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11/6/07: TAILSPIN PART 2






Steve comes back in to Hope's room, apologizing for having to leave. Kayla was paged so he had to say goodbye to her. He says that Bo wanted to pass a message on to her that he had to handle some things at the station. He then tells her he wants to get back to what they were discussing and asks what changed her mind. Hope says it was nearly losing her life at Myers' hand. Her life flashed before her eyes and she realized she was still had some blanks. She thinks if she had died she would never rest in peace because of those missing pieces of her past. It would be like unfinished business.

Hope then adds that they need to think about Chelsea as well. They are just assuming they went through with making love so, therefore, they don't know that he is her father. Steve agrees but reminds her of her worry about the feelings between them that may come to the surface. Hope says she is scared about that but she knows now she has to just be strong and hope they don't become a problem. She tells Steve she needs to do this and she knows that now.

Steve notes that she seems sure of this. Hope nods. Steve says he is happy to hear it and promises to do what he can to be strong and to not let any past feelings between them get in the way. Hope promises the same. He then reminds Hope of the security they faced at Maison Blanche the last time and says it will impossible to get in. Hope agrees and then, after a few moments, says she has an idea and tells Steve to help her to Tony's room. The scene then shifts to...

Cassie by Tony's bedside, telling him how grateful she is that he is going to be ok. Tony is touched by her concern and tells Cassie that she shouldn't have come. It's still not for sure that Salem is safe. Cassie tells Tony that Salem isn't safe with or without Myers as Orpheus and Victor are still around. Tony mentions Stefano too. Cassie tells Tony that she doesn't want to argue. She is just happy he is alright.

Tony smiles, telling her how proud he is to have a the most beautiful, caring daughter a man could have. Cassie thinks there are better daughters out there but Tony shakes his head, saying she is the only one that counts in his book. They then embrace as Tony says he loves her. Cassie says she loves him too. The scene then shifts too...

The morgue, where Jack is talking with the medical examiner, who tells him he just called downstairs and they will run the tests needed to determine whether his theory may be right. The medical examiner tells Jack he still doesn't understand why he made the woman take his son out of the room. Jack says he didn't want Alex to get his hopes up, in case he is wrong. Jack then says he doesn't think he is wrong. The medical examiner can't believe Jack remembered a birthmark.

Jack: Elizabeth and I were in love. We were together for awhile. I remember noticing the birthmark on her shoulder one night and asking her about. She said she hated it. She wanted everything about her to be perfect and found the birthmark distracting, especially when her arms were exposed. When I was looking at the body earlier and didn't see the birthmark, it hit me. It hit me on more then the surface. It hit me inside. I know this isn't Elizabeth.
Medical Examiner: She could have done something to remove the mark or to cover it up. I mean, you admitted a few seconds ago you could be wrong.
Jack: I know. I just believe I'm not. If something were covering it up, we would notice it, I would think. I don't think she would have it removed either. Elizabeth was petrified of hospitals and everything associated with them. This isn't her. I can't believe I didn't pick up on it sooner.
Medical Examiner: Well, we will run the necessary tests to determine who she is for sure. You said her sister was identical to her so this may come down to dental records.

Jack nods, saying:

Jack: They were identical. Bridget was her sister's name. When Elizabeth and I were together, Bridget had already been ostricized from her family. They had a major falling out and she was the black sheep. Elizabeth always felt bad for her, thinking she was the reason for all the trouble because Bridget always felt their parents favored Elizabeth.
Medical Examiner: So, your thinking her sister took over her life for revenge?
Jack: I don't know. All I know is I don't believe in my heart that this is Elizabeth and we need proof to give us the answers we need as soon as possible.
Medical Examiner: We''ll do our best.

Meanwhile, outside the morgue, Alex nervously walks the hall, wondering what is going on. Billie is on her cell, trying to reach Abby. Billie doesn't understand why Abby isn't answering. Alex asks her what she thinks is going on in there. Billie says she has no clue. Jack then comes out. Alex asks him what is going on. Jack tells him to calm down and, realizing he has no choice but to tell him, warns him that he can't get his hopes up. Alex promises not to. Jack then fills him and Billie in on the birthmark and his belief that the dead woman in there is not Elizabeth but, rather, her sister Bridget.

Alex and Billie are stunned. Alex says it's hard to believe the woman that has been raising him could be his aunt. He then asks how long this may have been going on. Jack tells Alex not to put the horse before the carriage, saying they have to wait until they are sure before speculating. Jack says it does make sense, especially given what Billie has been saying about her scheming and plotting to cause trouble. Billie is shocked to hear Jack say that and says:

Wait, now you believe what I've been telling you? After all those times I tried to convince you, now you beleive me? When the woman is dead and you realize it may not be your past lover?
Jack: Billie...
Billie: So, let me see if I'm understanding this. Because you now think this woman isn't Elizabeth, you finally believe what I've been telling you for weeks? Makes me think you bought what I was saying all along but just didn't want to acknowledge it or deal with it because it was your beloved Elizabeth. Now that it may not be her, lo and behold, you acknowledge I was right.
Jack: Calm down, Billie!!
Billie: No!! This is making me sick, Jack. Damnit! I don't know even know what to say to you.
Jack: Ok, would you just shut up for a second?
Billie: Don't tell me to...
Jack: What are you upset that it might not be Elizabeth? I mean, right before this Myers thing you did say you wanted Elizabeth to disappear from our lives. You thought you got your wish, didn't you?
Billie: How dare you accuse me of wanting someone dead. I was angry when I said all that, Jack. I would never wish such ill will on someone.
Jack: Look, I don't want to do this right now. The tests should be back tomorrow and then we'll know for sure.
Billie: Sure. In the meantime, why don't you try calling your daughter? I've been trying for hours and nothing. I tried the number Forrest and Dr. Dobbs gave us and Abby's cell. Nothing. She needs to know we are all ok before she hears about all this and panics.
Jack: I wouldn't worry. I will keep trying to call her. I'm sure she is napping or away from the phone or something.
Billie: Or something could be wrong. Usually your the one considering that possibility.
Jack: I don't want to think negatively. There has been enough of that lately.

Billie nods in agreement as Jack tells Alex he can stay with him at the house tonight. Jack adds that they will have to call a cab since his car is blocked in my emergency personnel. Billie says she will give them a lift. Jack says she doesn't have to but Billie insists, promising she won't start anything. Jack thanks her and motions to Alex to come on. Jack and Alex walk off as Billie looks once more into the morgue and wonders what will happen to her and Jack if that isn't Elizabeth in there.


Abby is shocked by Forrest's request and asks how marrying him would solve the problem. Forrest tells her that her marrying him would prevent Lawrence from marrying her, thereby preventing him from using her as a way of getting revenge on his enemies and her loves ones. Abby notes that she can just marry anyone. Forrest says that marrying him means she is an Alamain. Lawrence may see him as inferior but the family name and the honor and legacy that goes with it means alot to him. He will see you as an Alamain and you will be off limits. My father always told him that family was family and that you never hurt or permanently dispose of family. That is why they both only faked my death and didn't kill me.

Forrest also notes to her that if she is married to him, Lawrence will back off and will be humiliated that he beat him, especially so since he would've caused him to fail in accomplishing his plots for revenge. Abby isn't so sure. Forrest tells her he knows his brother and reminds Abby of her promise to trust in him and to do whatever it takes, He reminds her that this isn't just for her but is also for her loved ones as well. After a few moments, Abby asks if he is sure this is the only way. Forrest nods, saying he doesn't think there is anything else that would be as effective.

After hearing Forrest say that, Abby reluctantly agrees. A pleased Forrest tells her that he will make it as easy on her as possible. He then says they will leave right away. Abby says that she will have to go and get ready then. She wheels off as Forrest then tells Dr. Dobbs to prepare to leave for Vegas. It's the only place nearby that is quick enough to get this done. Dr. Dobbs says he will and that he will tell the housekeeper so she can look over his home. He leaves as Forrest says Miranda and alot of others won't be happy about this but there is no other way. The scene then shifts back to...

Tony's room, where he is lying with his eyes closed. He begins to stir upon hearing someone enter the room. He is shocked to see Anna standing above him and asks what she is doing there. Anna tells him she came to the hospital to check on everyone after being forced into a safehouse last night. She heard about his being injured and had to come make sure he was ok. Tony smiles and says he knew she still cared. Anna tells him of course she does. She always will, even if they aren't together.

Tony tells Anna that, just like that night at Orpheus's restaurant, her coming to see him proves that they aren't over. Anna doesn't think that now is the best time to get into all that and thinks it may be best for her to leave. Tony grabs her arm and begs her to stay and not run away from what is between them anymore. Anna tearfully tells Tony she can't go there with him again. She wouldn't be able to take it if he hurt her again or if she hurt him. She tells him they just have too many issues. Tony tells her they can resolve them.

Anna pushes herself away from Tony and tells him she is glad he is ok and that she hopes he feels better. She then bids him goodbye and walks out as Tony says out loud that Anna needs to stop trying to lie to him and herself. Steve then comes in wheeling Hope in a wheelchair. Hope tells Tony she hopes they aren't disturbing him and asks how he is feeling. Tony says it's fine and that he's fine. Hope tells him she knows it's bad timing but they need his help. The scene then shifts to...

Outside Greta's hospital room as Cassie is walking by. She glances at it and stops. She looks in and sees Greta lying in bed. Cassie recalls the hit and run and worries that, with Greta awake, her time is up and Greta will put her away. Lincoln then shows up and tells Cassie he has been looking for her. Stefano sent him to make sure she got home ok. Cassie apologizes and says she is fine and was on her way home anyway. Lincoln tells her he will escort her. Cassie says she doesn't need him but Lincoln insists, on Stefano's orders. Cassie says ok and Lincoln motions to her to come with him. As they begin to leave, a worried Cassie looks back at Greta's room as the scene shifts to...

Tony's room once again as he is telling Steve and Hope that the security around Maison Blanche will be tough but there is a passageway under the mansion grounds he can direct them too. They may still encounter guards but not nearly as many and may be able to find ways to avoid them. Hope tells him that would be great. Steve then mentions how they will deal with security if they should make it into the mansion. Tony tells them it all depends and says they can call him at anytime and he can see what he can do upon hearing what they are dealing with.

Steve and Hope both thank him. Tony reminds them he owes them for all their help when they accompanied him on his journey and says they did have a deal. Hope says she hates to lay this all on him right now with his injuries and all. Tony says it's fine and assures them both he is fine once again. Steve then wonders what they will do about Kayla and Bo. They promised them they wouldn't do this again. Hope adds that they really should leave right away too. Tony tells them both to leave all that to him. He has a plan. Hope embraces Tony as Steve shakes his hand, thanking him for all his help. Tony says it's no problem. They are his friends and they made a deal, one he plans to hold to. The scene then shifts to...

Outside Elma's room as Abe ushers Lucas, Will, and Joelle out of the room. Abe tells them the scene is still being surveyed. Joelle reminds Abe her mother died in there. Abe says he knows she is upset. Joelle tells him to just leave as he is worthless anyway,. She then adds:

Joelle: You and your Salem PD...not to mention your superiors...you better believe I will be looking into all this to see if I have grounds to sue your asses. I'm sure your going to get alot of that and, rightfully so.
Abe: Joelle...
Joelle: I told you to go!!
Abe: I'm not leaving you like this. Not with Lucas and Will.
Joelle: Well, if your going to stay, why don't you arrest Lucas for my mother's murder since his stubbornness is why she is dead. I offered you a settlement and you turned me down, acting all proud of yourself doing it. My mother could've been moved but, instead, she's dead and it's your fault, Lucas!!
Lucas: There is no way your mother would've been moved so quick. Your not thinking, Joelle. Our meeting was yesterday and there is no way we could've found a rehab center and moved her that quickly.
Joelle (turns around and whispers):Why couldn't you just give in? Why did you have to fight me?
Lucas: What was that?
Joelle: Nothing. My mother is dead. What am I going to tell my son?
Lucas: I'm sorry for your loss. Really, I am. I know how much you loved her.
Abe: As I said, Joelle, I'm sorry too.
Joelle: You know what? LEAVE!!! All of you!! Now!!

Abe tells Lucas and Will they should go and ushers them away while Joelle yells out that they will pay. Her mother's death is on their hands and the hands of those associated with them. Once they move a short distance down the hall, Lucas tells Abe and Will that Elma's death looks like it has driven Joelle over the edge. He is afraid of what she might do. Abe says he can see why and warns Lucas to be careful and to tell his loved ones to be careful too. A worried Lucas and Will look at each other, fear evident in both their eyes.

Meanwhile, Joelle looks into her mother's room and then up at the heavens above, promising her mother that those responsible will pay for this, especially Lucas Horton.

Before this was just about giving us a better life but not no more. It's about much more then that now. Now I want to punish those responsible for me losing you. I want to destroy Lucas Horton and make sure he has nothing! NOTHING!! (pounds fist into the wall)

An enraged Joelle then turns around, clutching her hand which now seems to hurt after pounding the wall, and says she needs to talk to Patricia to let her know what is going on. She then angrily walks off as the scene shifts too...

The ER, where an enraged Alyson is demanding that Nicole give her back Samuel. Caroline is walking by and says she has been looking all over for Alyson. She asks what happened. Alyson tells Caroline that Nicole tried to snatch her baby again. Nicole denies that, saying she was only holding him. She admits that's all she was doing the last time too. She just wandered too far. Alyson reminds Nicole she ran off with the child. Nicole says Eric would want Samuel with her, especially after she lost Evan. She is the love of his life and she is convinced that is why Alyson and Jean brought him to Salem. It was Eric's gift to her.

Alyson thinks she is delusional. The nurse comes back with the other nurse and asks what is going on. Alyson fills them in. The nurse apologizes, saying she thought Nicole was the child's mother and then looks at Nicole, saying she knew something was off. The other nurse says that Alyson is the real mother and demands Nicole give the child back. Alyson then screams for security. Nicole tells Alyson there is no need for that. Alyson says she thinks there is. Two security guards arrive and ask what is wrong. Alyson fills them in and orders them to get the baby from Nicole and to give it back to her.

The guards order Nicole to give up the child and she complies. Alyson tells Caroline to take him and then walks closer to Nicole, saying:

Alyson: I was lenient before but not anymore. I gave you a chance when practically everyone was warning me not to, telling me you would call my bluff. Oh, how right they were. I've been nice for too long. I've held back for too long with you...with everyone!!
Nicole: What is this? Is someone growing a spine?
Alyson (moving closer to Nicole): You listen to me, you guttersnipe. I won't be your doormat anymore. Nor will I be anyone else's. The day of you intimidating me and thinking you can do whatever you damn well please is over. Samuel is my son. Mine and Eric's. I gave you a chance to back off and you ignored it. Now you pay the price.
Nicole (laughing): Really? What price?
Alyson: This!

Alyson then hauls back and slaps Nicole, sending her to the floor.


Alyson then moves to attack Nicole further but the guards pull her away. One guard goes over to Nicole while another holds Alyson back. Alyson tells Nicole there is more where that came from. She has kept her anger all bottled up inside but no more. She is not going to stand by and be weak nor will she be a victim. She tells Nicole defiantly:

Alyson: I'm not taking your [!@#$%^&*] anymore and I hope no one else does either.
Guard#1: I assume your pressing charges?
Alyson: Yes. This time she isn't getting off the hook. Not like the last time. I don't do third chances, at least not anymore.
Nicole (as the guard begins to pull her away): We can talk about this, Alyson.
Alyson: No, we can't. You also better believe I will be getting a restraining order too. Your done, Nicole. I'm done. With you.

The two guards drag Nicole away as she yells out that Alyson can't do this and that she will pay for this. Alyson takes Samuel from Caroline and holds him, saying:

Alyson: I won't lose you, too. I will do whatever it takes from now on to make sure that Nicole, nor anyone else, takes you away from me. That I promise you, my sweet boy.

The scene then freezes on Alyson holding Samuel,rocking him back and forth to comfort him, and then fades to black.




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I love the Hope and Steve scenes, I think they are so hot together and I definately want to see them explore their past together.

Thank you for having Alyson grow a backbone. Nicole should be arrested and have a restraining order against her. Loved that she hauled off on her.

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Forgive me if this sounds rude.....

Since when did Elizabeth have a sister? And why are we just now hearing about this? I hope that Elizabeth's death isn't going to be cheapened by the sudden appearance of a "twin." That's a Reilly move.....

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Forgive me if this sounds rude.....

Since when did Elizabeth have a sister? And why are we just now hearing about this? I hope that Elizabeth's death isn't going to be cheapened by the sudden appearance of a "twin." That's a Reilly move.....

Not rude at all :) .

It was mentioned on her first episode but only in passing. We threw it out there as a hint.

Nothing will be cheapened. The story is developing and the death still means alot to the story, without a doubt.

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