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#78 Tuesday, July 24




Colleen tells Lily to take her advice and stick it

Phyllis is cooing at a happy Summer when Jack stops by with tons of gifts to celebrate the little baby’s recovery. When Phyllis looks at her former spouse, she admits that she feared the worst; but is thankful that so many people wanted to help. Taking a seat across from her, Jack asks if it’s okay if he held Summer for a few moments. As he holds the baby, he tells her that she is strong like her mother, and that she will always be surrounded by love. Phyllis thanks Jack again for wanting to donate blood for Summer. Still looking at the baby, Jack tells her he would do anything for the little girl that stole his heart.

At the ranch, Nick is going over possible ways to help welcome Phyllis and Summer home. Victor tells him that they could have another pool party if that is something she would like. Nikki tells them that what Phyllis needs is something low key; something that won’t over-exert her or the baby. Grabbing his cell phone, Nick contacts Lauren. Lauren, immediately tells Nick that she will help gather some of the party decorations, and points out that he could have the meal be a variety of Phyllis’ favorite things. Hanging up the phone, Nick asks Nikki to have the cooks prepare a list of favorite foods of Phyllis’ while he gets together with Lauren to get the decorations to help welcome his wife and daughter home.

Jill is overlooking some documents on the Genesis project when Brad walks in unannounced. Jill asks what brings him to see her. Brad immediately tells Jill to cut the act; that he is aware that she was sending warning signals Sharon’s way about him. Closing the folder, Jill tells Brad that Sharon should know what she’s getting herself into; she won’t apologize for forewarning the over-sexed woman. Folding his hands across his arms, Brad tells Jill that she might want to mind her business when it comes his personal life. Not at all phased by Brad’s ‘little’ tantrum, Jill barks that when his personal life affects business, she will be involved.

Colleen and Adrian are having a light lunch when he brings up his talk with Lily. Colleen asks what they talked about. He tells his girlfriend that Lily wanted to stress the importance of being a support system to her; not to make hurtful comments about wanting to change her image a bit. A frustrated Colleen tells Adrian that Lily had no right speaking for her. Shrugging, he tells her that Lily was only saying what she said because she cares about her. Colleen, however, still feels that it was none of Lily’s business.

Dru and Lily are gathering up their bags they managed to load up on during their big shopping trip. Lily tells her mother that she is famished and would like to go to the athletic club to get a bite to eat. Looking at her watch Dru opts to go inside of Crimson Lights instead, since they are closer. Not wanting to ruin the moment, Lily agrees that maybe going there would be better. As they walk into the café, Lily spots Colleen and Adrian. Putting her bags down by a table, Lily tells Dru that she wants to say hello for a few minutes. When Lily approaches the couple’s table, Colleen asks Adrian if she can have a few minutes with Lily.

Jack wasn’t expecting to be pounced on the minute he walked into his office. Brad immediately tells Jack to get Jill to back off of him where Sharon is concerned. Jack tells Brad that Jill has every right to want to make sure his little ‘personal’ relationship with Sharon is not spilling over into the dealings with Jabot. Loosening his tie, he tells Brad that their goal is to get whatever Newman information they can from Sharon; what he does with Sharon after the fact he could really care less about. Looking Jack in the eyes, Brad tells him that he better have Jill neutralized and out of his way.

Lily can sense the minute Adrian left the table, that something was wrong. Colleen tells Lily that if they are going to continue being close friends, she’s going to have to learn to stop meddling in her business; especially business that concerns her and her boyfriend. Lily tells Colleen that she is NOT sorry for telling Adrian to be supportive of Colleen; the comments that he’s said to Colleen were hurtful. Colleen, growing frustrated, lashes out at Lily to mind her business; just as Lily had suggested when she tried to help her with her own body image concerns. A hurt Lily quickly excuses herself from the table.


  • Michael and Paul arrive in Atlanta and meet Lowell Baldwin, but keep their identities secret
  • Gloria worries to Kevin about what could happen if Michael finds Lowell
  • Drucilla arrives to pick Olivia up for dinner and notices how uneasy she is around Nick and Phyllis


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