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Mona stalks a new victim....episode16




Episode: 16

Written by: ML Cooks

Cooridnating Producer:moniquebitches

Newly released from jail, Tyler Christopherty4.jpg walks into Huntington Memorial Hospital hospital.jpgwearing a suite by S.G. Tyler sees Dr. Doctor Diego Serrano making rounds. He pulls the doctor aside

"Diego, can you tell me what room Daniel is in?"


" 702."


"Thanks man. Can you tell me how he is or what happened?"


"No I cannot I'm sorry. It's now a police matter?"




"If you will excuse me, I am busy" The doctor says walking away from Tyler.

A bewildered Ty gets on the elevator to go to the 7th floor. On his way up, he wonders why the police is involved, and for that matter what really happened. Who shot Daniel? Tyler gets off the elevator and walks into room 702. He looks at his right hand man Daniel laying in his hospital bed. He grabs a chair and sits down next to him. He starts talking to a comatose Daniel.0804_21.jpg

"Man, I cannot believe this happening to you. When my contact told me you was shot, I just could not believe it. But here you are. Danny boy, I'm going to find out who did this too you and they will pay with their life. I promise you that. You're like a brother to me and you need to hurry up and come back to life, back to reality." Ty's conversation stops when he hears the door close.

"What the hell are you doing here?"

Ty stands up and turns around and sees Lauren.roman.jpg

In Midtown Pasadena,Pasadenastreet.jpg Jennifer is wiping off tables inside of Mike's Pub.errything_else_BOLOGNA_biscuits-1.jpg

mg.jpgThe owner himself walks in. Jennifer sees Mike and walks up to give her sexxy boyfriend a hug. Mike does not return the hug. She looks at him and senses something is wrong.


"Mike what's the matter?"


"Why didn't you tell me you went to see Tyler last night?"

Jenn is a bit taken aback, not knowing what to say.....

Outside of the Pasadena City Police Station662005s_city_hall_pasadena-1.jpg


"I will drop the charges against Dahlia, only..if you make love to me. It's that simple."


"You are crazy! Do you do this to everyone you first meet?"


"Nope, only you."


"You don't even know me. This is the first day we meet and your blackmailing me to sleep with you to get my girlfriend out of jail. This is insane."


"Don't say that baby"(caressing his face)" I want you. I need you. I want to feel you inside of me."


"I love Dahlia. We are in a relationship. Having sex with you is not an option. It would destroy her."


" So your going to let Dahlia sit behind bars then?"


dondre.jpgDondre pulls up to "The Jump Off" bar2.jpgHe gets out his car and walks inside the club just as The Lady in Black, who has been following pulls into the parking lot to further pursue Dondre.

Dondre sits at the bar and his good friend Chris greets him.


"What's good Chris?"


"Nothing man. Same ol' same ol' " Chris says as he fixes Dondre's usual, a double shot of img10161021129.jpg.

The Lady in Black,thblackrose.gif has crept into the club easily thanks to the dimly lit establishment. She gets close enough to Dondre to over hear his conversation.

Dondre downs his shot

"Chris it was a crazy day."


"Why do say that?"


" I set up a little romantic breakfast for Sharan but Kevin showed up. But I got rid of his punk ass. Then I told Sharan that I had feelings for her."


"How did she take it?"


"She in love with Kevin and that's not going to change basically."


"I could have told you that."


"After she told me that, I went to Ria's and I was banging her guts out until Karim showed up."


"Don't tell me you got caught?"


"Naw man. But it was close."


"So what are you going to do about Sharan?"


"I don't know. I just know I want to be with her. I want to settle down with her..."

Mona, having heard the entire conversation, has a plan. "Dondre, Victoria and even Kevin are going to help me get my beloved Sharan. I can use Dondre's affair with Ria and his attraction to Sharan to my advantage......."

Huntington Memorial Hospital


"I beg your pardon" ( Not losing his infamous "Be Cool" attitude)


"Again, since you must be hearing impaired. What the hell are you doing here?"


"I heard Daniel was shot and I wanted to see for myself. He is like a brother to me Lauren"


"Daniel tried to commit suicide. Mike called me earlier today to tell me that his,.. Daniel's own prints were on the gun. He tried to take his life because of you. So called brother. Some brother you are."

Mike's Pub


"You're speechless huh? Did you think I would not find out?"


"There's nothing to find out."


"Nothing!.. You went to see the man who made it very clear to you that's he's attracted to you and you didn't tell me. I would not call that nothing!"


"So what I went to see Ty last night?!"


"What do you mean by that? "


"I just wanted to find out what happened at his hotel on opening night. I just didn't think he was guilty of pushing that woman from the window."


"You're right. He was innocent. DNA proved it. And now I look like an ass. He's taunting me. And you didn't help by taking his side before the evidence even came out. That's really low Jenn. It's like I don't even matter to you. I almost feel stabbed in the back. You're supposed to stand by me, not go behind my back to see Ty. Its very obvious to me now."


"What are you talking abut now?"


"You have feelings for Tyler don't you?....."

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Tons seems to be happening in S.T.E.A.M. and that's just the way I like it. The lady in black plot is intriguing, Natalia is entertaining of course, and it was a great love triangle/decision making cliffhanger. Can't wait to read the next episode!

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