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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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The Lewis Family Tree Has Returns!:

Many have noticed that the cast has been having returns and exits. The Lewis family have had the biggest effects.

Marah Lewis: EmilyLivingstonP.jpg Daughter of Supercouple Josh and Reva! Last played by Lindsey McKeon. Natalia Livingston has taken over the role. Marah is not the good girl that she was before. Look to see her interact with Josh, Reva, Jeffrey and Ava.

Dylan Lewis: Morgan Englund has been brought back to reprise his role. Look for interaction with Harley and a big SL coming up.

Mindy Lewis: Krista Tesreau is back! Her return is only brief but she will shake things up a lot! She will mostly be involved with Rick and Beth, she will play a major part in an upcoming SL.

Bill Lewis: DanielCosgroveP2005.jpg Son of Billy Lewis and Vanessa Chamberlain. We felt it was deeply imporant to bring back their son as these two find their way back to each other. Daniel Cosgrove has returned in the role. Look to see him working with Billy, Vanessa, Josh, Olivia, and Ava. He will be involved in Emma's custody battle.

There have been rumors about the character Susan Lemay. Many have heard that Kirsten Storms exited. KirstenStormsP2007.jpg That is true. The character was meant to stay a few episodes, however there was a clear need for the character and it was decided that she stay. However Storms was out but Susan was to remain. There were many actresses in consideration. FTL first expected a newbie to the buisness. However many believed that Jennifer Landon was perfect with the cast, and we assumed she would be perfect. JenniferLandon2007P.jpg But things didn't go as planned. Luckily enough we decided on Marnie Schulenburg. MarnieSchulenburgJPIP.jpg She has had work on ATWT and Y&R as Alison Stewart. She is going to take Susan in a new direction. The good girl, turned bad girl will have a more serious SL.

Schulenburg will step in on Monday's episode. The end of the episode is going to reveal the partner of Susan which the fans have waited weeks to be revealed. Susan was originaly just supposed to be a short term character that kicked off the new SL. But she now will be one of the leads in the very exciting and dramatic story that will effect almost everyone in Springfield.

Cassie Winslow: lNicoleForester2007P.jpg The character has left the show but returns on Monday to kick off a mysterious SL. The character has been found unpopular by fans. She will only be back for the one episode. Many rumors have been going around about her exit, such as permanent stay mental institution, kidnapped, murdered, or suicide. Many fans who dislike the character (and blame her for the huge break up of Josh and Reva last summer) will be somewhat satisfied with her ending. But remember that characters are never really gone for good. Cassie Winslow could return when you least suspect her.


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