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"LIGHT" Casting News



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Former "LIGHT" Actresses Return


Rebecca Budig - Maeve Kinkead

Tulsa, OK (September 19, 2007) -- Hot on the heels of the recent announcement that three actors were given their walking papers comes news that two former actresses have signed on to "The Guiding Light."

Bethany Joy Galeotti who rejoined "LIGHT" in February 2007 will find herself leaving for a third time. Galeotti who played a teenage Reva in the late 90s departed in 2000 returned to the role at the request of producers. However, Galeotti has opted to leave. "I'm very sad to see Bethany leave," said executive producer Josh Hawkins. "She is an amazing actress who will be missed very much."

The role of Michelle has been recast twice in the last year since the current writing staff assumed the helm. "Michelle is and will always continue to remain a complex character," Hawkins noted. "The character is so vital to the stories that are beginning to be told in the coming months. Michelle is connected to the Bauer family, Danny and now the Lewis clan."

Effective immediately, Rebecca Budig who began her daytime career in 1995 as Michelle will return to the role nine years after departing in 1998. An Emmy nominated actress, Budig spent three years in Springfield before joining "All My Children" in 1999. "Rebecca brings something that none of the other Michelle's have had and that is what made me want her here," Hawkins concluded. Joining Budig will be another daytime star, Maeve Kinkead is slated to return to Springfield as a contract player!

"I have always maintained a deep love for Vanessa and said on more than one occassion that if there was a story she would be in Springfield, there's a story!" Smiles Hawkins. The executive producer stated earlier he wanted to take "LIGHT" back to it's roots and those roots include Vanessa Chamberlain Reardon.

"We'll be seeing Vanessa intergrate herself back into the lives of friends and loved ones as her story begins," the scribe confirmed. What does this mean for Vanessa's husband Matt Reardon? "Sadly, Kurt McKinney will not be returning and I have nothing else to say at this time regarding Matt."

Budig debuts on October 15 in Episode 084 and expect Vanessa to return shortly after Blake and Ross' wedding.

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I love Rebecca Budig and though I never saw her as Michelle (I'm sure I can find a youtube clip) it's awesome to see her return to this role. Seriously Josh you should be EP/head writer of GL!

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