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#53 Monday, October 15th BONUS EPISODE



#53 Monday, October 15th BONUS EPISODE

Yvette is at McGregor's Novi Store, looking for someone. She finally finds Teddy taking inventory.


Teddy: Mrs. Browne.

Yvette: Just call me Yvette, I never really cared for all that formal title stuff.

Teddy: Okay, Yvette. What can I do for you?

Yvette: I've heard that you are pretty good digging up dirt on people.

Teddy: I don't exactly go around bragging about it, but yeah.

Yvette: I need your help finding information on someone.

Teddy: Who is it?

Yvette: It's a woman who is becoming a real thorne in my side.

Teddy: I don't come cheap.

Yvette: I'll pay you well, I'm prepared to give you an advance. You'll get the rest when the job is done.

Yvette shows him an envelope filled with cash.

Teddy: Looks good.

Yvette: So you'll do it?

Teddy: I'll do it.

Yvette hands him the envelope and he puts it inside his jacket.



Carol and Trish come running into Cody's hospital room, where Dr. Claiborne is.


Carol: Dr. Claiborne, what's wrong?


Dr. Claiborne: Your son is regaining consciousness. I'm still checking his vital signs.

Carol: Oh, thank god.


Cody: Mom?

Carol: I'm right here.

Dr. Claiborne: His vital signs seem okay as of now. I'm still waitiyng on a test result, I'm going to go get it.

Carol: Thank you very much, Doctor.

Doctor Claiborne leaves.

Carol: You've given us quite a scare.

Cody: I've hope this isn't the beginning of a series of very unfortunate events.

Carol: Please, no jokes right now.

Cody: Sorry.


Trish: How do you feel?

Cody: My head is in a bit of fog.

Carol: Dr. Claiborne has been taking good care of you, you inhaled so much of that gas.

Cody: Gas?

Carol: That's how you ended up here, there was a gas leak at the house.

Cody: That's right, I remember smelling the gas and going down to turn it off and (pauses)

Carol: What?

Cody: I seem to remember feeling someone pushing me.

Carol: Pushing you?

Cody: Yes, someone pushed me down the steps. Then the door was jammed and I couldn't open it.

Trish: My god.

Carol: Okay, now this is getting even more scary.


At Wilkins' office, there is a knock at the door. Wilkins opens it to find Norm on the other side.


Wilkins: Norm, come on in.

Norm comes inside.


Norm: You said that Peters guy who tried to frame Cody was here in town?

Wilkins: Well, I'm not sure if he's still here, but he was a couple of day ago.

Norm: There was a gas leak last night and Cody got caught in it, he's in the hospital now.

Wilkins: Good lord.

Norm: And when I was at the house this morning, the investigators told me there was some sort of bonding agent on the gas valve that

stopped it from moving.

Wilkins: You think that Evan Peters was behind it?

Norm: I don't know, but it's clear now that this wasn't an accident.

Wilkins: Um, this might explain some of my findings.

Norm: What findings?

Wilkins: I tracked Peters a couple of nights ago and I saw him meeting with some man.

I snapped a few shots and I blew them up.

Wilkins hands Norm the folder with the pictures.

Norm: These are pictures of B.P. Charles.

Wilkins: That's what it looks like.

Norm: He's dead though, how can this be possible?

Wilkins: Your guess is as good as mine. As crazy as it seems, B.P. Charles could be alive and trying to get revenge on Cody.

Norm: I need to track down this Evan Peters, he could be the key to everything.

Wilkins: Wait a minute, you could be playing with fire here.

Norm: My brother is in the hospital right now, if someone tried to kill him, I want to go after them.

Wilkins: Peters has mob connections, you'd be crazy to try to lean on him.

Norm: Just tell me where Peters is.

Wilkins: You're mother already has one son in a hospital, she doesn't need something to happen to another. I'm a good friend

of hers, I don't want to be responsible for anything that happens.

Norm: You won't be, I'm the one doing this. Please, just help me out, my family could be in more danger.

Wilkins thinks for a second

Wilkins: All right, but I'm going with you. I know more about these type of people than you do.

Norm: Whatever, I just want to get to the bottom of this.

Wilkins: Let's go.

Wilkins grabs his keys and both of them leave.



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Trish is so beautiful. Great episode. I love how mysterious ans suspense your episodes always are. And like I said many times before, I love how you use TONS of dialog to tell your stories and convey emotions.

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I'm really liking Teddy's interaction with Yvette. Since she's such a strong force in the story, I'm sure that what he finds will be juicy!

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