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WEEKLY PROMO: Week of July 30 Edition




Drucilla's quest to get to the truth and the return of Michael's prodical father are the happenings in Genoa City

ANNOUNCER: As one sister tries to leave well enough alone…..…

OLIVIA: You had no right going through my medical files!.

ANNOUNCER: Another sister’s quest for answers becomes too great….

DRUCILLA: I’m telling you, she’s hiding something about Phyllis; and I am going find out what it is.

NEIL: For once in your life Dru, stop pushing the envelope. Your meddling could cost your sister her job.

ANNOUNCER: And as the only family a man has ever known slowly comes unglued….

MICHAEL: Lauren, you don’t understand how important it is for me to always be in Fenmore’s life; you can never truly understand.

ANNOUNCER: The father he hardly knows comes back into his life……

LOWELL BALDWIN: I thought I would come and pay you a visit this time…..hello, son….

MICHAEL: You have no right being here….and you have no right calling me ‘son’….

ANNOUNCER: Bringing FAMILY ANGST back, Genoa City, SONBC Daytime.


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