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11/5/07: TAILSPIN






Dr. Dobbs is working with Abby on walking with a cane, telling her she is making great progress and should be walking on her own soon, especially as she can now stand on her own. Abby thanks him for all his hard work and says it's the treatment that is doing it. Dr. Dobbs smiles and says that most of the praise should go to her for her drive to overcome this.

Meanwhile, Forrest is on the phone with Miranda, who tells him she has bad news. She says that Lawrence is on the move and closing in. Forrest says that means they must do something before he implements his plans. Miranda reminds Forrest that they weren't counting on this so they will have to come up with something. She asks if he has any ideas. Forrest looks around the room as he thinks. After a few moments, he looks down at a newspaper and becomes fixated on something, telling Miranda he has an idea but he needs to act fast. He tells her that he will explain later. Miranda reminds him they are partners but he hangs up as she is talking.

Forrest goes over to Dr. Dobbs and Abby and tells them he needs to speak with Dr. Dobbs. Dr. Dobbs excuses himself and tells Abby to take a break. Dr. Dobbs asks what is going on. Forrest tells him Lawrence is closing in and that something needs to be done to protect Abby, her loved ones, and all of Lawrence's enemies. Dr. Dobbs asks what he plans to do. Forrest says he will do what he must and then says he has to go ask Abby an important question.


Maintenance and construction workers are being accompanied around the building with police officers and National Guardsmen as Salem begin to pick up the pieces after the events of Halloween night. Lucas is racing through the second floor hallways and runs over to Abe, telling him he has been looking for him. Abe asks if everything is ok. Lucas says that he can't find Will. He was supposed to be at a friends house but he changed his mind and decided to come home. Lucas tells Abe he went home and searched the area and all of Will's usual hangouts and found nothing.

Abe tells Lucas to calm down and that he will radio his men to see if Will has been picked up. Lucas thanks him and says that he can't lose his on. Not after losing Sami. Abe tells him he will do what he can and then walks off, leaving behind a worried Lucas. The scene then shifts to...

A second floor waiting area as Jack and Alex get off an elevator. Jack tells Alex that his mother should be around somewhere as those put in safehouses are all being brought to the hospital to meet with their loved ones. Billie, who is sitting and reading a magazine, sees Jack and Alex and walks over to them, saying she has been waiting for them.

Jack embraces Billie, telling her that he is glad she is ok. He admits he was worried when he couldn't reach her last night after they last saw each other. Billie tells him she tried reaching him too. Jack tells her that he must not have heard the ring or something with all the commotion as him and Alex were stuck on the first floor with a good deal of people. Billie nods and Alex then asks if she has seen his mother. Billie hesitates and then looks down before looking back up again. Jack asks what is wrong, saying he knows when she has that look that something has happened.

Billie tells Jack and Alex that she is sorry but she has bad news. She tells them that after they put her in her car last night and she took off, she came across a dead body lying in the street on Rt. 14. Alex begins to shake his head in denial as Jack's face turns as white as a sheet. Billie says the body was Elizabeth's and that she is dead. She tells them both Myers got to her and snapped her neck. She tells them she is really sorry. Alex doesn't believe his mother is dead and says he will need to see it for himself. Billie says her body is in the morgue and someone does need to ID it. Alex moves to leave but Jack stops him, saying this is too much for him.

Alex is stunned that Jack believes she is gone. Jack says that Billie wouldn't lie about this. Alex tells Jack that he needs to see for himself. Jack, realizing he can't talk his son out of this, says he will go with him then. Alex agrees and they both walk off as Billie follows a short distance behind.

Hope's hospital room, where Doug is visiting her and saying how thankful he is that she is ok. Hope thanks him. Bo says she is a lucky girl but that she also needs her rest. Hope says she feels fine but Bo insists. Doug tells Hope that Bo is right. He kisses her on the cheek and says he will give her a call to check on her. Hope thanks him. Bo says he will walk him out and tells Hope once again to rest. Hope tells Bo she heard him and to lay off. Bo tells her that he is only saying it because he cares. Hope smiles as Bo smiles back before leaving with Doug and joining Kayla, Steve, and Caroline in the hallway. While alone, Hope sighs deeply and tells herself what happened to her happened for a reason and was a sign. A sign she can't ignore. The scene then shifts to...

Another side of the hospital where Frankie is racing down the halls. He then turns a corner and bursts in to Greta's room. Frankie is shocked when he sees Victor sitting right by her. Greta is overjoyed that Frankie is ok. Frankie says he is happy to see that she is too. Victor tells Frankie that his first order of business was to check on his daughter and, as usual, she was only worried about everyone else but herself. Frankie smiles, saying that's her alright.

Greta tells them both she saw what was happening on the news and was so worried. Victor tells her they were worried about her with Myers running loose in the hospital. Greta is touched by the concern of both of them and says it means alot. Victor tells her he is sick of these close calls and that he can't lose her, not when they are just getting a chance at a father/daughter relationship. Greta assures him and Frankie that she isn't going anywhere. She then laughs and says she is here for the long haul. Frankie smiles as Victor smiles and says that is good to hear. The scene then shifts to...

The ER, where Nicole is exiting a cubicle after having a gash on her head taken care of. Julie races by but notices Nicole and asks what happened to her. Nicole says that a bunch of people pushed her when the National Guard was forcing everyone into a safehouse. She says the people were in a panic and were shoving and she ended up getting knocked over and couldn't get the gash on her head taken care of until morning. Nicole admits she didn't even want to go to the hospital but a Guardsman insisted.

Julie nods her head and says that it sounds like she had an eventful night. She then says she has to go and races off as Nicole yells out a thank you to her for pretending to care. Nicole then turns to leave but is shocked to see a nurse carrying baby Samuel out of the ER. She overhears a nurse telling another nurse at the front desk to keep an eye on him as she will be right back to take him back to his mother. The nurse agrees as Nicole slowly walks closer like a moth to a flame, her eyes never moving off of Samuel.

Nicole goes up to the front desk and tells the nurse that she is the child's mother. The nurse asks for ID. Nicole says that the nurse who took care of him knew what she looked like and who she was. She tells the nurse she will wait right where she is so that the nurse can page the nurse who cared for Samuel so there are know issues. The nurse thinks for a few moments and tells Nicole she is watching her. Nicole smiles and nods. She then picks Samuel up in her arms and turns around, saying:

Nicole (looking at Samuel): Oh...you look so much like daddy. You have his eyes and that adorable nose of his. You should be with me and not some floozy your daddy took for a ride one night. Your daddy would want me to raise you. (rocks Samuel) Yes, he would. I'm the love of his life, afterall. It would make him happy and he knows it would make me happy. It would be perfect.

Nicole continues to talk to Samuel and rock him back and forth as the nurses watches and calls for the other nurse to return as the scene shifts to...

Alyson, who is sitting at Jean's bedside. Rich walks in and advises Alyson to go home and get some sleep. Alyson says she isn't leaving her mother. Rich reminds her that she is in a coma and won't be waking up anytime soon. Alyson asks for assurance that she will wake up. Rich says he is hopeful but there are never no guarantees. Alyson begins to break down, recalling how one of their last conversations was an argument over her being too controlling.

A teary-eyed Alyson asks Jean why she didn't listen to her about coming to Salem. Being there has been nothing but trouble for them. Rich then quietly sneaks out. Alyson wishes she could do something to help, admitting she feels helpless right now. She then asks if Jean would like to have a visit with her grandson. She knows she can hear them, even in a coma. She tells Jean she will be right back with Samuel.

As she exits the room, she bumps into Abe, who asks about her mother. Alyson tells him she is in a coma and there are no guarantees of her waking up or even surviving. Abe apologizes. Alyson lashes out and says:

Alyson: An apology won't do [!@#$%^&*]! You and the PD are responsible for this. This whole Myers thing was a can of worms opened by you and that damn justice system of yours and...
Abe: Alyson, I know your upset...
Alyson: I'm past that and you better believe I will be hiring an attorney to look into all this. Goes to show you not even putting a person away can stop them nowadays.
Abe: I am really sorry for what happened to your mother and to you last night.
Alyson: I appreciate the sentiment but that all sounds hollow to me. Maybe I'm just too heated or something.
Abe: I understand where your coming from completely.
Alyson: Well, good. I have to go. You will be hearing from me and a lawyer. Tell those higher ups of yours that for me.

Alyson walks off as Lucas catches up to Abe and asks if he has found anything. Abe says nothing yet. Lucas admits to Abe he is very worried that something may have happened to Will. The scene then shifts to...


Orpheus carries Sami back into her room and tells one of his men to make sure her medical needs are taken care of. The man asks Orpheus about the cuts and bruises he sustained and Orpheus says he will be fine and that it can wait. He has things to think about and tells the henchman to make it known that he is not to be disturbed unless it's an emergency. The henchman nods his head in agreement as Orpheus leaves, taking a deep breath and saying:

Orpheus: Damn. What a night.

The scene then shifts back to...


Marlena is by Roman's side as the injuries he sustained at the Pub are tended to. Marlena advises Roman to take it easy for the time being. Roman tells her he can't and that the Micheal Myers incident has made him more determined then ever to protect his family and Salem. A frustrated Marlena tells Roman to rejoin the force and to stop acting like he needs to do this himself. Roman says the force only limits what he can do. He tells Marlena he knows what he is doing and that it's only a matter of time before Stefano or Orpheus strike again.

Marlena wonders why he didn't lump Myers in there. Roman reminds her that Stefano and Orpheus are the more immediate danger but that he also worries about Myers. Marlena reminds him that his family needs him and that the approach he is taking is only making things worse. Roman tells Marlena she is wasting her breath once again and that he is doing this his way. An angry Marlena throws his leather jacket at him and says to him:

Marlena: Fine. Do what you want. Just know that you ending up in a body bag will do nothing to help your family or Salem. I can't believe your don't see how wrong you are.
Roman: I love you, doc.
Marlena: Ugh. I'm going to call Belle.
Roman: So, your not leaving me alone here? Coming back, eh?
Marlena: I'm your wife. The dressings on those wounds need to be changed daily. Of course, I'm not leaving you right now. I need to make sure your ass goes right home and stays there until you recuperate properly.
Roman: I have things that have to be done.
Marlena: This is non-negotiable. In order for your injuries to heal completely, you need to rest and recuperate. No arguments. As for your determination to continue with this vigilante justice of yours, we'll discuss that later.
Roman: We just discussed it and have been discussing it for weeks. Nothing is changing, doc. I'll rest and let my injuries heal but, once I see that I'm good to go, nothing is stopping me from doing what I have to, ok?
Marlena: I have to go call Belle and tell her to come home. I'll be back.

A frustrated Marlena walks away as Roman says that he is sorry it has to be this way but he needs to protect the people he loves, no matter what the cost. Meanwhile, Marlena calls Belle, who asks how Roman is. Marlena says he is stubborn as usual but tells Belle he will be held back a bit by his injuries. Belle thinks that is a blessing. Marlena agrees but warns that nothing will stop him once he is recuperated completely. The scene then shifts to...

Stefano and Cassie walking down a hallway. Stefano tells Cassie he is so pleased that she is ok and that Alexandra was forced into a safehouse last night. He says he is thankful they all made it. Cassie says she is too, especially after the close call with Myers last night. She tells Stefano she is glad to be finally getting out of the hospital. It feels like forever. Stefano says he can imagine. Cassie asks if her father is still there. Stefano nods, saying he is still being treated for his injuries.

Cassie asks if it would be ok if she sticks around to visit him and meets him back at home. Stefano says that is fine if that is what she wants. Cassie nods. Stefano embraces her and kisses her on the forehead, saying he will see her at home and to be careful. He tells her that he will send a driver to wait for her outside to take her home. Cassie thanks him and says she will see him later. Stefano bids her goodbye and then motions to Lincoln, who is behind him a short distance, to come closer to him.

Stefano asks Lincoln if Orpheus has been located since last night. Lincoln says he hasn't. Stefano orders him to make sure to continue the efforts to locate him as he needs to know if he was in any way affected by Myers and the events of Halloween. Lincoln agrees to the instructions and asks if Stefano wants the car brought around. Stefano says yes. Lincoln nods and then walks off, saying he will call when the car is up front. As he leaves, Stefano privately hopes that all is well with his newfound son, Orpheus. The scene then shifts to...

Lucas, who is walking down a hallway when Abe runs him down...with Will!!! An overjoyed Lucas embraces Will, asking where he has been. Will says he was forced into a safehouse on the east side of town and his cell was dead. Abe says he found him in the hospital parking lot on his way in as the National Guard was dropping his group off. Lucas tells Will he is so happy that he is ok. Will says he is happy to see him too after last night and asks if he was hurt. Lucas is about to answer him when Joelle interrupts, sarcastically commenting on what a pretty scene she is witnessing.

Lucas tells her to leave them alone and that it isn't a good time to deal with her. Joelle says that's too bad. Abe then interjects and says he is glad Joelle is there. Abe informs her that he has been trying to contact her for hours. Joelle tells him that she was taking care of her son. She didn't want him to be alone with a psycho on the loose so she took him to a safehouse. Abe says she did the right thing. He then adds that there is something she must know...about her mother. Joelle tells Abe she is just about to see her and asks if her condition has changed.

Abe hesitates before telling Joelle that her mother was found dead late last night. Joelle breaks down in tears and lets out a blood curdling scream. Abe tells her that Myers got to her while he was loose in the hospital and it seems he slit her throat. Joelle lashes out, blaming Abe and his superiors for not stopping Myers. Abe tries to comfort her but she pushes him away, saying she has to see her mother.

Joelle races down the hallway and into her mother's room, only to find officers still surveying the scene. A hysterical Joelle refuses to believe this is happening. Abe says he is sorry. Joelle turns and sees Lucas and Will standing behind her as well. Joelle looks at Lucas and says this is his fault more then anyone else's. Her mother is dead because of him. Lucas and Will are stunned by her reaction as the scene shifts to...

A waiting area, where Maggie and Alice are filling Julie in on what happened on Halloween. Julie is appalled and is thankful they are all ok. Victor then walks up and Maggie runs into his arms. They both proclaim their love for each other and how glad they are that they are both ok. Maggie says she was so worried. Victor reminds her that it's going to take more then a mass-murdering psychopath to bring him down. Maggie laughs as Victor pulls her into a kiss.

Meanwhile, Doug walks by and locks eyes with Julie. Julie tells Doug she is glad to see he is alright. Doug says he was forced into a safehouse. Julie says she was too. As they continue to look into each other's eyes, Doug says he is glad she made it as well. He then says he has to and races off. Julie's eyes well with tears as she sits down next to Alice and rests her head on Alice's shoulder, while Alice puts her arm around Julie and comforts her. The scene then shifts to...

Hope, who is lying in deep thought in her room when someone walks in. It's Steve, who asks if she is ok. Hope snaps out of her trance of thought and asks what he said. Steve tells her that he came in to check on her for Bo and just wanted to know if she was ok. Hope nods, saying she is glad he is there. She tells him what happened with Myers got her to thinking and she has had a change of heart. Hope tells Steve she wants to return to Maison Blanche and wants to do whatever it takes to learn about the missing pieces from her past. Steve is stunned by this turn of events as the scene shifts to...

The ER, where Nicole is still rocking Samuel and talking to him. The nurse hangs up the phone and says the other nurse is tied up and that she has to leave. Nicole says it's no problem. She will just stay put right in front of the security guard by the pay phones. The nurse looks over at the guard and goes over to tell the guard to make sure Nicole stays put. The guard nods. The nurse says she will be right back with the nurse she had that can ID her, saying she has the name now. Nicole thanks her and says she will stay put.

After the nurse leaves, Alyson exits off an elevator and is shocked to see Nicole holding her son. An enraged Alyson then races over and orders Nicole to get her hands off her son, stunning Nicole as the scene shifts to...

The morgue, as Jack and Alex enter with Billie closely behind. Billie stands to the back as Jack and Alex meet with the medical examiner, who asks if they are here to ID a body. Alex is about to say no when Jack interrupts and says yes. Alex asks why Jack is buying this. Jack doesn't answer and gives the medical examiner a description of Elizabeth. The medical examiner says he knows who they are speaking of and goes over to a gurney. He pulls the sheet down slightly to reveal Elizabeth's cold, dead body.

Alex can't believe what he is seeing, saying his mother can't be dead. Jack can't stop looking at her and kneels down next to her, commenting on how lifeless she looks and how cold she is. Jack gently caresses Elizabeth's face and asks how this could've happened and why it had to happen now. Billie moves closer and sees that Jack is fighting back tears. The medical examiner says that he assumes this is the person they were looking for. Jack nods, saying her name is Elizabeth Dawson. Jack then looks at her face once more and says he can't do this. He gets up and prepares to pull the cover over her face but stops himself, saying that there is something wrong. The scene then shifts to...


Forrest tells Abby they need to talk as Dr. Dobbs looks on. Abby says she can see something serious is going on and asks how bad it is. Forrest tells her that Miranda called and Lawrence is closing in. He says this means they need to take action to protect her, her loved ones, and those that Lawrence is targeting. Abby says ok and asks what he is planning on doing. He reminds Abby that with her mother dead, Lawrence plans on using her as the key to his revenge. Abby says she knows that.

Forrest tells her that is why he thinks he has the best way of dealing with this, noting what he has in mind is extreme. Abby tells him to come out with what he has in mind. Forrest says there is only one way to deal with this, in his view, and that is to make it so that Lawrence can't marry you. Abby asks how. Forrest then says:

Forrest: Abby, marry me!!

Abby is stunned as an equally stunned Dr. Dobbs watches and the scene fades to black.




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Marlena & Roman :wub:


I wish very much so that Michael would have crushed Joelle, but I guess Elizabeth will have to do :D

I hope Alyson and Nicole come to blows in the next eppy.

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