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Episode 12



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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It is night. Most of the town is celebrating the wedding.

Towers: Mallet takes his little sister Julie over to a table, RobertBogueP2007.jpg "What are you doing here sweetie?"

Julie smiles at him, SarahBrownP.jpg "Oh Tony, I wasn't here for your last wedding but I came her for this one. I've missed you."

Dinah is standing with her mother and Billy, GinaTognoni07P.jpg "So that's Julie?"

Vanessa looks over, MaeveKinkeadP.jpg "Oh yes. You never met her did you?"

"No she was in town while I was at school. Mallet doesn't talk about her. Billy do you know her?"

JordanClarkeP.jpg"Oh, yeah Darlin'. I remember her. She was engaged to Dylan."

Dinah stares at her, "Yep, I've heard some things myself."

Cross Creek: Bill is in the livingroom wearing his tux. There is a knock at the door, DanielCosgroveP2005.jpg "Just a sec." Bill answers the door, it's Josh and Olivia, CrystalChappellJPI07P.jpg "Hey Bill."

"Hey guys."

Olivia steps in, "You left early I didn't get a chance to talk. Where's Emma?"

"She's sleeping."

Olivia walks towards the stairs. Bill steps in front of her, "You don't need to wake her."

Josh walks over, RobertNewmanP2006.jpg "Hey Bill, Olivia just wants to see her daughter. There's no harm in that is there?"

"I don't know Josh, apparently Olivia can't protect Emma so I will."

Olivia trys to get past him, "Bill I need to see her. What all the sudden you're her father? You ditched her two years ago."

"Olivia I made a mistake but I never put her in danger. That is why...."

Olivia is frustrated, "Why what?"

"That is why I am getting custody."

Josh holds Olivia's hand.

Towers: Marina is talking to Frank, MandyBrunoP07.jpg "Daddy. I haven't seen you in so long. How are you?"

FrankDicopoulosJPIP.jpg "I'm good. How are things going with him."

"Cyrus and I are great."

"Well I need to get going. I'll just take the old elevator that no one uses, it goes faster." Frank leaves.

Cyrus walks over, MurrayBartlettP2007.jpg "He was in a hurry. Somewhere he needed to be?"

"I don't know. But he needs a girlfriend."

Frank is in the elevator. He turns around, Mel is waiting, YvonnaWrightP2006.jpg "What took you so long?" She immidiantly starts taking off his tie.

"Sorry. Marina was right outside." He steps by the door."Funny thing about the old elevators, they always stop." Frank hits the button and Mel pulls him to the floor.

Inside Gus walks over to Harley, RickyPaullGoldinP2007.jpg "Hey. How are you?"

BethEhlersP2006.jpg "I'm.... I'm good. You?"

"I'm good. How's Daisy?"

"She goes by Susan again. She's great. I'm really happy for her."

The Church: Susan walks over to Guillespie, MarnieSchulenburgJPIP.jpg "Did you miss me G?"

Guillespie grabs her, KaneManeraP.jpg "No way. Why would I miss a little brat like you?" He grabs her and kisses her.

She pulls back, "Wait we need to talk about Cyrus and Marina."

"Later babe. I have had a long day." They continue to make out.


Towers: Dinah and Mallet are leaving he says good-bye to Julie, "Hey do you want me to stick around a little longer?"

"No it's your honeymoon. You go. I need to catch up with some people. Mallet hugs his sister then leaves.

Harley is talking to Gus in the corner, "So is Rafe enjoying school?"

"Yeah he seems happy. I can't believe it. Just last year I was married with Zach and Jude. I was so happy."

"You aren't happy now?"


Julie walks over, "Harley?"

"Julie! How are you?"

"I'm fine. Is this your new husband."

"Yes well..... was."

"Oh I'm sorry."

Gus walks off, "Uh tell Susan and the boys I said hi. And Dylan."

Julie is confused, "Oh you and Dylan are...."

"Uh sorta."

"That's nice. Tell him I said hi." Julie walks outside.

Cross Creek: Olivia is sitting on the couch with Josh, "What did he just say to me?"

Bill is trying not to wake Emma, "You heard me Olivia."

Olivia stands up, "You know how much I love her. You know I am a good mother."

"Olivia that's what I thought."

"You son of a bitch!" Olivia jumps at him.

Josh holds her back, "Olivia, don't do anything crazy."

Bill grabs her purse, "It's a little late for that Josh." He tries to hand it to her.

Olivia grabs it and smacks him, "How dare you! You aren't her parent, I am! She barely remembers you!"

Josh walks Olivia out, "Olivia come on I'll take you home."

They leave. Billy walks in with Vanessa, "Bill what happened?"

"Olivia. She is just being crazy."

Vanessa jokes, "What else is new?" She walks over to her son, "I'm sorry sweetie. But we have good news."


Billy walks over, "You're Mom and I are gettin' married again."

"Are you kidding me that's great! I am so happy for you guys." The three hug.

Towers: Frank and Mel are laying in the elevator. "Oh God Mel. This is a crime."

"I'm a lawyer Frank."

"Yeah but I'm the Chief of Police. I could lose my job."

"Well then I would get it back for you. See we got it all worked out." The two laugh.

The elevator starts moving. "What's going on Frank?"

"I don't know I pushed the button. No one even uses these."

Mel jumps up, "Oh God!" The two try and get dressed. They are half dressed when the door opens.

They are on some random floor. No one is there. They get dressed. Frank steps out and Mel goes up stairs.

Mainstreet: Julie is reading the paper. Matt sees her, KurtMcKinney2005P.jpg "Hey. Julie right?"

"Yeah hey Matt. How's Bridget?"

"I haven't talked to her in a while. When did you get in town?"

"I came for the wedding. I didn't get a room ahead of time so I might have to sleep on the bench."

"No way. You can come stay with me?"

"Are you sure?"

"Of course." The two of them walk off.

The Church: Susan and Guillespie are making out. "So G. What have you been up to today?"

"I found this." He holds a baby picture.

Susan grabs it, "Where did you get that?"

"Come on. You were cute. That's you right?"

"Yes. Where did you get this?"

"I found it."

"Yeah you found it. From who?"

"None of your buisness." He puts her down on the bench and kisses her.

Someone comes in. They duck down.

Cyrus and Marina come in, "You looked beautiful up there."

"Thanks. I am so happy they finally got they're dream wedding. They deserve it."

Cyrus puts on some music, "May I have this dance?"

Marina and him dance.

Susan and Guillespie mock them from behind the bench. They sneek out. But he takes one long stare in disgust at them before he leaves.

Cross Creek: Billy and Vanessa go up stairs. Bill goes outside. Ava walks up, MichelleRaySmith06P.jpg "Hey how is she?"

"She's fine. How are you Ava."

"I'm good. I just wanted to see you. So are we still on for dinner next week?"

"Of course."

Ava gives Bill a kiss on the cheek, "You are such a great father. You really deserve her." Ava walks off. She mutters under her breath, "Unlike some people."

Mallet and Dinah's Home: Mallet puts the key in. He carries Dinah in over the threshold, "It is empty but it's better than the beacon."

Dinah kisses him, "I love it. It's our home now."

Mallet puts her down in the livingroom. She takes off his tie and he removes her dress. The newlyweds enjoy their honeymoon.


Olivia runs into Bill and Ava

Mindy questions Rick

Ashlee makes a discovery

Lizzie makes plans to help out Colin

Remy angers Blake

The Lewis family gets tragic news that changes their lives forever

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Frank gets him some! :D

It has been a long time since he has had a story of his own!

I loved the Olivia stuff.

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