?”

Beth and Rick are uncomfortable.

Ravenwood: Cassie is getting her bags packed, lNicoleForester2007P.jpg “I can’t wait. I am so excited.”

The nurse is getting Cassie’s stuff together, “Well Ms. Winslow you have made a lot of progress.”

“I know! I mean. I don’t know…. I just, I feel like a clean slate. A whole new person.”

The nurse steps out. A man enters with a file, “Ms. Winslow?”

“Yes that’s me.”

“I have been trying to contact you. I have the information that you requested last month.”

“Oh. Well I don’t really need it now. It doesn’t matter anymore.”

“Okay well I’ll just leave it here.” The man sits the file down and leaves.

Cassie tries to ignore it but she gives into her temptations and opens it. Cassie is horrified as she reads, “No, no. This can’t be. This can’t be!”

The Church: Mallet is standing in the front with his groomsmen. Blake and Remy take their seats, LawrenceSaintVictorP2006.jpg “Blake lets sit here. It’s close to the exit just in case.”

ElizabethKeiferP2006.jpg “Are we going to do this at every party? Plan for the worst?”

“Lets just enjoy the wedding. Your kids are going to watch their big sister get married.

Susan is sitting in the audience. Cyrus comes and sits next to her. MurrayBartlettP2007.jpg “Hey. How are you?”

Susan is nervous, MarnieSchulenburgJPIP.jpg “Uh, I’m fine.”

“I’m here for Marina. And I don’t mind seeing Dinah get married.”

“Yeah. I’m here to see my Mom.”

“So are you here for good?”

“Maybe why?”

“Well you’re Marina’s cousin, I would like to get to know you.”

Susan fakes a smile.

Mallet, Frank and Gus are all at the front.

Marina walks down the isle. Followed by Olivia. Then Harley.

The guests rise as Vanessa and Bill walk Dinah down the isle. She stares into Mallet’s eyes the whole time.

The Minster begins to speak, “Dearly beloved, we are gathered her today………..” Dinah and Mallet stare into each other’s eyes and drift off as they reminisce over their past. They tune back in to hear, “If anyone has reason why these two should not be married, speak now or forever hold your peace.”

Matt walks in. KurtMcKinney2005P.jpg


The Church: Matt stares at Dinah then Vanessa. He takes a seat in the back. Susan uses the distraction to slip out.

The ceremony goes on. They read their vows.

Mallet goes first, “I was in a lonely place and I really just didn’t expect things to get any better. Then I found you. Someone who I felt I needed to save, but really saved me. I will be the happiest man in the world when we walk out of here. And I will never look back.”

Dinah is next, “I was so dark and angry. Then you saved my life. And I realized that the world isn’t just full of bad guys and really bad guys. That my knight in shining armor wasn’t just some dream. Now I feel like it is time for Dinah Marler to live happily ever after.” The wedding goes on. They end with a big kiss!

Bauer House: Beth stands up with the baby, “What makes you think we have been talking to Phillip?”

“I just thought maybe you guys were helping him…..”

Beth interrupts her, “Well we’re not! I haven‘t seen Phillip in 3 years.”

Rick takes helps with the baby, “Mindy. I haven’t seen him since last year when everything happened with Ross.”

“I’m sorry guys. I didn’t mean to upset you.”

Beth takes the baby up stairs.

Rick and Mindy talk alone, “I’m so sorry Rick. Classic Mindy needs to put her foot in her mouth.”

“Hey. You didn’t mean any harm. It’s just a touchy subject.”

“Yeah but the way Beth reacted….”


“Uh, nothing. I got to go. I’ll call you.” Mindy hurries out.

Towers: Dinah and Mallet are with their wedding guest. Vanessa makes a speech, “I am so happy to see you two together again. And I have a gift for the two of you.”

Dinah puts her glass down, “Oh Mom, the wedding was enough.”

“Well I have something more.” She hands them a key.

“Mom. Is this for a car or something?”

Mallet looks at it, “Dinah this is a house key.”

Vanessa smiles, “The old house, Josh and Reva don’t have it any more and now I am at Cross Creek. I want you two to start a family there.”

Dinah jumps up and hugs her mother, “Oh thank you!”

Matt walks off, he is bitter that she would just hand over the house they had once shared.

Church: Susan walks into the basement. She sees her partner, “So baby, did you miss me? You won’t believe it. He actually came up and sat by me this time. Is he onto us?”

Her boyfriend Mark Gillespie (G) walks over, KaneManeraP.jpg “Not a chance darling. Not a chance.” The two make out on the bench.

Ravenwood: Cassie is shaking while holding the file, “No this is a mistake. No, no, no, no, no, no, NO!!!!” She picks up a lamp and chucks it at the door.

A nurse comes running in, “Ms. Winslow?!”

Cassie is histerical, “No, no, no…..”

More doctors run in. Cassie is strapped down to the bed. The file falls to the floor.

The nurses are disappointed, “I hoped she was doing better. Looks like she may have to be transported to the hospital overseas.”

Cassie is on the bed shaking and sobbing, “No, no, no, no….”

Towers: Billy walks over to Vanessa, JordanClarkeP.jpg “I want to say something. Now I know you all are excited that Dinah and Mallet are married but there is another engagement you should know about.”

Vanessa looks around, “Who?” She turns around to see Billy on one knee. “Vanessa Chamberlain, will you marry me….. again.”

Vanessa grabs his hand, “Yes. YES!”

He grabs her and kisses her. Dinah runs over to hug her mother. Mallet walks over. He then notices someone at the gift table. “Oh my God! Julie?!”

Julie walks over, SarahBrownP.jpg “Hey Tony. Am I too late to see my brother?”

Mallet runs over and hugs his little sister.


Mallet is thrilled to see Julie

Dinah questions the situation

Susan and Guillespie have fun

Harley talks with Gus

Frank and Mel get down and dirty

Matt makes a new friend

Olivia fights with Bill

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Great wedding episode! It had something all soap weddings have:people comeback,suprises and an new mystery developes!

I love the Beth,Mindy and Rick conversations!

Cassie flips out. YES!!!!!!!!

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