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"LIGHT" Update Edition





Tulsa, OK (September 19, 2007) -- October 15th is the day! Executive Producer and Head Writer Josh Hawkins has announced that on the aforementioned date "The Guiding Light" will return with all new episodes, stories and a little twist taken directly from the world of soaps! "It has been trying times in Springfield," the now solo head writer said earlier last week. Trying times indeed, announced a little over a week and half ago, Dan Gobble who joined the writing team in December 2006 as co-head writer stepped down from his post, leaving Hawkins all alone, again.

"I always work well with others when writing. I am the type of writer who should always have a partner and Dan was a very good partner. He kept me grounded on so many stories and would tell me when I crossed a line." The scribe continued, "Dan's stories are still going to be." At the time of Gooble's departure it was rumored that a story was being written, by him, that involved Spaulding Enterprises, Alan-Michael and Blake. "That story will be told, at what point however I'm not certain."

Storyline shifts are no the only changes that are being made. "There are some lose ends that need to be tied up as we progress towards the relaunch date," confirms Hawkins. To that end pink slips were delivered late last week. "It breaks my heart to see these characters go, but it was for the best."

Who's on their way out?


Grant Show (Trevor) - Jason Shane Scott (Dr. Braxton O'Dell) - Matt Lanter (Derek)

Surprisingly all three male characters were creations of the current head scribe, begging the question why? "I needed to go back to the heart of what "Light" is and that is family. Yes, Derek is a Bauer but we don't know him and for this moment in time, sadly we won't get an opportunity to."

The scribe does hint that there is a possibility Lanter would return to the show. "A chance but right now we're just focusing on the new stories that we'll be telling beginning next month." What does the future hold for Show's on-screen ex-wife and Lanter's on-screen Momma, Julia Barr who represents Hope? "She's still on contract and a valued cast member," Hawkins says with a delightful smile. "Hope will find herself, in typical Bauer fashion, turning to the bottle for comfort once more and from those ashes come something beautiful."


What can readers expect to see when the blog returns to full production in October? "We go back to what soaps are truly about: family, romance & suspence!"

Alan/Olivia/Phillip: "Olivia's return to the canvas allows us to see for the first time her often mentioned, rarely seen sister Marissa. Her divorce from Alan is on the minds of everyone. Having been kicked out of Spaulding for the final time, Phillip soon learns that he holds the trump card and if he uses it Spaulding Enterprise is basically OVER!"

Alexandra/Gus: "Alex has been off licking her wounds, just as her son Gus has been doing." "This was a huge rewrite on my part," Hawkins admits. "I don't want it to fall short or be a story that we've seen already." But Alexandra is who she is and pushes Gus towards the mansion and he'll give it one more try with Harley before he says yes or no."

Ben's Cancer/Marina: "Ben is going through something that men don't talk about, testicular cancer and because of that he'll push Marina away," the scribe confirms. "Because, she is the heart of our show and has such a strong history with Ben, Holly will find herself intertwined with his story. Fletcher will be coming back to Springfield to help Ben cope and get some much needed answers. Look for Reva to find her way into Ben's story through her past with Kyle."

Beth: "Here is a woman who has identified herself as 'Mrs. Phillip Spaulding' or 'Beth Spaulding' for so long that she has to find herself, find who Beth Raines is and that will be a journey that opens up a new career path and brings to the forefront a new love interest for Ms. Raines. Beth will take a dramatic step in an effort to cut all ties to the Spaulding family."

Bill/Michelle: "Bill has two tricks up his sleeve: one bad and one good. Look for both to be exposed over the next coming months. He's a new father with a woman that he's known his entire life, things in this friendship have changed...for the better. A tragedy strikes the Lewis family and impacts Bill in ways that Michelle will never see coming."

Buzz/Harley: "The father/daughter duo are about to find themselves lingering on the backburner for awhile. I feel every character on the canvas should have a story, however at the moment these two will just be sounding boards in very supportive roles."

Marah/Danny: "This couple still find themselves at odds after her departure when Michelle went into labor. Marah sees Danny as the one but he may have another opinion when Michelle continues to catch his eye at every turn. A tragedy that will rock the Lewis family and will serve to be a huge turning point for this couple! Marah is every bit Reva Shayne's daughter and it will become clear through this ordeal that Danny is Marah's "Bud."

Alan-Michael/Lucy/Spaulding Enterprises: "Alan-Michael sees Phillip's departure as the prime opportunity to secure his place in the Spaulding dynasty. Lucy, however is becomes lonely and grows worried that she'll fall into a Stepford wife role if her life continues down the path it is going. Lucy's determine to make a home for Alan-Michael in hopes that the two of them can fall in love all over again!"

Blake/Ross: "Blake enters the business world and it becomes Ross who feel unsecure in their new marriage as she takes a more vital interest in Spaulding and one of her co-workers."

Ed: "The content of Roger's letter is at long last revealed! Ed has put this letter on a shelf and looked at it every single day and thought, 'not today.' But finally he'll open and read Roger's haunting last words. What he finds will spear Ed on a journey through the United States beginning in West Virginia and finally ending in San Francisco. Ed's truly on a journey, even though he fears it is a wild goose chase because Roger sent him on it. He'll learn a lot about what the letter says and himself throughout the trip.

Cassie: "In the wake of yet another tragedy Cassie finds her own life changing all over again as Tammy set off for college away from Springfield. A story was pitched earlier in the year about mirroring a story that "Guiding Light" was telling and pair Josh & Cassie together. That will happen over time...but with very different results!"

Holly: "Holly is our heart and soul! She'll have her hand in the pot of every store and we'll embark on a large tale with her involving the last person anyone would have thought!"

Lewis Tragedy: "An umbrella story that will engulf a lot of the fall months is a tragedy that will shake the Lewis family to their very core! Never before has a story been written that will in one way or another impact everyone from Josh and Reva down the line: Cassie, Billy, Bill, Hawk and even Vanessa Chamberlain Reardon!"



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