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Elizabeth walks up to Jack, telling him that they need to be as close to a real family as possible. Billie, feeling left out, looks at Jack, who says nothing. He still can’t believe after all these years that he has a son. Then, Elizabeth says, now is the time to take advantage of that. Billie walks off in sadness and, as she rounds the corner, she bumps into Frankie. She asks him how Greta is doing and he tells her they almost lost her. Billie can’t believe it and hope she pulls through.

Frankie does as well but then asks Billie what is wrong with her. She says that Jack just found out he has another son. Frankie is shocked. Billie says that now that Elizabeth has brought this out, she’s sure to latch on to Jack every chance she gets and has no problem using her son to get him. Frankie tells her that maybe she should tell Jack how she’s feeling and she agrees, saying there’s no better time than the present.

When she walks back over, she sees Jack being hugged by Elizabeth as Alex watches and smiles. Elizabeth then steps back as Jack offers Alex a handshake and Alex accepts as they say they will see where things go from here. As they all smile at each other, Billie turns to Frankie and tells him that it will be on if Elizabeth tries to get close to Jack. As police officers walk by, making sure everything is safe, Billie stares at Elizabeth with anger as the scene slowly fades to black.

Meanwhile, in his room, Lucas wants to know what game Joelle is playing. She smiles, saying that this is no game. He knows how he treated her at work and she intends to make him pay, not only for herself but for poor workers everywhere. Lucas practically spits in her face, saying that he will prove how much of a liar she really is. Will then tells her to back off before things get rowdy in the hospital. Maggie concurs. Joelle turns around surprised. Maggie asks her why she is surprised? Did she honestly think Lucas’ family would not be in his corner, defending him from some alley cat whore such as Joelle?

Patricia then steps in, saying that she believes Joelle and will represent her and reminds them she is DA and that holds alot of weight. Patricia also doesn’t give one damn about the Horton name, especially when a Horton is involved in a sexual harassment case. Patricia then tells everyone that they will see them in court and that she can't wait to bring down one of the "perfect" Horton's. Maggie says she hopes Joelle gets off her street corner long enough to show up in court then asks if her pimp will be along with her. Joelle frowns as Patricia leads her out.

Lucas and Will thank Maggie for sticking by them right now. Maggie says that’s what family is for. She then leans in and kisses Lucas and then kisses Will, saying that she saw Frankie in the hospital earlier. She going to go ask him if he would represent Lucas against this crap. As Maggie leaves a worried Lucas and Will.........

Joelle stands out in the hallway with Patricia. She smiles when Patricia tells her that before she’s done, Lucas Horton will be walking around with a tin can begging for change for what he’s done to Joelle. Joelle smiles, saying that’s all she wants to hear.


Victor sits at his desk, looking at a file on Orpheus. Nico walks in and asks him.......

Nico: Sir, what will you do about Philip?
Victor: Like I said.......teach him a lesson. He wants to turn his back on his heritage and sell out his own father for that slug-ass bastard? Well..........time to pay the piper.
Nico: And how will that happen, sir?
Victor: Let Bo know that I want Philip to have more responsibility at Titan. This way, Philip doesn't suspect anything. Time to make my son’s head swell with power..........

Before I snatch the [!@#$%^&*] rug from out under him.

Nico obeys Victor and calls Bo up on his cell phone, as Victor turns his chair and looks out the window. When Nico is done, he asks Victor.........

Do you think this will get the point across, Victor?
Victor: Nico............I love that boy more than my own life. Just as I love his brother and sisters. My children are why I have done what I have done for the past year. But, make no mistake. The little !@#$%^&*] made one HUGE mistake..........

He crossed me. And no one..........NO ONE...........[!@#$%^&*] with Victor Kiriakis, is that clear?

Nico: Very, sir.

Nico leaves to make plans for not only Philip but for Orpheus as well............

As the scene fades into...


Kate is brought in by one of Orpheus’s men and sat on the plush couch. Orpheus then dismisses his guard as he walks over and takes off her blindfold. Kate fixes her hair as she looks at Orpheus, saying.........

Kate: You didn’t need the blindfold. Thought we stopped using that years ago.
Orpheus: My dear Kate.........still the same beautiful smart ass you were 30 years ago. How are you doing, my dear?
Kate: Well, I’ll be fine when you tell me why you snatched me up like that.
Orpheus: You looked like you needed a friend and since we have been very close friends in the past.........
Kate: You thought it would be fine to kidnap me. You know that every cop in Salem is looking for you.
Orpheus: Which means I’m very safe. They couldn’t find a piece of gum even if they were chewing it. No worries, my lady. You are safe here.
Kate: You said the same words on our first night together.
Orpheus: Well, you said you always wanted to do it with a spy. You should have been happy.
Kate: Oh, my dear.........I was.

Kate smiles and so does Orpheus. At that moment, a guard walks in and whispers something in his ear. Orpheus excuses himself and leaves the room but not before telling his man to watch Ms. Roberts.

In her room, Sami has her ear to her door, listening to the guards talk about the guest that Orpheus has in his study. She then pauses for a moment and then starts banging on the door. The guards burst in, telling her that what she is doing will not work and for her to keep quiet. Sami grows very quiet as one of the guards pulls his gun. The guards leave Sami’s room as she sits on her bed and starts sighing deeply, thinking of another plan of escape.

Kate grows restless sitting by herself reading a magazine and gets up to look around. In Sami’s room, Sami stands up and walks over to her window but goes to first switch her lamp on. She then gets a brainstorm. She looks at the door........and back at the lamp. Back in Orpheus’s study, Kate starts to walk down the hall, telling the guard that she has to use the bathroom. The guard lets her go.

As Kate starts walking down the empty hallway, Sami picks up the lamp and smashes it on the floor. Kate hears the noise and stops in her tracks. She then looks around and sees a door down the hall. Kate starts walking towards the door as Sami goes to the door and listens for anyone who may be coming.

Kate reaches the door and places her hand on the doorknob.........

As Sami smiles on the other side, hoping that Orpheus’s guest heard her break the lamp.

Kate puts her ear up to the door as Sami does the same thing and the screen splits in two as each woman stands on either side of the door........

As the scene freeze-frames and then slowly fades to black.




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Wow I didn't know the censors were now relaxed. Good episode. Very interesting. Loved the freeze frame split screen ending.

Maggie is very aggressive WOW.

I also like the fact that Lucas switched his name to Horton and this bring down the Almighty Horton plot has me very intrigued. Looking forward to see what happens next

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When I read your dialogue I thought, that's so Roman! I enjoy Victor's character and I'm really liking the Orpheus plot. Any plot that has some sort of mystery element, makes a reader out of me.

It was also a very nice cliffhanger. Two characters who hate each other so much may be kidnapped together. I'm hoping Orpheus throws Kate in there with her. Good job!

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The Kate/Orpheus scenes were terrific. Lately I have been loving Kate so much on SL.

You guys by far have the best version of Victor out of all the blogs. So evil! I LOVE it! :D

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Love it! It's so good!

By far, I am loving Victor. He is my favorite character in this blog. He is so fleshed out, so ruthless and cunning. I love what he will do to that little twit son of his.

The ending is like a classic Friday cliffhanger. I am on the edge of my seat. Great thinking by Sami and I so hope that Kate will find her. Why do I think that Orpheus will whisk Kate away.

Excellent episode.

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You know.....one thing that I love about this blog is the realism balanced with sensationalism. Victor is by far my favorite character. You guys put a lot of work into the character and...to borrow a phrase from Hogan, "gave him his balls back."

This is how Victor should be utilized. Front and center, telling people to bring it. Keep up the good work. I know I say it a lot, but I mean it.

Great ending with the split screen.

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