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#81 Friday, July 27




Sharon gives Nick and eyeful when he comes unannounced

Ringing the doorbell of Chancellor Estate, Paul is surprised to see Katherine standing on the other side of the door. Summoning him in, Katherine tells Paul that she was the one that requested him to return to Genoa City. Looking around, Paul asks why Esther didn’t come to the door. Waving a hand nonchalantly, Katherine tells Paul that she sent Esther to have some time to herself; besides, with no Esther in the house, the more privately she can discuss the purpose for his assistance. Sitting down, Paul asks what she needs. Handing Paul a folder, Katherine tells him about the various pictures of Philip. Paul doesn’t understand what a few photographs would need him to investigate. Turning the photograph over, she points to the name ‘Freddie Wilson.’ She also tells him to take a good look; the picture was taken in Detroit. She wants to know whatever he can dig up on Philip’s time there and why he was going under the name of Freddie.

Jill is more than pleased to finally have some quality time with her son over lunch. As the two eat at the athletic club, Cane asks how things are going on the new cosmetics line. Jill marvels about how everything seems to be coming together. She immediately talks about the long hours Jack has put in with her to get things off the ground. Smirking a little, Cane teases that she’s been spending a lot of time with Jack, and wonders if it’s all business. Blushing a little, Jill tells Cane that she and Jack have spent some time together, but it’s nothing serious. Raising an eyebrow at her, Cane wonders if she wants it to become that way. Shrugging, Jill says she hasn’t thought at all about it; right now, she’s just enjoying having someone to spend time with.

Jack rings the doorbell to the tack house and is pleased to see not only Phyllis there, but a happy Summer playing in her play pin. Going over to the pin, Jack smiles, telling Phyllis that Summer is definitely a spitfire like her mother. Phyllis tells Jack that she’s just thankful that Summer is doing better than she thought she would. Sitting down, Jack questions if Phyllis will be taking time away from NVP. Looking at him, she knows his true reasons for asking. Phyllis assures Jack that she’s not going to get behind on their venture that they have planned for NVP; so don’t get too confident that Jabot is going to do them in. Holding up his hands, Jack pleads that he’s only asking because he thought she would like to spend more time with Summer. Laughing a little, Phyllis tells Jack to shut up and stop talking business.

Lauren is stopping in Crimson Lights when Kevin quickly approaches her. Trying to keep up pleasantries, Lauren asks Kevin how he is doing. Kevin admits that he’s worried about Michael. Assuming that Michael is having a hard time dealing with their upcoming divorce, Lauren tells Kevin that Michael will always be a part of Fenmore’s life; she won’t cut him out. Shaking his head, Kevin tells Lauren about Michael going to Atlanta to find his biological father. He also fills her in on his visit with Gloria and how she stressed that Michael could be headed for danger if he keeps up his search. Lauren remembers seeing a letter she gave to Michael a few days ago, and wonders why all of a sudden his father wants back into his life.

Getting out of his car, Nick makes his way towards Sharon’s to see if Noah is ready to spend some time at the tack house with Summer. As he is opening the door, he is not only stunned but a bit disgusted at walking in on Sharon and Brad going at it on the couch. Upon hearing the door open, Sharon quickly scrambles off of Brad, grabbing her robe, demanding to know why Nick is there. Brad, having a sick pleasure of knowing that Nick has walked in on him with Sharon, quips that Nick has ‘perfect timing.’ Nick, not wanting to get into why Sharon is with Brad, tells Sharon that he was coming to pick up Noah to spend some time with Summer. Sighing, Sharon tells Nick that she completely forgot that he was coming over and sent Noah to play with a friend. Nick, without meaning to, comments that she sent him to play with his friend so she can have time to secretly ‘play’ with hers Before Sharon has a chance to say anything, Nick tells her that he’ll be home; when Noah comes back, bring him over. Closing the door, Nick shook his head, still wondering what in the world Sharon saw in that pompous jerk.

Walking into Lowell’s Hideaway, Michael scans the bar to see if Lowell is there. Not seeing him, he takes a seat at a table. One of the barmaids comes over to ask him if he’s ready to ‘quench his thirst.’ Seeing that she is obviously trying to hit on him, Michael tells her that he’ll not only have a beer but could she tell him if the owner of the bar is there. Smiling, she tells him that the Lowell is in the back checking on his shipment but will be back out shortly. While Michael is waiting for his beer and Lowell, he is unaware that Lowell has peeked out the door, quite pleased that his ‘guest’ has returned. Coming from the back, Lowell approaches him and asks him where his buddy is. Michael tells him he had a prior engagement, but it was important that he talked to him. Sitting across from him, Lowell asks him what he has to say. Pulling out the letter from his jacket pocket, Michael slides it over to him; He wants to know why after so many years, would he suddenly want to get in contact with the son he left behind so many years ago.


  • Sharon tells Nicholas that she and Brad are seeing each other, and asks that he not tell Noah
  • Michael learns that Lowell has a new family in Atlanta
  • Nikki observes a conversation between Ji Min and Victoria suspects that Ji Min has a crush on Victoria
  • Olivia catches Drucilla going through her things


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