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Endgame- Episode 58
Friday, July 06, 2007

Anna and Robin are seen sitting at Kelly's playing catch up as to what has been going on in their lives. Anna subtley brings up the subject of Patrick, and Robin is a bit squeamish at first. She then flashes back to her and Patrick having powerful sex, and sighs with a hint of ecstasy. Anna catches wind of this, and calls her daughter out on it.

Anna: What's the matter, are you blushing?

Robin: Whew, it's getting hot in here. (starts fanning herself to cool herself down)

Anna: Wow, things between you and Patrick are getting intense, huh? (laughs)

Robin: (embarrassed) Mom.....

Anna: I'm just saying that it has been a long time since I have seen you this happy. I missed out on watching you fall in and out of love. It's nice that I'm around to see it firsthand. I admire you for being able to love again after losing the love of your life. Being able to find love again....and able to love again at all....is something that you should embrace and never let go of. I am glad that you have found that again.

Robin smiles back at her mom, wondering how she is able to give her this advice yet she has yet to do the same thing. With her new job as commissioner, she doesn't have time to get out into the social circle, and asks what is stopping her. Anna quickly replies that she is not interested in anyone right now except for her work. Although Robin could see her mother lying through her teeth, and basically calls her out on that, asking who it is that has her interest piqued. Just as she is about to answer, Lorenzo enters the room and see the two women sitting at the table. Robin turns her head away in disgust, only to look up and see Anna looking coy at Lorenzo.

Lorenzo: I didn't expect to see you here today...(turns to Robin) Robin, good to see you.

Anna: If you were any smoother, I think I would see chocolate dripping off your face.

Robin: (under breath) I think I am gonna lose my lunch.

Lorenzo: I was going to grab myself a cup of coffee, mind if I join you?

Anna: Please do....

Robin: (interrupting Anna) You know, I have a few errands to run, so I am just gonna get out of here. Mom, I will call you and we can continue this later. (starts to leave and turns back to see Lorenzo) Mr. Alcazar.

Lorenzo: Robin, always a pleasure.

Robin rolls her eyes and walks out of Kelly's. Anna makes an apology to Lorenzo about Robin acting the way she just did, but Lorenzo says to not worry about it. He starts to question about how is it working as commissioner at the PCPD, and Anna wants to know why is that any of his business.
At Greystone, Michael is shown sitting on the sofa listening to music on his Playstation Portable while going over plays for soccer. Mikey's concentration is broken when Milo opens the doors the den w/ AJ in tow. Mikey takes off his headphones and looks genuinely happy to see his biological father.

"Hi AJ. What's up? Can I help you with something?"

"Actually, I think you can. Is your mom around?" AJ asks suspiciously.

Michael laughs sarcastically. "Why would she be here? She barely comes over here anymore. My dad's not here either."

AJ feels a punch to the gut as Michael mentions Sonny as "dad". He shakes off his feeling and tells Michael what he wanted. "Listen, I heard that you were possibly looking for a job this summer."

"How'd you know?"

"I have my ways of finding information," AJ says laughing. "Seriously though, I a friend of mine called and said that he saw you out putting in some applications, so I came up with this little idea." AJ hands Michael a folder. Inside includes details of the ELQ Internship program.

Michael looks through the folder, stopping to read the part that guarantees steady employment during the school year if the internship is completed successfully. "This looks really cool. You're serious about me applying?"

"I'd love to have you working at ELQ this summer. You would learn from the best of the best, earn some money and make some new friends within the program. So do you think you'd be interested interning at ELQ?"

"Not a chance….in hell," says Sonny entering the room.
At the MetroCourt, the Spencer family awaits the arrival of Carly & Nikolas, who have an important announcement to make. Luke raids the bar, using his connection as Carly's uncle to get the best booze in the building. Meanwhile in the corner, Bobbie secretly wonders if her involvement in Brandon's accident will be revealed tonight. Noah reassures his wife that nothing will happen as long as she continues to think good thoughts and pray for her sin. Jason stands near the terrace, looking out at the Port Charles skyline. Thankfully Lucky is nowhere to be found tonight, the last thing he needs is to deal with him right now. Whatever Carly and Nikolas plan on announcing better be worth him having to take time out of his day to wait at the MetroCourt.

The elevator doors open as the happy couple steps off and prepares to make their announcement.
Back at Kelly's, Anna and Lorenzo continue their conversation.

Lorenzo: No reason...just that I know that you will stop at nothing to make sure people will be brought to justice in the fullest extent of the law.

Anna: I don't think you should exclude yourself from that, Mr. Alcazar. (starts to lean in closer to Lorenzo) I made a vow that I will do my damndest to bring down everyone that I see fit. Yourself included, if need be. So, don't count yourself out of the running yet, because I am watching you. One false move, I will have your ass.

Lorenzo: (leans in closer to Anna) You know how cute you are...when you get mad? Nose scrunches up.

Anna: I don't do cute, Mr. Alcazar. Mittens...are cute.

Lorenzo: Cute...AND feisty..what a lethal combination.

Anna stares at Lorenzo with a smile, as he gives her a devilish grin back. Sparks begin to fly as the two lock eyes with each other.
Back at Sonny's, Sonny orders Michael to go upstairs, Michael protests and says that he shouldn't have to be sent away just because he (Sonny) wants to fight with AJ. AJ suggests it would be a good idea of Michael went upstairs too, however again, Michael refuses to go. Sonny asks AJ to speak with him outside and the two move to the foyer.

Sonny refuses to allow Michael to intern at ELQ for any reason. There's a reason why Michael was kept away from AJ all of these years and just because he has "returned" doesn't mean that will change. AJ refuses to allow Sonny to bully him and puts the cocky mobster in his place. No matter what Sonny may want, AJ is Michael's biological father and will spend time with his son. Sonny & Carly have kept Michael out of his life for far too long. This is a perfect opportunity for Michael to gain experience and will help him when it's time to apply for colleges. No longer will AJ sit idly by and allow be forced to have no say in what goes on with Michael. No more….

Back inside, Michael eavesdrops (so channeling his mother) and happy that AJ wants to spend time with him.
Meanwhile at the MetroCourt, Carly & Nikolas can't contain their excitement any longer! Carly mentions that she asked their family to be here because this is great news. However the announcement wouldn't be right if Jason, her best friend, wasn't in attendance. Nikolas thanks them all for coming and orders a round of champagne mostly everyone (being considerate of Bobbie's alcoholism). Bobbie is tempted to take a sip, but figures she can wait until Noah goes to work to have a sip. When the waiter comes around her way, Carly says no thanks, she'd not supposed to drink any alcohol….for least 7 more months!

Silence falls upon those in attendance. Bobbie forces the words out of her mouth…"you're pregnant?" Carly confirms her mother's question and immediately met with hugs. Luke congratulates Nikolas and hopes he'll be a good father to this new baby.

Jason walks over and stares at the two of them….."Congratulations," he says smiling at Carly.
On the next Port Charles
-Alan and Monica prepare for a romantic evening
-Lucy's dinner with David is interrupted by a surprise guest
-Sarah overhears Patrick talking to Epiphany about his future with Robin
-Mac may have a lead on Brandon's hit and run


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I am will admit I am loving the Lorenzo/Anna storyline. At first I gave a big "No" to the thought/notion, but I am really liking the chemistry.

Also loving the angst that is coming on regarding Sonny/Michael/AJ...This is going to be a good storyline.

Excellent work all. :)

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