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PCE: Episodes 78-80



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Endgame- Episode 78-80
Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Written by: Ryan Chandler
Tishy Smith
Jennifer Snyder

Monica slowly walks down the hallway of General Hospital. People stop and whisper to their friends as she walks by. Obviously word of her affair with Kevin has gotten around now. Monica's tempted to try and do damage control, but a part of her is glad that everything is out in the open. No longer does she have to hide her feelings for Kevin, but now she can be free from the guilt she has felt these past few months. Or can she? Monica's plans with Kevin were to just take it as it went. Maybe Kevin wanted more, but Monica wanted to live life in the moment. To say Alan's heart attack has changed her outlook would be an understatement. All of the feelings she thought she no longer had for Alan began to come back to the surface.

"Old habits are hard to break," she tells herself while getting onto the elevator. The doors close and Monica leans her head against the wall. "Why is did this have to happen? Why now?" Monica tries not to make herself feel guilty, but a part of her knows that she's indirectly responsible for Alan's condition.
Jason enters the waiting area and brings Emily a cup of coffee. She thanks Jason for being so kind, and for being patient with her during her little tirade against Monica. Jason feels that everyone is entitled to their own feelings, and doesn't want to tell someone how they should feel. Their conversation is interrupted by AJ & Skye.

"Why are you giving mother such a hard time Emily? She's not perfect, we all make mistakes. I think she should be shown the same consideration," says AJ snapping at his little sister. "We're all upset, but you had no right to off on her like that."

Emily puts her cup down and stands up. "I have the right to go off on whoever I damn well please. As someone who's been cheated on, I know how it feels to have your trust betrayed. To feel as if you weren't good enough. And that's what Monica has done to our father."

AJ laughs and cocks his head to the side. "You mean the way you made Zander feel when you decided to shack up with Nikolas?" AJ feels the glare from Emily's cold eyes. "I think you're in no position to criticize."

Jason doesn't take too kindly to AJ talking to Emily the way that he is. "What Emily did to Zander was in the past. It's sucks, but she knows what it's like from both ends."

"The king of hypocrisy himself speaks. You're not in a position to pass judgment either Jason. You stole your brother's child and gave him to a criminal and whore!"

Jason tosses a blank stare towards Skye's direction. "If you wanna bring that up Skye, go right ahead. But from one kid stealer to another, maybe you should back the hell up."

"Monica should not be raked over the coals for having a moment of weakness. It happens to the best of Jason," Skye says. "I don't approve of what she did, but I'm not going to hold her over the fire either."

"A moment of weakness happens once. Not multiple times. That's something I don't get. We've been down this road before and I supported our mother. I'm not happy with her actions and no one is going to make me feel otherwise."
At the Scorpio house, Maxie makes her way to the front to answer the door. Much to her surprise, Robin is there, wanting to pay a visit to the family. The two girls catch up on what's been going on in each other's lives. Robin shares with Maxie that she and Patrick are moving in together and that for the first time since they've been an item, she feels as if they truly have a future together.

Maxie asks Robin, if that's the case, why doesn’t she look too happy? After a few moments of silence, Robin reveals that she may be pregnant. Maxie is floored by Robin's statement. She immediately goes into concern mode, wondering of the baby will be ok, given Robin's HIV status. Robin says that nothing is concrete yet, but based on her calculations, she could be about two months pregnant.
At Titan, Jax is speaking with a representative from a recently acquired company.

"Thank you, I'm looking forward to making this transitions as seamless as possible," says Jax with his thick Australian accent. "Don't worry, your president of talent relations will fit in quite well here. I intend to make sure that this person settles in and gets acclimated to Port Charles quickly."

Jax hangs up the phone and straightens up his office. His shuttle service should have picked up the newest Titan employee by now, and will be here at any moment.
Monica signs the visitor's log and prepares to make her way to Alan's room. She enters the hall that leads to his room but is stopped by security. Monica is confused as to what's going on, and demands answers from those keeping her from Alan. Security tells Monica that they've received orders from Mr. Edward Quartermaine and Mrs. Tracy Quartermaine-Spencer to bar anyone not on the approved visitors list.

Monica angrily pulls her arm away from the guard and tells him off. The guard hands Monica her purse and asks her to leave.

"I see you've met our security," snaps a voice from behind, "I'm glad to know I'm getting my money's worth."
Back at Titan, a knock on the door prompts Jax to invite the person in.

"Come on in, the door's unlocked!"

Jax, with his back turned to the door, is so focused on the paperwork on his desk, that he didn't see the person enter his office.

"Have a seat please, I'll be with you in a moment," Jax says without looking up.

"It's ok, take your time," the familiar voice says.

Jax drops the papers on the floor. "Your voice sounds very familiar."

"It should….you almost married me."

Jax spins around in his chair and is shocked to find that the newest member of Titan Enterprises is no one other than the former love of his life, Brenda Barrett!!!

Note: Brenda will be played by Gina Tognoni
Monica turns around and sees Edward glaring at her! "Edward there's no need for this. I'm Alan's wife. I have a right to see him."

"You lost all rights to my son when you decided to shack up with that Kevin Collins."

"You have no right to do this Edward."

"Actually I do. I may not come after you the way Tracy did, but I will make you suffer for literally breaking my son's heart."

It's obvious how painful it is for Edward to speak these words to Monica. She's been a part of their family for years, but enough is enough. He has to stand his ground.

"If you come near Alan again, you will be arrested."
Next….on Port Charles
- Jax is floored by Brenda's return
- Carly arrives to GH just as Jason needs her the most
- Liz & Sam watch as Jason is comforted by Carly
- Epiphany is thrilled when Lainey asks Stan out on a date


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About time! Can't wait 8 days for new episodes of this well written blog. Good work as always.

I can't stand Jax. What an arrogant ass. :lol:

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oh i love it!

skye/Aj vs. emily/jason.. i'm so on the skye/aj's side!

aww love scorpio house. I really like maxie & robin scenes

and i knew it was brenda!! though i love VM will give it a chance.. love J&B just as much as S&B.

"nobody leaves.."

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Loved the episode, guys. Can I say that Monica is getting exactly what she deserves. Go Edward!

And AJ certainly has room to talk when he laid the smackdown on Emily and Jason. Hypocrite...but he made valid points. LOL

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