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#79 Wednesday, July 25




Dru senses 'Big Red' has something to do with Olivia's odd behavior

At the prison, Gloria is talking to Kevin about her fears regarding Michael wanting to dig into locating his father. Kevin asks Gloria to tell him the real deal about Lowell Baldwin; was he like Tom Fisher. Gloria tells Kevin that Lowell has a tendency to ignite danger wherever he goes, and when that trouble follows it creates nothing but danger and misery for all those connected to him. Shaking his head, Kevin tells Gloria that Michael is pretty good at handling tough situations. Gloria tells Kevin to not to be too sure that Michael will be prepared for what he’s in store for if he ever locates Lowell.

Closing the door to his hotel room, Michael waited in the hall for Paul to meet with him. The sooner they tracked Lowell, the sooner he can get some clue as to what this man is about and what he wanted. When Paul meets up with him, Paul stresses the importance of them not tipping their hand. Rolling his eyes, Michael informs him that he is very well aware not to give himself away. As they make the drive to the bar, Lowell’s Hideaway, Michael takes another look at the letter that he received. Slipping it into his jacket, Paul and he both walk into the bar. Michael’s eyes immediately lock on to that of an older gentleman wiping down the bar counter. Nodding at the two of them, Lowell immediately comes from behind the bar and asks them how he can help them.

Jack and Jill are talking over some figures for the new line when he brings up Brad. Sighing heavily, Jill tells Jack to stuff his comments in regards to telling Sharon to be on her toes with the young cad. Jack tells her he’s not going to chastise her but rather tell her how important it is for Brad to work on Sharon to get the good on Newman Enterprises. Looking up at Jack, Jill is surprised that Brad even consulted him about taking advantage of Sharon to get what he wants. Smirking a little, Jack asks Jill if she’s going to think less of their plan when they do accomplish getting the upper-hand on Newman. Jill says for Jack to be careful; that whenever either he or Brad jump the gun on trying to outdo Victor, it always winds up blowing up in their faces.

Phyllis can’t understand why Olivia wants to keep her or Summer at the hospital. Olivia tells Phyllis that she is only opting for them to stay one day more for mere observation. She stresses the importance of seeing that Summer has a clean bill of health, therefore just the one day stay. Resting her head on the pillow, Phyllis asks Olivia if there was anything wrong, she would tell her about it. Smiling, Olivia tells Phyllis that she would tell her in a heartbeat. Nick comes into the room and asks if Phyllis and Summer are all set to be discharged. Olivia repeats to Nick what she has expressed to Phyllis. A disappointed Nick doesn’t understand why Phyllis and Summer can’t come home. Phyllis assures her husband that she’s okay for staying one additional night.

Daniel walks into the apartment and sees Lily sitting on the couch. When he reaches her, he plants a kiss on her cheek, but immediately senses that something upset her. Sitting next to her, he asks her to tell him what happened. She tells her husband that Colleen and she had a fight about her going to Adrian. Daniel asks why she would go to Adrian. She points out that she told Adrian that he needed to be a support system to Colleen and not make hurtful comments about her. Daniel tells Lily that Colleen and Adrian have to work out their own problems. A concerned Lily stresses to Daniel that she’s only caring about her best friend.

Paul and Michael, sitting at the bar, ask Lowell how long he’s been an owner of a bar. Lowell replies that he’s been running the Hideaway for five years. Their conversation continues off to good start, until Paul questions if he’s ever lived in Detroit. When Lowell denies ever being in Detroit, Michael says that he looks like someone he’s seen in Detroit. A skeptical Lowell asks them why so many questions about him. Michael covers and says that he just seems familiar to him, quickly apologizing if he found their curiosity too prying. Nodding, Lowell tells them it’s no problem, and excuses himself to tend to other patrons. Once Lowell is out of earshot, Paul tells Michael they should go back to the hotel to map out their next step. Lowell, who has gone to the back room of the bar pulls out a news clipping of Michael from his desk drawer.

Drucilla makes her way towards Phyllis’ room to see if Olivia is still talking to her. Making it a point not to go inside, Dru waits for Olivia to come out of the room. When Olivia makes her way into the hall, she immediately feels that something is bothering her sister. Ready to pounce, Dru asks her if Phyllis said anything out of line to her. Scoffing, Olivia tells Dru that, unlike her, she has not problems with Phyllis at all. Dru is ready to ask some more about it when Olivia cuts her off, telling her that she’s ready to sit down to a good meal.

Adrian, who is at the Abbott mansion with Colleen, notices that she has been quiet for a good part of the day. When he coaxes her into telling him what’s going on, Colleen tells him that she was thinking about her argument she had with Lily. Adrian quickly apologizes for causing trouble in her friendship over the callous things he said to her. Shaking her head, Colleen tells him that he shouldn’t have to apologize for Lily’s meddling. Laying her head on his shoulder, Colleen tells Adrian that she refuses to let Lily interfere in their own personal matters

At Gina’s Olivia is picking at her food when Dru begins to questions what’s bothering her. Olivia tells her younger sister that she just had a draining day. Chuckling, Dru said that if she had Phyllis for a patient it is no wonder she’s feeling so worn out. Olivia tells Drucilla not to talk ill about Phyllis, especially after all that she’s been through. Putting her fork down, Dru asks her what is bothering her. Olivia repeats that she just had a tough day. Shaking her head, Dru tells Olivia that the minute she left Phyllis’ room things seemed to turned tense for her. Not wanting to get into it with Dru, Olivia tells her that nothing is wrong where Phyllis is concerned. Raising an eyebrow, Dru secretly decides she’s going to see what ole’ Big Red has been stirring up since being in the hospital.


  • Nick takes Phyllis and Summer home.
  • Neil is unimpressed by Ji Min’s hard work with Chaos
  • Paul and Michael plan their next step in approaching Lowell
  • Paul gets called back home, leaving Michael alone in Atlanta

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I am really diggin Lowell's storyline. I wonder will he come to GC and cause trouble. Reminds me of Tom. And I can't wait to see what Dru says to Philip, I mean Phylis

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