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11/7/07: RUSH HOUR






Bo and Kayla are with Tony, who is packing up his things to leave the hospital. Tony is telling the both of them that Hope was wheeling by his room, saying she was bored, and that Steve came looking for her. They spent some time talking and Liz called. She has something he needs that may be of some help to getting the upper hand on Stefano. He wasn't able to go so he sent Steve and Hope, figuring they went with him before and know what they are doing. He also mentions that it had to be taken care of fast so Stefano didn't catch on.

Bo isn't so sure he believes that and says that Steve and Hope promises no more running off like this. Tony mentions that and says they both had reservations about doing this. Tony then tells them about Steve and him making a deal. He would help Steve obtain answers about his past if Steve helped him, which he did in learning about Orpheus being Stefano's son and now he is helping again. Kayla asks why Tony would send them on such a dangerous mission like that. Tony explains he sent a guard with them and that it's a quick trip. They will be back within 24 hours.

Tony adds that he hopes they aren't mad at him. Bo admits he is a little and that he hates that his wife is involved and all alone, especially after nearly getting killed. Kayla feels the same way about Steve. Tony understands, saying it all happened so fast that they all just reacted and Steve and Hope took off. Tony apologizes, saying he hates that this had to happen this way. A nurse then comes in, saying she has to check a few things before Tony is released. Kayla tells Tony not to worry about it and tells Tony to call if and when he hears from them. Tony agrees and thanks them both for understand. Bo tells him to keep them up to date and then walks out with Kayla as Tony lets out a deep breath of relief.

Outside Tony's room, a frustrated Bo pounds his first against the wall. Kayla comforts him, saying she knows it's frustrating how this keeps happening. Bo says something is going on. He isn't sure if Tony is lying but he thinks Steve and Hope may be up to something and he plans on finding out what it is. Kayla asks if he has any ideas. Bo shakes his head but says he is worried about what they could be involved in. The scene then shifts to...


Steve and Hope walk through a wooded area. Hope stops and tells Steve this looks like the place, citing that Tony said the passagway entrance was near a large boulder. They both them shift through branches and shrubbery until Steve finds a door handle. Steve pulls up on it, revealing a ladder that goes into a passageway. Hope says it looks like they have what they were looking for. They both them climb down and are amazed by the lighted passageway before them. They then begin to explore it, following Tony's instructions on how to get to the mansion via the passageway. The scene then shifts back to Salem and to the...


Fay Walker is waiting in the lobby when an officer brings Nicole out to her, saying she is free to go. Abe then approaches him and tells Fay he is so sorry she has to pay for Nicole's actions. Fay says it's no problem. Nicole is her daughter and she loves her no matter what. She says that Brandon and Taylor wired her some cash to help her pay bail. Abe mentions that he talked to Brandon a few days ago and that he was doing well. Fay nods. Abe then reminds Nicole of the restraining order and warns her not to leave town as she still needs to attend a hearing concerning the charges brought against her. Nicole rolls her eyes as Abe tells Fay he must go and adds that he would like to meet up for lunch some time. Fay smiles, saying she would like that. Abe bids her goodbye and walks off.

Fay asks Nicole what is wrong with her. Nicole reminds her that she lost her husband and then mentions how Fay wasn't there for her at all, nor has she been over the past few years. Fay points out to Nicole that she is always calling to check on her and she ignores her, never answering or returning calls. Fay also points out that calling for help in getting bailed out was the first time in years that Nicole called her. Nicole tells Fay that's because that is all she is good for. She was never a good mother to her and that is because she told it like it is. She knew what she was and wasn't afraid to tell her to her face. Fay is silent. Nicole tells Fay that she knows what she is talking about...the fact that she is a whore!! Fay then slaps Nicole, telling her:

Fay: No matter what you think of me...I'm still your mother. Show me some respect!!
Nicole: You don't deserve it!

Alyson then walks in, saying:

Alyson: Neither do you.

Nicole turns and sees Alyson there, behind her.

Alyson: So, how was your night in the slammer? (smiling)
Nicole: You...(moves closer to Alyson)
Alyson (backing away): Now, now. Do you want to go back so soon? I was thinking you wouldn't at least want to wait until after your hearing.
Nicole: Your going to pay...
Alyson: Pay? No, Nikki, dear. Your going to pay. Not just for what you have done to me but what you have done to all the innocent people that got caught in your schemes. I've taken it upon myself to make sure the [!@#$%^&*] you pulled doesn't go unpunished and that you don't cause anymore trouble for anyone.
Fay: Nikki, I think we should go.
Nicole: No. I'm not going anywhere. You can go. I don't want you here anyway. You served your purpose.
Fay: Someday, Nikki. Some day you will see how hurtful you have been. To me and to so many others. It will be a rude awakening. That's for sure.

Fay walks off leaving behind Nicole and Alyson, who engage in a cold staredown.


It's been a few hours and Hope and Steve are tried of aimlessly searching about. Hope does say she has the feeling she has been in the passageway before and notices it's rather old. Steve says he feels the same way. They then hear voices and footsteps very close by. They then realize there are guards coming. They look for some place to hide and hop in a vent above. A few moments later, the guards walk by but not before stopping a moment to provide a brief period of tension. Steve and Hope are relieved when the guards are gone. They get out of the vent but, as they are reaching the ground, Hope falls into Steve's arms, triggering a flashback of their past at Maison Blanche together where they are in each other's arms and guards are pulling them away from each other, kicking and screaming in what appears to be that very same passageway:

Patch!! (fighting guards) No!! Let go of me!! Let go!
Steve: Gina!! (pushing guards away) Gina!!

In the flashback, Hope/Gina is holding a book of some sort and, as the flashback ends, Hope looks at Steve and asks if he remembered it too. Steve shakes his head, leading Hope to explain the flashback she just had. She says she must have called him "Patch" back then. Steve can see how that would happen as he would be comfortable with it given that was his name for awhile. Hope then realizes she was holding something in the memory she had, a book of some sort. She wonders what that book was and if it could be still around and of some help to them. They both them hear footsteps and voices closing in again. Steve tells Hope they have to keep going and then ushers her along as the scene shifts to Salem and the...


Billie enters the house and asks Jack if he has heard from Abby yet. Jack shakes his head as Alex looks on, saying she just may not want to talk to anyone. Jack doubts that and then admits he is shocked Billie came after what happened last night. Billie says she is worried about Abby too and called Frankie, Max, and Stephanie to help. Jack wishes she didn't but Billie says they need all the help they can get. Just then, they all arrive and ask what is going on with Abby. Billie tells Jack he will have to tell them they lied about where Abby is. Frankie asks what they are talking about.

Jack explains where Abby really is. Max is outraged, asking how Jack could let her go with Alamain. Jack is confused, asking why he just called Fred Alamain. Max realizes his slip and tries to cover but Frankie tells him not to bother. It's time Jack knew the truth. Max then tells him about how Fred is Forrest Alamain and how they have all three been worried about Abby's safety. Jack says he thought Forrest was dead. Max says he isn't and Abby and Chelsea knew who he was since the cruise ship situation. Jack can't beleive they didn't tell him. Billie tries to calm him but is unsuccessful. Frankie explains they thought Jack had enough to deal with and they worried that telling him may also put Abby in danger. They believed they needed more proof. Jack says they need to reach Abby ASAP and begins to frantically dial the numbers he has for Abby, saying he thinks it may be time to get the police involved. The scene then shifts to a...


Abby is looking out the window of the hotel room, now standing with a cane. Forrest and Dr. Dobbs walk in, telling her they have the dress she picked out downstairs and they have an appointment with the small chapel a few miles away for tonight. Abby asks Forrest once again if he is sure about this. He assures her it's the only way. Abby nods and says then they have to do what they have to do. Dr. Dobbs tells Abby it's time for her therapy session. Forrest says he will get out of their way and leaves the room, as his phone rings. It's Miranda, saying she is at Dr. Dobbs' house in Malibu and his maid just told her about his plans. She tells him he will marry Abby over her dead body. The scene then shifts to...


Steve and Hope stop and take a break. Hope thinks they are safe from the guards they saw and then says they have been through, basically, the whole passageway nearly and she didn't see the book from her memory flash. Steve asks if she honestly thought she would. Hope says you never know. Steve says they really should keep going. Hope agrees.

A short time later, they reach the point where Tony said the stairs to go up into the mansion were. Steve says the staircase must be behind a secret door of some sort. Hope says Tony didn't mention a secret door or really how to enter. Steve pulls out his cell and begins to call him as the scene shifts back to Salem and the...


Tony is in his suite when his phone rings. He answers it and hears that it's Steve, who says they need his help. He explains the situation and Tony tells him to look to his left under the lantern light. He instructs Steve to find the tip of the piece at the bottom and to press up and then pull the lantern around three times. Steve does and the wall before them opens. Hope asks now what. Steve tells Tony there are guards all over and they may need his help. Tony smiles, saying no problem. He tells to race up the stairs and into the mansion when they hear sirens and alarms going off. Steve says whatever and will do before hanging up. Steve tells Hope what Tony said. Hope wonders what he is up to.

Later, Hope and Steve are waiting. Steve says he hopes Tony does something soon before someone comes along and finds them. Just then, alarms go off and sirens can be heard. Steve tells Hope that is their signal and takes her hand, dragging her with him as they race off. Hope loses her footing and trips, falling into some boxes and crates. Steve asks if she is alright. Hope says she is fine and then, as she gets up, is shocked to see a book among the boxes and crates. She picks it up and says it's the book from her memory. She then has a memory flash of being dragged off by guards and her tossing the book, leading to it hitting a wall and falling behind some crates. Hope tells Steve about the memory she just had. Steve is happy for her but says they have to go and drags her up the stairs. The scene then shifts back to Salem and the...


Tony pours himself some brandy and chuckles, saying Stefano is going to hit the roof when he learns he used a contact and friend of his he has in the Dimera organization to make it appear like Maison Blanche was going to be a target of an attack by one of Victor's enemies. Tony laughs at the thought that Stefano may even think his own son is targeting him or playing mind games with him. Tony laughs some more and says he hopes Steve and Hope get what they need. The scene then shifts to the...


Lincoln races into Stefano's study and tells him he has troublesome news. Maison Blanche may be under attack. Lincoln tells Stefano they received intelligence information suggesting that one of his enemies has targeted the property. Stefano is stunned and wonders who could be behind this and tells Lincoln to keep an eye on it and to get back to him. Lincoln nods and walks off, leaving behind a curious and worried Stefano. The scene then shifts to the...


Nicole and Alyson continue their staredown. Nicole says she is through with this. Alyson grabs her arm and warns her that she is just getting started and that, this time, she is going down in flames. Nicole warns her that she will have quite the fight on her hands and then says:

Nicole: Just remember this...Eric loved me. He married me. You were nothing but some distraction while he was away from me. You admitted that yourself when you showed up in Salem. You know he loved me. Eric would want Samuel to be raised by the love of his life and not some woman that followed mommy's every order.
Alyson: Your delusional.
Nicole: The truth hurts. I lost Evan and Eric knew I was hurting and sitll knows I am. He will make sure my heart is full again. I'm convinced that is why you and your mother showed up here. Eric was bringing me Samuel as a gift. It was his way of helping me to move on and to have someone to love again.
Alyson: I think I am going to be sick.
Nicole: Think what you will but it's true. You'll see. Enjoy your time with him while it lasts...
Alyson: And you enjoy your freedom while it lasts. Remember, the restraining order!
Nicole (smirking): How could I forget? But, remember, I'm never one to let anything stand in my way.

Nicole then walks off as Alyson looks on, somewhat worried but also determined to fight Nicole with all she's got. The scene then shifts to...


Miranda is still on the phone with Forrest and tells him that marrying Abby was not part of the plan. Forrest tells her he has no choice and explains the situation with Lawrence and his reasoning behind marrying Abby. Miranda thinks that's BS and wonders if he is doing this because of her resemblence to Sylvia. Forrest assures her that is not the case and says he knows this is the only way to ensure Abby's safety, along with the safety of so many others. He tells Miranda he is doing this and she can't stop him. Miranda asks him if he wants to put money on that and then hangs up. She thanks Rosita, the maid, for her cooperation and races out while calling the ISA headquarters in London, saying she has an emergency to handle in Vegas. The scene then shifts back too the...


Jack hangs up the phone in frustration, saying he doesn't know what else to do. The Salem PD is swamped still due to the events of Halloween and they can't help anyway since they have no idea where Abby is. Max still can't believe Jack would let her go with Forrest. Jack says that he checked out Dr. Dobbs and he was legit and Abby is over 18 so his hands were kind of tied. Billie defends Jack, saying that he thought Dr. Dobbs being legit and being there was a good sign. She then tells Jack to try calling the number they were given by Dr. Dobbs and Forrest again. Jack doesn't think it will make a difference but agrees.

While Jack is calling, Stephanie and Frankie try to calm Max down. Max reminds Stephanie that he knew something was fishy about Abby leaving. Frankie tells him it doesn't matter now. All that matters is reaching Abby. Jack then says "Hello" and announces that someone picked up the phone. Jack asks who this is. Rosita says that she is the housekeeper for Dr. Dobbs and asks if this is a patient of his. Jack says no and says he is trying to reach his daughter, Abby. Jack explains that Forrest Alamain and Dr. Dobbs told him to call this number to talk to Abby if he had to. Jack explains that this is an emergency and he needs to speak with Abby. Rosita says she can't tell him anything about patients and she has no proof he is who he says he is.

Jack begs her to reconsider. Billie then grabs the phone and introduces herself as ISA Agent Billie Reed. She explains that there is an emergency situation and they must speak with Abby. Remembering that Miranda was with the ISA, Rosita mentions Agent Miranda Grey and asks if Billie knows of her. Billie lies and says she does, leading Rosita to apologize as she says she had no idea that she was working with Agent Miranda. Billie whispers:

Billie: Either did I.

Rosita then fills Billie in on where Forrest, Dr. Dobbs, and Abby are and what they are doing. Billie panics and says:

Billie: Oh, God.

This leads Jack to ask what is going on as everyone else looks on. Billie asks Rosita when the wedding will take place. A frantic Jack asks what wedding. Rosita says it will occur sometime tonight. Billie thinks Rosita and says the ISA will send her a medal of honor in the mail. A overjoyed Rosita says thank you and bids Billie goodbye as Billie does the same to her. Billie hangs up and tells Jack and everyone else to stay calm. She fills them in on Abby's whereabouts. Max is determined to stop the wedding. Jack panics and says they have to leave now to stop this. Billie says she figured they would react this way. Jack picks up the phone and calls Julie, asking if she can watch JJ. Frankie calls Greta and tells her what is up. Max calls Caroline and fills her in on what he and Stephanie will be doing and tells her to pass the info along to everyone.

Billie approaches Jack and asks if he would like her to go. After a few moments, Jack says they may need her. Billie nods and says ok and then goes to make some calls. Alex then goes over to Jack and asks what will happen to him. Jack says he is coming along. Abby is his family too and he isn't about to leave him right now after what has happened. Alex thanks him. Jack then tells everyone that they need to go. Billie hangs up and says she is good to go. Frankie, Max, and Stephanie say they are ready. Jack says good and adds that it's time to stop a wedding. Jack then grabs his keys and coat and races out, with the others right behind him as the scene shifts too...


Hope and Steve race through the now empty mansion and up into the room they investigated a few weeks ago. The room where they were imprisoned together over a decade ago. Steve tells her it seems the house is clear. Hope agrees and then looks through the book she found. Hope tells Steve the book is the diary she wrote as Gina and says this may be the break they have been looking for. Steve agrees. Hope tells him that reading it in the room they were locked in may spark their memories. She just hopes they don't get lost in all this and lose control. Steve promises her he will do whatever he can to be strong and resist any past feelings that come to the surface. Hope says she will too and hopes for the best. She thinks this may be what they have been waiting for. They may finally get the answers they need. Steve agrees and hopes so.

Hope goes and sits near the window on the bed. Steve goes over and sits in a chair next to her. Hope opens the book and says some of the diary may have been damaged but she'll do her best. She opens to the first entry and reads aloud:

Hope: I have never felt the need for such a thing as a diary. The place that so many people use to convey their innermost thoughts on paper, all in an effort to make them feel better. I have no idea how I even know of this concept, having no memory of my past life before being imprisoned here. The depression and loneliness I was feeling for heaven knows how long just isn't stuff you write about. Things have changed, though. The past few days, I have come to know this guy that the guards shoved in here with me. I guess he was supposed to be watching me or something but, if he was, he sure isn't taking orders from the guards. He has fought them several times and has encouraged me to escape, offering his help. This man wears an eyepatch so I call him "Patch." He says the name feels familiar to him so all the more reason. Things were tense and silent, for the most part, at first. Over the past few days, things have been better. We often talk all day and night about what we hear in the house, whether it's music or noises of some sort. We also have been talking about what life may be like on the outside. The guards bring us games, movies, magazines...all sorts of things. Patch and I play together, which is so much better then before when I had to play alone. I have come to depend on this man in the short time he has been here. He is lighting up my life simply with his presence. He has something about him...something that is so comforting. He has the ability to make you feel secure and he is alot of fun. A great listener. I don't know what I would do without him right now and that says alot for a many I have only known for only a few days. He has pulled me out of the doldrums of boredom and depression and I now have something to look forward to in my day. I beautiful friendship has been born and things are finally the best they can be for me. Signed, Gina.

Hope and Steve both look at each other after reading the first entry. Steve then says:

Steve: And so it begins.

The scene then freezes on Steve and Hope sitting near each other with diary in hand and then fades to black.



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What an exciting episode. I really like Gina's character and her prescence in Salem. Can't wait to read more.

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