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11/8/07: NOW AND THEN






Hope and Steve are still in the bedroom they were held in. We join them as she is finishing up another diary entry.

Hope: We learn a little bit about each other everyday, which is weird because we don't even know who we are. I don't know what I would do without Patch. He's everything to me right now. He gives me a reason to wake up in the morning. He gives me hope. He's such a nice man. He would do anything for me. He's even offered to help me escape but the plan he came up with called for him to stay behind. I won't do that to him. I know what it's like to be alone here. The days drag and the depression of it all is almost enough to make you want to end it all. Patch showing up here when he did not only saved me from the horrors of being alone in this place but also saved me from myself. I am actually having fun and learning a little about who I may be. It seems I'm very competitive and have a strong drive to succeed. I hope I continue to learn more about myself and, with Patch here, I think I will. He just makes me feel secure and safe. He has made everything ok for me just by being here. He just means so much to me. Signed, Gina.

Steve shakes his head in disbelief, amazed by how quickly "Gina" took to him. Hope nods and turns away. Steve asks what is wrong. Hope says she isn't sure she can do this. They are only through a few entries and the emotional pull of what they are reading is getting to her. Steve reminds her to be strong. He is and he says he will do everything he can to make sure their past doesn't cause them to do something they will regret. Hope thanks him but doesn't think it will be so easy. Steve thinks they should just continue. After a few moments, Hope begins reading the next entry.

Hope: Not much to say today other then Patch has talked me into it. We're going to try to escape. He has this ability to make me believe everything will be ok no matter what. I had to make him promise me that he would change his plan so he could get away with me too and it sounds like he has. If we get out of this place, I will need him more then ever. We are taking a risk but Patch told me it would be ok and, him saying that makes me believe it will. I have come to trust him and believe in him so much. Even if we fail, I don't think I will change how I feel. I can say he at least tried. I just hope nothing goes wrong. I don't know what I would do if anything happened to him because of me and this escape. I just hope it all goes well. Signed, Gina.

Steve thinks for a minute and then says:

Steve: The rescue attempt she is talking about...that must be the one you and I remembered in Italy when we were with Tony and fell into that pit.
Hope: Yeah. One of the times we got caught up in our past feelings...
Steve: Hope, please. You can do this. We can do this. I'm right here fighting along with you. We will get through this and get the answers we need. Now, just keep reading on. The quicker we get through this, the less likely...
Hope: Ok. I get the point. (turns the page) Ok. Here's the next entry. This was a rough day. A scary day and probably the scariest I've had here. Patch could've been killed tonight. Our escape plan was a disaster. We jumped the guard and stole his gun but we didn't even make it past the hallway. We underestimated the security we have here and paid for it. Patch tried to give me a chance to make a run for it but guards were all over. He ended up horribly beaten and we were both then tossed into our room once more...

As Hope continues to read, both Steve and Hope
flashback to that very night being written about in the diary...

We see Patch/Steve's lifeless body thrown into Gina/Hope's room. Gina/Hope races to him as a guard yells out:

Guard: That is what you both get for trying to escape!! Next time, your knight in shining armor will not be so lucky!

Gina/Hope tends to a bruised and bloody Patch/Steve.

Gina/Hope: Oh my God!! What did they do to you? (begins to cry) You were only trying to help me. Your bleeding....your bruised...I just hope nothing is broken.

Gina/Hope goes over to her bed and takes her pillowcase off her pillow. She then takes her glass of water and pours it on the pillowcase, hoping it will be enough to help tend to Patch/Steve's wounds. She returns to Patch/Steve and begins to clean his wounds. She then yells out:

Gina/Hope: Can we please have some help in here? A first aid kit...anything!! Please!! He needs help!!
Guard (from outside): He's not getting any help from me or anyone else. Consider it a lesson for the both of you never to try to escape Maison Blanche again!
Gina/Hope: Damn you!! (looks down at Patch/Steve, wiping tears from her eyes) You have to wake up! Come on (shakes his head). Come on!! Don't do this to me! Without you, I have nothing. Until you arrived, all I had was my thoughts of what was going on outside of this place. Thoughts about who I was and why I was being imprisoned here. I was so empty inside. (crying) No memories...so lonely...and then you came along and...you just made it all better. You gave me someone to talk to. I mean, you understand how I feel. We're both blank slates. We both have no clue who we are. I think that is what connected us. It's remarkable how you and me were able to...connect on so many levels when we're both a couple of lost souls in this world but, I suppose, that is why it happened. We were both lost and maybe it was destiny that we were brought together. All I know is you give me something to wake up to everyday. You make me laugh and bring me so much joy just by listening to me and just by being here. I can't lose you!! WAKE UP!! PLEASE PATCH!!! WAKE UP!!

Gina/Hope grabs on to Patch/Steve's shirt, shaking Patch/Steve, and begins to cry hysterically. Patch/Steve then begins to stir and smiles:

Patch/Steve: Wow...that was deep, Gina.
Gina/Hope: Your awake! (embraces Patch/Steve) Thank God!! How are you feeling?
Patch/Steve: How do you think? (laughs)
Gina/Hope: Sorry. Uh...what hurts the most?
Patch/Steve: Hard to tell.
Gina/Hope: Well, I'm doing my best. The guard refused to give me anything else to help.
Patch/Steve: It's ok. I'll be fine. I just wish I could've kept them at bay long enough for you to get off the grounds.
Gina/Hope: You did your best but there were just too many.
Patch/Steve (shakes his head): No, that wasn't it. You came back. I saw you. You were halfway off the grounds and then...you turned back. You should've never turned back.
Gina/Hope: I had to. I couldn't leave you. They were beating you and...you've done so much for me. Just look at tonight. You were beaten to a pulp trying to help me escape.
Patch/Steve: You've been here for so long, Gina. You've suffered...
Gina/Hope: So have you. I know what it's like to be alone here. Locked up in this room, alone in your own thoughts. How I ever stayed sane...I couldn't do that to you. Since you've been here, you've had me and I don't think you realize how much easier that makes it. Having someone with you...not being alone...I couldn't just leave you here like that. Besides, they would've done something to you for helping me escape.
Patch/Steve: I'm not worried about me. After I overtook the guards and you ran out, you should've just kept going and never looked back.
Gina/Hope: I couldn't. Even if I wanted to, I don't think I would've been able. I care about you too much to leave you here to suffer like I did for so long.
Patch/Steve: Don't worry about me. We'll try this again and, this time, just keep going. I don't want you looking back, Gina.
Gina/Hope: No, I am not leaving you. We're in this together now. If I go, you better be right there beside me. Got it?

The flashback then ends
as as Hope stops reading, wiping tears from her eyes. Steve asks if she is ok. Hope says she thinks they are making a mistake. Steve takes her hand and tells her to go on. After a few moments, Hope looks down at the page and continues. We then flashback once again to that night at Maison Blanche...

Gina/Hope is helping Patch/Steve to her bed.

Gina/Hope: How's the pain?
Patch/Steve: I'm good. Don't worry...argh!!
Gina/Hope: It's still pretty bad and you know it! Lay back, now!! Just lay back and relax!!
Patch/Steve: Yes, ma'am.
Gina/Hope: Maybe I can get some more water from the guard. I would hope he had enough of a heart to give us at least that.
Patch/Steve (grabs Gina/Hope's hand): Gina...I'm fine...as long as your here. I'm fine.
Gina/Hope: I didn't realize I had such an effect on you.
Patch/Steve: Well, I've apparently had an effect on you, too.
Gina/Hope (smiling): You heard everything I said when you were out of it.
Patch/Steve: Most of it...and...I should say (coughs)
Gina/Hope: Just stop! You need your rest.
Patch/Steve: No! I need to say this. You need to know...that I feel...the same way. I don't know what I would do without you, Gina.
Gina/Hope: Either do I. Like I said, your all I have. I don't know who I am or what kind of life I had...
Patch/Steve: I know. Same here. You know, whatever is in my past doesn't matter anymore. I think as long as I have...you...I can deal with anything. I can live life knowing each day will bring some sort of joy because your here with me. By my side...with that smile. Damn, that smile...it just makes everything seem better. All the bad...all the bad feelings...it's like that smile wipes my mind free of all of it.
Gina/Hope (with tears in her eyes): Wow...that was...the nicest thing anyone has ever...
Patch/Steve: Well, that you can remember. (laughs)
Gina/Hope (laughs): Yeah. Well, you get some rest.
Patch/Steve: Gina!
Gina/Hope: Yeah?
Patch/Steve: I thought I told you to stay here.
Gina/Hope: I am. I'm not going anywhere.
Patch/Steve: Well, this is your bed and I won't let you sleep on the floor or on that hard thing over there they call a comfy chair. Come here! (pats the bed)
Gina/Hope: I'm not sure...
Patch/Steve:We'll just sharing a bed. Nothing wrong...with that, at least not that I can remember.
Gina/Hope (laughs): Alright. If it will make you get some rest...
Patch/Steve: Yeah, come here!!

Gina/Hope comes and lays next to Patch/Steve on the bed. She then turns to him and says:

Gina/Hope: This is nice.
Patch/Steve: Yeah. Feels good. Feels...
Gina/Hope: Right.

Patch/Steve and Gina/Hope both look at each other. Patch/Steve then slowly and hesitantly puts his arm around Gina/Hope, who jumps back a bit.

Patch/Steve (pulls his arm back):
I'm sorry. I...
Gina/Hope: No! You know what? It's ok. Hold me. Please, hold me.

Patch/Steve slowly puts his arm around Gina/Hope again as she slowly puts her head on his chest. Gina/Hope then smiles as a feeling of peace seems to come over her.

Gina/Hope: It's so safe and warm in your arms. I feel...so much peace...I feel like things are ok. I don't think I've ever felt like that, not that I can remember anyway.

Patch/Steve smiles and says:

Things will be ok, Gina. We're in this together. As long as we're together, I think it will really be ok.

As Patch/Steve holds Gina/Hope in his arms, the flashback ends
as Hope finishes reading the entry.

Hope: Being in his arms...felt so right. I can't put into words how I felt, actually. It was a strange sensation and one that made me feel like I was on top of the world.

A tearful Hope then turns the page and then looks up at Steve, who takes a tighter hold of her hand and smiles at her. Hope smiles back as the scene shifts to...


Jack, Billie, Alex, Frankie, Stephanie, and Max race through the terminal. Frankie stops max, telling him to calm down. He doesn't want him losing it. Max pushes Frankie away and says he is not going to let Alamain destroy Abby's life and he isn't leaving this to anyone else as that got her in this predicament. That and their deciding not to tell anyone that Fred was Forrest. Max says he needs to do this and tells Frankie to just stay out of his way. Max rushes up ahead. Stephanie tells Frankie to just let him go. Billie asks Jack if he is ok. Jack says he's won't be ok until he finds and saves his daughter.

They all make their way to the transportation area. Jack sees Max jump in a cab and races over but the cab takes off. Frankie hopes Max doesn't go off the deep end. Billie hails another cab while Frankie hails another right behind. Alex gets in the cab with Billie and Jack while Stephanie goes with Frankie and we then see both cabs speed off as the scene shifts to a...


Forrest enters the chapel and asks Dr. Dobbs if everything is set to go. Dr. Dobbs nods. Forrest says that's good and adds that they need to do this quickly. Just then. Miranda walks in and asks why that is. Forrest asks what she is doing there. Miranda says she came to stop him from making a huge mistake.

Meanwhile, in the bridal room, Abby lies on the couch and dreams of a mystery man on a white horse bursting into the chapel, sweeping her off her feet, and taking her away. While on the horse, Abby thanks her knight in shining armor only to learn it's Max!! Abby quickly wakes up, wondering why she would have a dream like that about Max. That hasn't happened since their falling out. Abby then sees the wedding dress all set to go and caresses it with her hand. She then says it seems she has to do this. There are no other choices. Abby gets up, after struggling a bit to get to her feet, and then picks up the dress, saying it's time to get ready. The scene then shifts back to...


The smiles have dissipated and Hope and Steve now have their eyes locked on each other. After a few moments, Hope finally looks down, pulls her hand away from Steve's, and starts to wipe her tears off her face. Steve tells Hope to go ahead and continue. Hope tells Steve that she feels like, if she does, she won't be able to resist what she is feeling. Steve takes her again tightly and tells her that he is right there with her. They lock eyes again. Steve tells her to continue. The quicker they work through this, the better. Hope takes a deep breath and then begins reading the next entry as the scene shifts back to the...


Forrest tells Miranda nothing she can say is going to stop him. He tells her that Lawrence will back off after this. Abby will be an Alamain and he will honor that. Miranda says that doesn't mean he won't go after everyone else. Forrest says that Lawrence's whole plan hinges on marrying Abby. Forrest adds that Lawrence won't accept losing to the brother he felt was inferior to him their whole lives. He will consider himself a failure and will be humiliated. Miranda tells him that Lawrence is not in the same state he would normally be in. He has nothing to lose. Carly left him after learning what he did to Steve. Miranda thinks that makes him dangerous.

Forrest is silent. Miranda says he clearly didn't think of that. Forrest says he is marrying Abby. Miranda asks if this is really about stopping Lawrence and protecting Abby and the others or if it's about Abby's resemblance to Sylvia. Forrest turns around and strongly denies that being the case. Dr. Dobbs backs him up, saying Forrest really wants to complete the mission. Miranda tells him that marrying Abby won't do anything but infuriate his brother even more. Miranda's eyes then light up as she says she realizes what he is trying to do now. Miranda asks if Forrest is using this wedding to draw Lawrence out of hiding. Forrest doesn't answer. Miranda nods and says it looks like she has her answer.

Forrest tells her that is one of the reasons and the others are what he mentioned. He then tells her to back off. The wedding is due to begin and nothing is stopping it. Miranda rolls her eyes. Just then, Jack comes running in and tells Forrest not to count on it. Jack runs directly over to Forrest, picks him up by the shirt collar, and pushes him forcefully against the wall, telling him the days of him playing games with his daughter are over. Alex, Billie, Frankie, and Stephanie then enter a short distance behind as Miranda tells Forrest it looks like the wedding is off.

Meanwhile, in the bridal room, Abby is now in her wedding dress. The dress is a simple, strapless, white gown with no veil. She picks up her bouquet and leans on her cane, saying:

Abby: Here we go.

The scene then shifts to...


Hope is finishing up reading another diary entry.

Hope: We keep avoiding talking about that night. I just can't bring myself to ask or mention anything. I'm afraid of what will happen. It's been a few days now but the awkwardness is still there. Something has changed. I care about him more then ever but the feelings I have for him seem...stronger. They're beyond what I thought they were. I know I should mention it and see if this has affected him the same way. It seemed to that night but he was in pain and a bit out of it. I don't want to lose him as my friend. My confidante. My lifeline. Thinking about it now, I guess he has always been much more to me then I realize. Something is still different now...since that night he got hurt. I guess that night has changed everything and I keep realizing that more and more everyday.

Hope turns the page as Steve tells her to go on. Hope looks up, giving a look that suggests once again she doesn't want to. Steve nods and gives her a look of encouragement. Hope then looks down and begins the next entry.

Hope: Today was a huge day. Patch and I have been dancing around the issue of what happened the night he was beaten during our escape attempt but, tonight, that all changed. I had asked a guard for some new music to listen to and he denied me that. He taunted me and Patch came to my defense. The guard was new as other guards were a bit more lenient and getting us things to entertain us. Patch knew I was upset about the situation so he convinced another guard to get me some music. I ended up with many different kinds. Classical, jazz, rock...it was wonderful. He is wonderful. It was an unusually cold day too so we had to use the fireplace in the room. I guess that is one of the few benefits we have in this room. Patch put some soothing music on and we both laughed because it had a romantic feel to it. We sat by the fireplace and drank the warm the champagne one of the more pleasant guards had given us that was nearly tossed in the trash. Even with the fireplace, I still found myself cold. Patch put a blanket around me and we got to our usual talking. We ended up a bit tired out and we somehow fell asleep in each other's arms. I don't know how long we were out but it could not have been wrong. When we woke up, something overcame both of us. The music, the fireplace, being next to each other, the champagne...whatever it was...it sure was overpowering.
Steve: Wow...
Hope: I suddenly felt this connection between us. It wasn't the same one we have had all along. It was strong. Overwhelming. We were looking deep into each other's eyes and then he told me something he usually only told me in some sort of joking way. He told me I was beautiful. The most beautiful woman that he has ever seen...or, that he could remember anyway. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I began to melt and, soon, we were moving closer and closer as the wonderful, soft music played and the fire continued to warm us. We were looking into each other's eyes once again and I'm not even sure we both realized what we were doing until we ended up in each other's arms and began to kiss. It was a slow, passionate kiss that left me floating on air. I couldn't feel my feet on the ground. It was an unbelievable feeling. As soon as we broke from the kiss and looked into each other's eyes once again, I knew I needed to feel his lips on mine again. I knew I needed his arms around me and his body next to mine. I leaned in and kissed him again.
Steve: I never thought it was...
Hope: What?
Steve (wiping the sweat from his brow): Nothing. Keep going.
Hope: We ended up on the floor and things were reaching a whole new level until something hit me and I realized what was going on. I got up and said that we needed to stop. I didn't want to push him away or overstep at all. I knew what I was feeling felt good but was it right? He asked me what was going on and I didn't answer. I just told Patch I thought we may have made a mistake. He said ok and apologized for his role. I did the same and said we share the blame. It seemed like it was handled simply but it wasn't over. I think he knew it wasn't and I certainly didn't think it was. I think we both were afraid of what was next because we both knew this was no fluke anymore. We both realized something bigger was going on between us then we thought and, tonight, I think we both realized that we feel the same way. Whether not we still dance around the issue, I don't know. I will see tomorrow as Patch has fallen asleep on the floor so I will have to wait until morning to see what happens next. At least I know there are no mixed signals and he feels what I feel. I can't be wrong about that. Things have changed between us and tonight showed that for sure. We can't deny it anymore and what will happen now is anyone's guess.

Hope turns the page and her and Steve then look each other. Hope notices Steve clenching his fist and sweating and asks if he is ok. Steve nods. After a few moments, Hope reaches out and now takes Steve's hands. He look at her and smiles. She smiles back. He tells her she needs to keep going. They need to finish this. Hope looks down at the diary and then back at Steve as the scene fades back to...


Jack orders Forrest to tell him where Abby is. Forrest tells Jack to calm down. Miranda and Dr. Dobbs try to pull Jack off of Forrest with Billie and Frankie's help. Miranda tells Forrest he better explain everything to these people. She hates that everything must be revealed to them but she thinks they have no choice. Abby already knows anyway. Forrest tells Jack to let go of him and he will tell him everything. Jack lets go and says he better and then says to make it fast. Miranda reiterates that and tells Forrest to go ahead before he ends up in a full body cast. Forrest nods and says he will tell them everything they want to know.

Meanwhile, Abby takes a deep breath and tells herself she can do this. Just then, the door behind her opens. Abby then yells out, thinking Forrest is there, that she doesn't think they need any bad luck so he shouldn't see her before the wedding, even if this wedding isn't the normal type of wedding. She then hears a voice that shocks her.

Max: I'm not Forrest and, might I say, you look beautiful.

Abby turns around and is shocked to see Max.

Abby: What are you...
Max: I'm here to stop you from making a big mistake. I'm here to save you.

Abby and Max lock eyes as the scene freezes on a split screen of each of their faces and then fades to black.




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Go Max fight for the one you love. I love seeing a DAYS wedding disrupted. Well I guess that goes for any soap operas in general. It was very interesting to see Hope/Gina had a past relationship with Patch. Did not see that one coming.

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I really liked seeing the Gina/Patch relationship fleshed out. I love Hope and Steve together.

Why is Alex even on the search for Abby? The woman who raised him just died. It doesn't seem like he cares. It was just brought up that she may have been s twin (I won't even go there) but wouldn't he want to find out who the woman who was raised him is before racing across the country? To me it doesn't make sense.

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I really liked seeing the Gina/Patch relationship fleshed out. I love Hope and Steve together.

Why is Alex even on the search for Abby? The woman who raised him just died. It doesn't seem like he cares. It was just brought up that she may have been s twin (I won't even go there) but wouldn't he want to find out who the woman who was raised him is before racing across the country? To me it doesn't make sense.

He basically went just to go because Jack had went. He didn't want to stay back as he has nothing else. Plus, he needs to be with Jack when they get word about the tests. He made it clear before that he wanted to be part of a family so this is his way of doing that. The fact that he has hope his real mother is alive is another thing. In his mind, if there was a switch or an impostor, he doesn't know how long that was the case or whatever so he isn't exactly in mourning yet.

The Elizabeth thing will see some answers given today that we are sure will interest everyone and, hopefully, will make this better in everyone's eyes.

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