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#47 Thursday July 5th



#47 Thursday July 5th

At Number 37, the mixer is under way and Anna and George are talking at the bar.


George: My company is prepared to offer you renovations at a reasonable price.

Anna: I always keep an eye out for a good bargain, but quality is first and foremost.

George: Oh, Lightner Corp. only has the highest standards of quality. We also have a long list of clients who have found our work more than satisfactory.

Yvette comes in.

Anna: Excuse me for a second.

Anna gets up and goes over to Yvette.


Yvette: Hello, Mother.

Anna: Yvette, I didn't expect to see you here, I thought you'd still be away.

Yvette: I got back in earlier.

Anna: I'm glad you were able to make it for the party.

Yvette: Yes, well I'm going to go over there to get a drink.

Anna: I was just about to go back over there and finish talking with a potential contractor.

They go over to the bar and sit down.

Anna: I'm back. George, this is my daughter Yvette. Yvette, this is Mr. George Lightner, his company wants to renovate some of our stores.

Hearing the name, a look of shock comes over Yvette's face.

Anna: Well, Yvette, what's a matter? you look like you've seen a ghost.

Yvette: Um, I'm fine, I just thought I thought had heard Mr. Lightner's name somewhere before, but I don't believe I have.

George: It's a pleasure to meet you.

Yvette: Charmed.

Yvette (thinking): What am I going to do?

Anna: So, George, tell me more about your company's record.

George: I can do better than that, I have samples of the work we've done.

He hands Anna a folder with pictures.

Anna: This is very nice.

Edmund comes over to Anna.


Edmund: Mom, these investors over insisted on talking to you.

Anna: All right. George, Yvette excuse me for a second.

Anna and Edmund go across the room where the investors are.

Yvette looks at George.

Yvette: Your mother wouldn't happen to be Cassandra Lightner?

George: I don't know anyone by that name.

Yvette: Don't try to play dumb, I know what you are up to.

George: All I'm here for is to try and snag a lucrative contract.

Yvette: There's no use putting on a facade, I know everything.

George: I haven't the faintest idea what you are talking about.

Yvette: Don't think that I won't put a stop to this, because I will.

George: You need to back off.

Yvette: I'm afraid that's not going to happen.

Anna comes back.

Anna: Okay, I'm back, now where were we?

Yvette: I believe Mr. Lightner was showing you some samples.

Anna: Oh, yes.

As Anna and George start looking through the portfolio again, Yvette looks at George angrily.


At the Donahue estate, Cody is in the living room reading articles about the mob on his laptop. Carol comes in and sits on the couch next to him.

Carol: Honey, we need to have talk.

Cody: Sure, Mom.

Carol: I talked to Norm and he told me how you are bent on persuing who might have framed you.

Cody: He thinks I should let it drop and you probably agree with him.

Carol: As a matter of fact I do.

Cody: I knew it.

Carol: I'm just afraid that you could put yourself in danger.

Cody: I know how to protect myself.

Cody's phone rings, he answers it.

Cody (into phone): Hello? That's fantastic, what else do you know? Great, thanks, Wilkins.

He hangs up.

Cody: That was Wilkins, he got an anonymous tip about the case.

Carol: Any progress?

Cody: He got the name of the guy who bought the gun and he thinks that it's probable he's the one who shot B.P., since he had a previous firearm charge on his record

Carol: That's good news.

Cody: And get this, he's just took a bus into Novi.

Carol: What? I'm not sure I like that sound of that.

Cody: I'm not afraid.

Carol: Something just does not feel right about this. If he was the one shot B.P., then why would he come back to town? It would be too risky.

Cody: I don't know, but Wilkins said that he's going to start watching this guy.


Later on, at a diner, B.P. is disguised in shades and a hat. He's meeting with a man.


B.P.: You should not have come here, you could have blown my whole operation.

Man: I want reassurance that I'm not going to go down in all of this.

B.P.: I told you would be in the clear. The D.A. knows I'm alive and he's probably not going to pursue this case any further in order to save his career.

Man: They dropped the charges against the chump you wanted to pin it on, what if somebody else catches on and comes looking for me now?

B.P.: You listen to me, you idiot. The Donahues have some nosy private detective snooping around and they already have a description of you.

Man: What?

B.P.: Yes and he's been around asking questions about some of my connections that could lead to you.

Man: Damn it.

B.P.: You better pray that he hasn't been following you.

B.P. races out of the diner.

Outside the diner, Wilkins is parked in a car with tinted windows. Fade to black.


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Again I loved the mixer/McGregor scenes. George seems like a shady character. An imposter. He's really selling him self as a polished onion.

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Hey it was the first time I checked out your blog

and I'm a fan. Novi reminds of me of what

"Generations" would be if it were on today.

I do like the B.P. storyline, very intriguing.

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