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#82 Monday, July 30




Olivia comes under scrutiny by Dru

Still in her bathrobe, Sharon, tells Brad that it might be best if he got dressed. Running out the door, she was able to catch Nick, who was unlocking his car door. Nick, asks her what is it that she wants to say; he already knows that she’s got it bad for Brad. Sharon admits that she and Brad are seeing one another, but she mainly wanted to catch him to advise him in keeping quiet about it. Rolling his eyes, Nick says that he has no one to tell about her latest ‘relationship.’ She asks if that also means keeping it from Noah. Her ex assures her that he won’t tell Noah; but tells her that Noah isn’t dumb; he’ll find out on his own. Getting in his car, he tells Sharon that he a ‘Welcome Home’ party to get to. Going back into the house, Sharon sees that Brad is fully dressed. He asks her if she would care to have dinner with him; to which she accepts.

At Lowell’s Hideaway, Michael waits to see the expression on Lowell’s face when he announces that he is his biological son. Lowell surprises him when he tells him that he knows who he is; he knew the first time he walked into the bar. Michael asks him how he was able to locate him. The older gentleman tells him that he heard about him on the news a few weeks ago of him defending Gloria. Michael wants to know exactly what has him in Atlanta. Lowell admits that he has a family here. Lowell asks Michael if he would like to see pictures of them, to which Michael bypass. He points out that he’s not interested in knowing who his ‘new family’ is, nor does he want to start a relationship with him; all he wanted to do was come to Atlanta to see the man that walked out of his life.

Neil and Dru are dressed to make their appearance to the Newman Welcome Home party for Phyllis and Summer. Dru immediately starts to fuss that she doesn’t know why Nick would even invite them, knowing full well that Dru can’t stand the obnoxious red-head. Sighing, Neil, who is checking himself out in the mirror, straightening his tie, tells Dru that sometimes one needs to put aside their dislike for someone for the good of those that want them there. Choking back a laugh, Dru said he should take his advice whenever she sees him cutting his eyes whenever Ji Min walks the halls. Before Neil can say anything, Olivia comes in and comments on how good the two of them look. Neil asks why Olivia isn’t dressed to go. Olivia tells her brother-in-law that she wasn’t planning on going. Dru immediately assumes that Olivia isn’t going because of whatever is bothering her about Phyllis. Shushing Dru, Neil asks her why she’s opting not to go. Olivia tells them that she has a prior engagement and walks out the door before Dru or Neil can ask any more questions.

As Phyllis and Nick enter the Newman ranch, loved ones scream out a hearty surprise. Phyllis, well aware of the welcome home party, puts on a ‘surprised’ face. Nikki immediately makes her way to scoop up her grand-daughter, while Victor and Victoria both surround Nick and Phyllis, offering up hugs for the two of them. Daniel and Lily, who were out talking by the pool come inside and embrace Phyllis, thrilled that she is home and well. Daniel watches Nikki playing with Summer, and comments that he is honored to give his blood to save his sister. Victor, hearing the doorbell, looks on as Miguel let’s Drucilla, Neil and Lauren, who was close behind in. Neil places their gift for Summer on the table, and make his way to the rest of the group. Lauren smiles at Lauren, placing baby Fen close to Summer’s bassinet. She tells Phyllis that there’s no way her son was going to miss his ‘girl’s’ welcome home. A tearful Phyllis hugs her friend, thanking her for all her encouraging words. From the corner, Drucilla looks on, determined to find out what Phyllis has to do with her sister being so frazzled. As Phyllis looks up and locks eyes with her, Dru immediately plants on a ever than sweet, but phony smile.

Entering his hotel room, Michael opens up his suitcase; tossing what belongs he had inside. Checking his cell phone, he realizes that he has a message. Listening to it, he is surprised that it is Lauren on the other end. She informed him that Phyllis’ welcome home party would be today, and that she knows Phyllis would have liked him to be there. Grimacing, Michael zips up his bag and walks out of the door; more than happy to get out of Atlanta and away from the past that he no long wished to remember.

Olivia is walking into the athletic club when she hears someone calling out to her. Turning around, she smiles at Brad, who is waving for her to come over. Sitting down beside him, Olivia tells him that she’s surprised to see him once again. Smirking, Brad tells Olivia that now that she is back in Genoa City, she will need to get used to seeing everyone again. Olivia asks if Brad is dining alone. Without telling her who he’s with, Brad tells her that he is having dinner with a companion. Raising an eyebrow, Olivia asks who the ‘companion’ is. Brad swiftly changes the subject and tells Olivia that he heard about her saving the life of Summer. As the two are talking, Sharon, who was in the powder room stops mid-stride as she watches Brad all too at ease with Olivia Barber Winters.


  • Victor tells Tyler about how he went from being in an orphanage to that of being a powerful businessman
  • Nikki realizes that Ji Min has a crush on Victoria
  • Sharon has questions for Brad about his time with Olivia; while across town, Dru snoops through Liv’s personal belongings


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