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#80 Thursday, July 26




Ji Min's presentation leaves Neil un-impressed

Ji Min is presenting his latest Chaos campaign ideas to Victor, Victoria and Neil, who has been requested to sit in. Victor immediately begins fielding questions to Ji Min; questioning if the spas are the best place to get their large target audience. Ji Min quickly answers the question, guaranteed that once the sample promotions start circulating, via web, consumers will line up to the spa line. Victoria is impressed by the hard word that Ji Min has put in to the project. Neil, who remained quiet throughout the presentation, is looking over some of the information that Ji Min has presented. Victor excuses himself and Ji Min to have a private one on one. The minute they are gone, Victoria sits beside Neil, curious to see what he thinks of the whole idea. Closing the folder, Neil tells Victoria that he’s seen better.

Opening the door to the tack house, Nick carries Summer into the house, Phyllis, following behind him is surprised to see bouquets of flowers and plants around the house. Nick tells her that a lot of the co-workers from Newman have been sending them to the house rather than the hospital. Nick tells Phyllis he’ll be back down after putting Summer in her crib. Reading a few of the ‘Get Well’ cards, Phyllis is surprisingly touched to see that folks thought of her and her daughter. Picking up another card, she stifles a snicker when she realizes that Drucilla sent it. Sitting on the couch, she goes through some of the mail on the coffee table. As she does so, the telephone rings. Picking it up, she greets the caller. The caller on the other end, is the caterer who is calling to tells Mrs. Newman that the food will be arriving to the ranch as scheduled. When Phyllis hangs up, she realizes that the family are presenting her a surprise party.

Olivia is pouring herself a cup of coffee when Drucilla comes into the breakfast nook. Grabbing a cup, Dru pours some coffee for herself. As she sits down at the table, she immediately starts to ask Olivia what happened at the hospital regarding Phyllis. Olivia tells her sister that nothing happened at the hospital and that she should stop reading into something simply because of her dislike for Phyllis. Dru says she doesn’t mince words when it comes to that troublemaker, and she knows that Olivia’s vibe changed the minute she walked out of her room.. Getting up from the table, Olivia tells Dru to stop with the interrogation; there’s nothing wrong, so leave well enough alone. Once alone in her room, Olivia begins to wonder if she has just cause to be curious about Phyllis and Nick where Summer is concerned.

Paul thinks that Michael should approach Lowell regarding the letter. Michael isn’t so sure, especially after reading the letter again. Paul questions if Michael feels that he made a mistake in wanting to track his biological father. Michael admits that he just doesn’t know what all he wants to say to the man that has been out of his life for the majority of his life. Realizing that it’s tough for Michael to deal with, Paul asks him if he were separated from Fen for long periods of time, wouldn’t he want to at least have a start with him; to know how he’s been; if he’s happy. Sighing, Michael tells Paul that he’s afraid that he’ll wind up losing quality time with his son; something that later down the line could have his son resenting him for in the long run. Paul tells Michael he should face Lowell; once he does, the heavy weight of questions will be lifted off his shoulders.

Victoria is surprised that Neil doesn’t like the presentation of Chaos; especially considering that Drucilla will be spokes modeling most of the promotions. Neil says that Ji Min is just too full of himself; and that’s something he isn’t impressed with. While he may have good ideas, he has an arrogance about him that could assume premature success on a project that hasn’t even gotten off the ground yet. Victoria points out that Neil is most likely just disliking Ji Min because of the way he was dismissed a few days back. Shaking his head, Neil comments that until Ji Min can drop a bit of the chip off his shoulder, then it’s going to be tense working together. Patting Neil on the back, Victoria advises that every new person that Neil works isn’t a ‘Brad Carlton.’

.Lily placed a tall latte in front of Colleen. When Colleen’s eyes connected with hers, Lily offered up her apology, and asked if she could sit down. Taking the latte, Colleen tells her to have a seat. Before Lily can begin to apologize, Colleen stops her by letting her know that she won’t have her friend going to her boyfriend anymore. Lily tells her that while she realizes that she shouldn’t have done that, she won’t apologize for caring for Colleen; just as Colleen tried caring for her. Smiling a little, Colleen realizes that there are some things that friends need to stay out of. Lily keeps her mouth closed when she notices that Colleen’s snack consists of a small bag of celery sticks.

Michael and Paul are still discussing if they should drive to the bar to approach Lowell again with the knowledge that he is Michael’s father. As Michael is deciding what to do, Paul received a telephone call. When he is finished speaking, he informs Michael that someone has requested that he come back to Genoa City to take a case. Michael asks what could possibly be more important than helping him out in Atlanta. Paul tells him that it’s important for him to head back to Genoa City. Grabbing his suitcase, Paul makes his exit, leaving Michael to decide if he wants to confront Lowell with truth about who he is.


  • Katherine is the one that called Paul home
  • Cane asks Jill about her relationship with Jack
  • Nicholas walks in on Brad and Sharon’s afternoon quickie


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